May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Rafael was disheveled and generally a sloppy dresser. With his shirt half tucked in, one third of a beard on his face, and his eyelids only seven eighth open, Rafael generally gave one the feeling on the high school that he couldn’t be bothered to look in the mirror.
Even though Rafael is a sloppy dresser, he was graduating with high diploma in business field from CU Boulder. Rafael had never talked to a girl except his mom or his collage counselor; this is because his disgusting looks. But he wasn’t bothered he looked bad he just wanted to be a sales man and help his family out.

See Rafael have that kind of family, who live with food stamps. So he just focused on his achievements to be sales man. After collage Rafael went out to find a job which was unreachable considering his look and the way he dresses. But that change for a while when he tried out for electronic sales man in aurora, and got a part time job for ten dollars and hour.

After three years of working as a part time worker Rafael finally got full time job. Since he was full time worker he stated getting paid about $17 in hour, this was enough to provide shelter, cloth, and groceries for his family. Meanwhile he was still going to collage with the time he had left from his work, after 5 years of study Rafael graduated from collage with medical filed. And bought a big house to celebrate his successes.

Although he accomplished everything he dreamed of he was still struggling with his looks. And yet Rafael had a smooth way with customers
That put him in the top spot for sales and left the managers rethinking the company’s dress code. In the cutthroat world of retail sales or hospitals you can’t argue with success, and, like it or not, Rafi had it.

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its awsome

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