The Uninvited Guests

May 18, 2009
By erika Armenta BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
erika Armenta BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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One cloudy Friday in a middle school in Whittier, California there was a crowd forming. In the crowd the 7th grade boys and girls were having an argument, as usual. The guys were arguing the fact that girls get scared easier than guys, and so the girls were defending themselves arguing against that. So as the argument went on a girl named Jessica passed by and heard the argument. When she finally understood the argument she stepped in and said to the boys,
“Ok, ok, ok stop. Look the only way to settle this is a by a dare.” Then everyone turned to hear what the dare was going to be then she said, “How about the old abandoned mansion up on the hill”, she pointed straight to the old abandoned mansion. Then one guy named Jon said, “No way, not that place”, so then a girl named Rosa said, “Why not you chicken?” Then all the boys glared at Jon and he said, “No I’m not chicken, you guys are so on.” Then the bell rang and before they left Jessica said, “Hold up, we all meet up at 6:30 in front one night stay and don’t chicken out”, then they all nodded in unison and went to class.

The day went by fast at school and so as soon as the seventh grade boys and girls got home they went to pack up for the night. So when the time came to 6:30 it turned out that, only seven boys and seven girls showed up. Jessica, Rosa, Tori, Jacky, Alana, Adriana, and Kiera were the girls that showed up, the boys that showed up were Nathan, Danny, Francisco, Jonathan, Jon, Pablo, and Tom. So when they saw that no one else was coming they went inside and set up to sleep, of course they were just picking their spot, and then they gathered up for a meeting.
So in the meeting Jessica explained what the rules were to make the dare official. The rules were the first person to leave loses if it’s a boy the boys lose if it was a girl the girls lost so the boys and girls depended on each other to win. So when Jessica was done explaining the rules they all went to their picked out spots and talked all night and some of the kids had brought chips and soda and so those snacks were being passed around the room while everyone talked.
Later on everyone had fallen asleep, except for Rosa and Jon. Rosa was a very curious girl so she wanted to go up stairs to see what was up

there. She had told Jon to go to but he was scared and told her he thought it was a bad idea. So she went and he followed trying to warn her, she
wouldn’t listen, and then suddenly they hear a noise coming from a room down the hall. Jon was really scared and stopped but Rosa was curious and kept going, Jon called after her worried and very frightened. She wasn’t paying attention so she got to the room and she opened the door and Jon watched in horror as she was pulled in to fast that she couldn’t scream, Jon although scared ran down the hall to help and when he opened the door IT pulled him in and they disappeared.
So later that night Jessica woke up because Rosa had picked her spot next to Jessica, so Jessica realized that Rosa was not there. Jessica looked around and couldn’t find her she turned her flashlight on and go up to search for her, so when she did she realized she wasn’t there along with Jon. So worried she woke everyone else up, everyone woke up and searched for Jon and Rosa. Now everyone was scared because they all soon realized that they were no where to be found.
Then Jessica said, “Ok don’t freak out guys maybe they went up stairs”, then Nathan said, “Oh sure because they would be up there for an hour, I saw Jon go up an hour ago.” So then everyone looked worriedly
up at Jessica and she said, “Ok maybe they aren’t up stairs, but maybe they are, I mean this is a big house and we’ve only searched the first floor, so lets
not get all scared and search more before we get ahead of ourselves.” So then Jessica said, “Ok let’s split up into three groups Nathan, Pablo, and Tori come with me to the attic, Danny, Tom, Jacky, and Alana search the third floor and Francisco, Jonathan, Adriana, and Kiera go to the second floor ok and me up back here in forty-five minutes, ok let’s go.”
So they all split up into the three groups and headed to where they were appointed to go to. When Jessica, Nathan, Pablo, and Tori got to the attic they stopped at the door and looked at each other scared and then Jessica who was in the front took a deep breathe closed her eyes and opened the door. She opened the door and then opened her eyes and let out a heavy sigh in relief they all looked at each other and started to laugh realizing they were acting scared for no reason. Then Jessica let out a scream and was pulled away then Nathan, Pablo, and Tori screamed in fear as they headed for the door and then it closed and then the others heard them scream and then suddenly their screams faded away. Everyone else on the second and third story were freaking out they met up on the second story and just stood there, and then they ran toward the stairs.
Then Kiera said, “Stop. Look I know were all scared but we can’t just leave them here I’m going up there you guys can chose to help me help our
friends or cower down here it’s your choice.” So Kiera walked down the hall towards the stairs Alana, Adriana, Tom, and Jonathan went with her.
As they were going up to the third story they heard a noise, and it had been that exact noise that Rosa and Jon had heard, they paused and looked at one another, and Kiera hesitated, but then started to go up the stairs again. So when they finally reached the attic door, just like Jessica had done Kiera took a deep breathe closed her eyes and opened the door. She opened her eyes and saw nothing, it was really dark but she went forward and as she did she warned the others to stay back just in case. Kiera was right to do so, but whatever was up there pulled her and all the others inside before they had the chance to scream for help.
So down stairs Danny, Francisco, and Jacky were freaking out they were prepared to go but then they heard a noise outside of the door and ran to the stairs. While under the stairs they heard a noise come from up stairs Jacky screamed and ran out the door and outside she let out a scream so loud it sent a shiver down both Danny and Francisco’s backs. Jacky was not seen again, then as the two boys stood in silence under the stairs they heard
the noises getting closer and closer. Then the noises were drumming on Danny and Francisco’s ears, then Jessica leaped out in front of the two boys
and yelled out, “Boo.” The boy’s screamed, and then soon realized it was just Jessica, Jessica was on the floor laughing and rolling around.
Then Danny and Francisco stopped screaming and looked at each other puzzled Danny said, “What’s so funny and why are you scaring us” Jessica said, “You guys looked so funny you should have seen your faces.” Then Rosa, Tori, Nathan, Pablo, Jon, Kiera, Jonathan, Tom, Adrianna, Jacky, and Alana came out laughing from every direction. Francisco and Danny looked puzzled and then began to laugh with no humor but terror in there voices. Danny then asked, “So this was all just a joke?” Jessica replied, “Duh it was a joke since the beginning.” Then Jessica explained that the girls had all met up at lunch earlier that day, they had come up with a plan to spook out at least one of the guys so the girls could win the dare. Then Danny said, “But Jacky was the first to run out not the guys” Jessica had a smile on her face then said, “Yeah so we lost the dare, but got the satisfaction of scaring you guys and seeing the look on your faces.” Danny and Francisco had faces of disgust, then they got over it and started to laugh.
Then they heard a noise and all got scared then Rosa jumped out and said, “Just kidding” then they all laughed in unison.

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