Nobody Can

May 17, 2009
By Nonelly SILVER, Providence, Utah
Nonelly SILVER, Providence, Utah
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I leaned against the wall with my head looking up at the sky. I took in a long drag from my cigarette and looked back at the club door. A group of guys stepped in and She stepped out. Pulling Her trench coat tighter against herself, She started to stroll down the alley.

Stepping the cigeratte out, I followed Her causually, but silently and kept to the shadows. 'Clink, Clink, Clink'. My foot hit a soda can and the both of us froze. She turned quickly looking for the source. It had been my clumsiness, but she wouldn't find it. No way. I never make the same mistake twice. She continued her walk only a bit faster. I easily kept up with her like a shadow.
when she arrived to her apartment building, she rushed inside. I stayed in the dark, watching her window on the second floor as she wakled around, getting ready for tomorrow to come. The light in the living room went off and the one in the bathroom came on.

It's Time.

I make my way upstairs to room 214. Pulling out my key copy, I slide it in and unlock the door with ease. Closing the door quietly be with a soft 'click', I make my way towards the bathroom as the water to the tub shuts off. i wait a couple of minutes to be sure she's in the tub and comfortable. Pulling out the silencer from my waist, I enter the room. It's a long bathroom and the tub away from the door, giving her back to me.

I walk up to her and notice the iPod headphones in her ears. I smile slightly to myself as I kneel behind her and place my hand firmly over her mouth. I feel her jerk awake and try to get out of my grasp. I put the silencer up to her head and she freezes.
I whisper
--If I can't have you...then nobody can.--

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