May 22, 2009
By Anonymous


There once was a girl named Emily, she lived with her step mom and her dad. Emily isn’t a very happy girl. She has no friends and sits on her front porch twirling her long blonde wavy lock of hair. She is eighteen now but as she lays her head on the soft fluffy pink pillow on top of the freshly painted white rocking chair she remember her past in an amazing place called Everland... Emily was fourteen years old in the eighth grade, she was smart and happy, but a lot of things can change in four years. As Emily walks buy the store with her heavy brown sack full of her groceries she finds a weird looking coin. It was gold and it had a picture of a castle it reflected the suns light and shined bright. Emily knew there was something special about that coin. Turns out the whole world of Everland lives and feeds off of that coin. Emily was born in Everland; she got to know the creatures there very well. Everland is not like any other land, it’s a magical world of unexpecting surprises. Everland is in the middle of time its not the past, its not the future and time stopped in Everland in the present which now makes it the past. See confusing huh? In Everland there are dinosaurs and trolls plus every other living creature you can think of. If anything happens to that coin then all of Everland will go bye bye and freeze in time. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened. One second the coin was lying on the table the next second it disappears out of thin air. With a weird twist the coin turns out to be hidden in Everland, and every body is searching for it because if the coin isn’t found in twenty-four hours everybody in Everland will disappear forever it has now turned into a big race between Emily (who is still only fourteen years old) and King John. King John is actually a king he is just really rich and lives in the castle of Everland. There is no real ruler off Everland.
There is one map to the coin and that means both of them can’t have one. Once that one person finds the map the race is on and that one person would have to go through a series of obstacles through Everland. Wh0 will win the race and save Everland? “I only wish I could find out where that coin went” says Emily. In the end Emily wakes up from her dream where she won the race and goes back to her normal boring everyday life “why cant life be fun like in Everland” asks Emily then right after her weird question a weird frog pops up with a weird looking coin in his mouth and says “its all in the coin” Emily just thought she won. She ends her day by running inside to her bed room she shares with her six other sisters and cries on the bed while her youngest sister Robyn outside to go sit on the porch as she notices a weird looking gold coin lying on the fluffy pink pillow in the freshly painted white rocking chair on the porch where this all started

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