May 15, 2009
By JazmineLolli BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
JazmineLolli BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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If you make a big mistake that you know wasn't your fault but you could have prevented what would you do? This is a question that many people think they would never have to answer. A man named Antonio would have never even thought a question like this would come his way. But you always have to think for better or worse because you never know what the future holds. That's why the best thing to do is always be prepared for anything that god may throw your way.

Antonio, a man just driving to his lovely home, was suddently stopped by the screaming of a childs voice. Shocked with the pitch of the scream he looked around as fast as he could to see where it was coming from. When suddently he realized that the scream was in front of him by then it was to late.Foot still on the pedal he speeded up, feeling the lifeless body get rolled over by the tires of his experdition. So many thoughts were runing through his head he didn't know what to do. But something told him that he should turn around because he just wouldn't want to lay in the street lifeless. As he turned around he thought about what he would say when the police came. He finally came to the conclusion that just telling the truth would help out alot than lying because he would be extra nervous. So he called the police to the scene so that they could meet up at the body around th same time.

By the time he reached the body he was dripping with sweat even though it was below 50 degrees outside he just couldn't relax hisself. As he pulled up to the body he had noticed some type of movement. He got out the car and walked over to the body it was a pretty little girl. The thing that made it badder is that she didn't look no older than 5 or 6. She layed there trying to move any part of her body still crying as she was before just silently. He thought about all the pain that he had put that innocent child through. He knelt down beside her to try and pick her up but when he touched her that only seemed to cause her more pain. He felt so bad all he was trying to do was help her and the more he tryed the more hurt her even worse. Now her silent cries had turned into screams of a nightmare. Then he just thought he should just sit on his car and wait for the police to arrive.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because i experienced a hit and run and it inspired me to write this story. This is just part one of my whole story. This is slightly based on what happen. But i didn't want to just right about the scene i wanted to use my creativity and add a little more to a story in my own words.

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