May 15, 2009
By Anonymous

A measurement of a segment of the fourth dimension, there existed a place. The place had bountiful fields of lush grass pastures. They were kept extravagant by up keeping them with water and providing nutrients. They then feed the population, sheep, with the rich grazing. Now, most of the inhabitants were sheep but various other creatures existed. The other creatures were unique and would stand out and try to lead and guide the sheep. In order to help the unique animals lead, fire flies would use their wondrous to captivate and communicate to the animals. The unique animals were elected by the people or appointed by the previous leader. If a problem came up that couldn’t be solved the fire flies would announce “Behold the land is in danger of losing our hard earned grass, please my dear friends help us figure out a way to solve this.” It really wasn’t thinking because they only thought when the fire flies said to. In the past though the fire flies and leaders have been very trustworthy but not always.

One day a black sloth decided he wanted to be a leader. He thought “The sheep rely solely on the fire flies for information,” with a malevolent grin, “if I control the fire flies I control the sheep.” So he slunk into the shadows and started relations with the fire flies. With this he flattered the fire flies away with promises and twisted logic to get them to be on his side. For he stated “Verily, my brethren thy sheep are ill capable of utmost important task thinking. Alas, they don’t do much just graze and do a little watering and they get all the benefits of out spacious fields. Yea, what do ye receive, one grass blade that has to last the entire year. Also you have to work so hard so long to get the sheep to mend the fields with no reward. Follow me and yow will be treated like a king.” In turn the fire flies to the vote to get him elected and it came to pass that he was.

There was one problem with the sloth though; he knew not how to take care of the acres. Now he was indeed very wroth and embarrassed about them and told the flies, for they started also turning wicked, “Find something and get the people to look at that.” In turn they found a rock and said “All of you sheep gather around at this abomination; it kills the grass.” Then all the sheep gazed in awe at it. They shouted “Focus on this thing and never look back for our leader is doing everything to solve this problem.” They then pointed to a black spot next to it and stated “This demonic aura kills the grass and will engulf all of it if it is not stopped.” The sheep stared and stared until they got hungry but the fire flies said never look back. The sloth kept on messing up and neglecting the grass. After many days the sheep finally looked back and they saw that neglecting the grass and not watering it is what killed it. They then all died of starvation because they refused to look around.

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