The Tail of Sally the Seahorse

May 15, 2009
By Nathan Bohn BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Nathan Bohn BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Sally the Seahorse was the fish tank’s oddball. It all began when Sally was born, her mother died soon after leaving no one to care for her. She was born with a dysfunctional tail that would lash out and slap the other aquatic beings in the tank; her tail was known to have a mind of its own. No one in the rest of the tank wanted to come within a foot of sally, which is large if you live in an aquarium that is only seven by five feet. In order to keep their distance they gave Sally a part of the tank to herself, but she wasn’t allowed to pass a specific plant. Though Sally was unwanted by the rest of the tank, she managed to make one friend throughout her hardships and his name was Sam the snail, he could only be around sally because he had the safety of his impenetrable shell. While Sally liked to have Sam around, he often would ramble on about times when he wasn’t in the tank. He spoke of endless amounts of food and so much room that even the humans wouldn’t take up all of living space. Sam liked to dream about these ideas, but she recognized this dream would never become a reality. Even so, day after day Sally would day dream of the salty, yet pleasurable water that made up the ocean. When it came to her real life sally would wait for her portion of food that consisted of one flake of fish food. She had to linger around until everyone finished gorging on their meal. The rest of the day Sally would isolate herself from the rest of the tank and would remain in her place until Sam came to visit, but one day she was feeling extra rebellious and outraged by being retained from the rest of the tank, so she decided to pass her boundary and play with all of the other critters. At first they scolded her but her tail didn’t attack anyone like a savage so they let her play with the rest of the school. One of the more agile fish named Seamore decided that he wanted to race Sally because he was the undefeated champion and Sally looked like she was a young, speedy feller. His real intention secretly was to embarrass Sally. Seamore is often related to a foolish, human jock. He’s superior to others at physical activities but lacks the intelligence of a sea slug. What Seamore didn’t fathom was that Sally was a seahorse. Seahorses are naturally built for speed and accelerate faster than any other animal there size. With a squeal from Sam, Seamore and Sam pushed forward with a thirst for victory. Sally almost instantly came to find that Seamore was no better than other scum that dwelled in the tank and she prevail and be looked up to for once by her peers. She overlooked that Seamore could not stand to lose and he realized that he was falling behind, so he had to get down and dirty. Seamore started throwing pebbles at Sally’s determined figure. She knew what she had to do if she wanted to get respect from her peers, so she pushed on while pebbles were dropping like bombs from Seamore. Sally was approaching the finish line when she trips over nothing but pure H2O. Seamore caught up and glided right past Sally to some in first place. As soon as he crossed the line Seamore haughtily remarked “Did you trip over a piece of dust, spaz. You’ll never be better than dirt.” His friends began to laugh and join in on making fun of her. Sally’s anger boiled over at these comments and with one blow from her bizarre tail she bashed Seamore to the ground where he laid quietly for a long period of time. The others quickly told her to get up off their gills before they brawled it out. She was no longer in control of beastly tail and the others attempted to strike her but before they could put a scratch on Sally, her tail had them in a death squeeze and strangled them until they all passed out. At the sight of this the owner immediately had to seize sally and escort her to the ocean and where he cast her back so she could cause mayhem elsewhere. As soon as Sally was tossed into the ocean she realized all her dreams were finally coming true and that if you want something bad enough, then eventually you can achieve it. Sally swam off into great depths of the ocean with weight off her shoulder, knowing that her new life would be incredible.

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