Yang,The Skateboarding Panda

May 15, 2009
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“Go Yang! Go Yang! Go Yang! It’s your birthday!” screamed the crowd. It was Yang, shredding up the half pipe. He was doing ollies, pop-shuvits and stuff like that, he could even grind. Yang popped up his board and said “Hullo” to everyone that was cheering for him.

Just then, a poster hit him in the face, whapat! Yang looked at the poster; it said: Skating Contest! This week at Grind It Up Skate Park. Yang was thrilled! This was his chance to be a professional skater and meet other professional skaters such as Chris Cole and Ryan Scheckler.

All that week, Yang was practicing skating. On Wednesday, Yang fell and hurt his arm. He went to the doctor and the doctor said it was okay. Yang kept on practicing and did the move he was trying to do since he was a little cub, a back flip while doing a kick flip.

On Saturday, Yang went to the skate park to qualify. Thanks to all his practice, Yang had no trouble qualifying.

On Sunday was the real deal. He skated his heart out and got into the finals. He then put the back flip while doing a kick flip move into action. The crowd went to there feet like a five foot tsunami. Yang had won the contest!

The announcer asked him, “So Yang, err, how did you do it?”

Yang replied, “Practice.”

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Jennifer O. said...
Jun. 6, 2009 at 10:17 pm
lol that was cute
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