The Mongoose's Adventures

May 15, 2009

Deep in one of the dense Indian jungles lived an extremely strong mongoose whose name was Ganesh. Ganesh had a very cocky attitude because he thought he could kill the king of all King Cobras. After he had made a kill of any kind he would prance around and chant, “Ganesh is sooo fresh! Ganesh is sooo fresh! I am the best!” None of the animals, especially the snakes, liked to hear him chant those words.

One day after Ganesh had caught a snake and began chanting the bragging rhyme, a baby cobra named Anoop came up behind Ganesh and slithered with a lisp, “Ganesh, you may think you’re fresh but one day I will get you!” And then the snake just slithered away. Ganesh didn’t think anything of it and just shrugged it off.

About 3 years later, Ganesh was getting old and plump, but you can bet he was singing the song more than ever. “Ganesh is sooo fresh! Ganesh is sooo fresh! I am the best!” He chanted.

“Gaaaanesh,” hissed Anoop who had grown to be a giant, “if you ever start to chant that silly rhyme again you will not be able to finish it!”

“I’m not scared of you I can eat you and all of your little friends anytime I want too!”

“Well we will seeeeeeeeee won’t we?”

Ganesh stayed quiet and didn’t chant the rhyme for one week. But after the eighth day, he forgot about Anoop the giant Cobra and sang at the top of his lungs, “GAAAANESH IS SOOOO FRESH! GAAAANESH IS-”
When suddenly Anoop cried, “I warned you Ganesh!”

Ganesh replied mockingly, “Oh sooo FRESSSSH!”

Anoop snapped at the fat mongoose but missed, and Ganesh just laughed at the miss! When from behind a very small Cobra, who happened to be Anoop’s son, chomped down on the rear of Ganesh and ate him whole. Anoop was very proud of his son, and his son was too proud of himself and soon would face the same fate as Ganesh because they were too proud of their accomplishments.
Ganesh had never learned the lesson of cockiness growing up as a little mongooses and it ended up costing him his life.

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