May 14, 2009
By laneyb GOLD, St Paul, Oregon
laneyb GOLD, St Paul, Oregon
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I am a quote addict. I spend majority of my time writing down quotes I hear.

Sisterhood, a best friend, a sister- how exactly do you describe the relationship you share? In my opinion, "breaking up" with a best friend is worse than breaking up with a boyfriend. Your "sisters" offer you something a boy never can. Which this exact thing cannot be pin-pointed, but is felt. You just know it is there. With your best friend, there is no end to your friendship. That bond with the real girl in your life cannot be broken. Nor can it be easily formed. A bond that you have with your best friend is created through good times, bad times, and mediocre times. They are there for you when things are changing and when things are remaining the same. They love everything about you- your every obsession, like, dislike, flaw. Sisterhood is forever, sisterhood is something every girl should have. Sisterhood is the girl you share memories with, and plan on creating more with. It cannot be stolen, given away or disappear. It is something that is everlasting and never ceases to amaze me. "Sisterhood," a "best friend," a bond that will never break, that is something I am so blessed and lucky to have in my life. I know that throughout everything, for the rest of my life, (I have no doubt) that my best friend will be by my side, or somewhere out in the world and be thinking of me, loving me, and forever doing that. I am so blessed to have that girl in my life. Whoever she may be or they be.

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Because friends mean the world to me.

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