A 'Tiny' Fable

May 14, 2009
By Crystal Gardner BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Crystal Gardner BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Once upon time a pretty little white pony named Tiny was unhappy. She used to love her little pasture but now the neighbors didn’t have any animals in their pasture so a new type of green thing had grown there. It was long, green, and had the deepest purple flower on top. Tiny could tell that it would be the most luscious, delectable food she would ever eat. She craved them; the only problem was there was a fence blocking her and the plant.
The older and wiser brown mare told her not to waste her time with foolishness but Tiny wanted them so badly. Tiny decided that it was time to get to them. First, she tried to reach for them but they were about half a foot too far away and she pulled a muscle in her neck. Second, she tried kicking the fence but all she received from that was a loose shoe. Next, she tried running into the fence but she just hurt her head. She failed, it was no use she would never be able to eat them! Finally one day the young girl that fed her left the gate open on accident! “It’s a miracle,” Tiny exclaimed. Proudly, with her head held high, she walked across into the field. Her mouth watered impatiently. She walked straight to the beautiful plant, examined it, and took a giant bite. She spit it out as fast as she could. As she studied it closer she noticed tiny thorns. It no longer looked appealing and the purple flower lost its luster. She walked home dissatisfied, disappointed and with a thorny tongue. She learned that sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side, sometimes it is just thistles.

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