Fin-Fish Line

May 14, 2009
By Brooke Bryson BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Brooke Bryson BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Once upon a time, in the waiting room of dentistry office, there was an aquarium. This aquarium had more to it than just a bowl of fish. It had a rambunctious school of gold fish, a seahorse named Horseradish, and a timid starfish. Everyday the school of gold fish would practice their swimming abilities and race against one another. Jett, a member of the school, would brag everyday that about his talent. Even thought the rest of the school wasn’t as swift as him, they still tried to show off in front of the rest of the school to see. Just because Horseradish didn’t have any friends because he was a seahorse, the gold fish would tease and tell jokes about the seahorse. Only caring about themselves, these little goldfish raced one another day after day. Jett challenged any of the fish to race him any and every day. Most fish tried and then failed, but some got closer each time to beating him. It gave the school hope and they tried harder and practiced more to try and have victory over Jett. But, the more the fish tried (and failed, not to mention), the more Jett’s head grew.

Then one day, while Jett was racing another fish, Horseradish wallowed up to the school of fish and whispered, “I think I can beat Jett. Do you think I could race him?” The entire school of fish roared with laughter! The fish tank was filling up with bubbles from the fish laughing! Even the patients in the waiting room looked up and wondered what all the commotion was coming from the tank. Horseradish was mortified, he turned away in shame. The fish were still wiping tears from their eyes from laughing so vigorously when Horseradish turned around and swam right towards Jett as he was crossing the finish line. Horseradish stated in a firm unfamiliar voice, “Jett I challenge you to a race!” Jett’s face filled with amusement and laughter but decided to race anyway him just to show the seahorse what he got himself into.

Jett was horsin’ around the starting line still trying to show off while Horseradish was stretching his fins and tail. Also, just to make sure that the school of fish didn’t cheat and say that Jett won, the starfish was used to judge the finish. Horseradish was fixed on the finish line at the end of the aquarium as Jett said, “You’re gonna eat my bubbles, Ponyboy!” The seahorse ignored him as the starfish counted down, “Three, two, one, GO!” Horseradish took off straight to the finish line, working his tail as fast as he could. Jett thought he could just keep a good pace and still win easily but when he saw Horseradish almost halfway to the finish line, he panicked and suddenly swam right into the glass wall. Horseradish slowed down when he heard the noise, looked to the finish line then back to Jett, who was now swimming in circles from the dizziness. He finally turned and swam to Jett. All of the sudden, when Horseradish was about to help him get back on path, Jett took off and swam to the finish line. Horseradish realized what he was doing and put it on turbo speed! Almost to the finish line, Horseradish caught up to Jett and both were pushing everything they had to get over that line. “Winners!” the starfish yelled. Jett and Horseradish both turned looking baffled. “You tied! You two both won!” Horseradish looked slightly disappointed and turned to see what Jett thought. Jett was sprinting towards him and tackled him! “Well done buddy!” he screamed in his face while beaming. “You mean you aren’t mad at me?” Horseradish questioned. “No,” Jett replied with a smirk on his face, “I realized how stupid that was of me to pretend to die, so I’m gonna degrade myself and be friends with you!” Horseradish looked slightly confused but then again overwhelmed that he had just made a friend! In the end the two of them raced everyday and got better and better until one day they got a challenge from the starfish…

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