Shadow Ground

May 14, 2009
By Zach Longfield BRONZE, Huntley, Illinois
Zach Longfield BRONZE, Huntley, Illinois
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Richard Tichit was sleeping in a coma like state when dawn approached. By 9 am he was flipping the switches for the 3 inch thick steel wall to move. When he got out of the tiny shack he saw the villagers standing around some strange object. But he dared not to go because he was the out cast of the city. Why was he the out cast? He was the out cast because he had gotten in an argument the year before with Charles. That night he snuck into Charles’s house and killed Charles and his wife. Now he lives in the out skirts of town growing and catching his own food. Why wasn’t he convicted? Possibly because there was no judge there were only 28 of them now. There was to many jobs tons more than people.

Johnnie was walking his morning root to the market he owned, but something caught his eye. There in the middle of the dirt road there was an oddly shaped stone. He picked it up and vanished. After that he was never seen alive again.

Louisa was putting her daily load of clothes out side to dry when she saw Johnnie Vanish into thin air. Soon there was a huge commotion. There was screaming and arguing until Suzie said’ Why don’t we get Richard.’’ Soon enough 26 eyes where looking at her. They all started yelling at her for even suggesting that. ‘’Sorry I asked. ‘’she moaned.

Richard was walking down to see the commotion happen. They knew that he knows old English. They asked him what it said. He read then a bright flash the whole village disappeared. There were smoke marks on the ground and there was screams but everyone made it in one piece.

They found Johnnie but he was torn open with everything was spilled out. When Johnnie’s wife saw Johnnie she screamed in horror that her kind husband was dead. Her scream was a blood curling type of scream type of scream you never want to hear. It lasted two minutes and was tried to be cheered up, but couldn’t.

The more surprising thing was that there were more than 3000 people on the streets of New York. None of them had noticed the body. Those who did didn’t do any thing because they wore rags not real clothes.
The scientists have been saying there is an eclipse that will last for years. They know this event from the Prophecy. They have to tell the government.

In the end they could not find their government. So the aliens took over and the human race was obliterated and became slaves. But they keep fighting until this very day.


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