First person short story test

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

It's dawn. You're dead tired because you stayed up all night watching the stars and the Aurora Glorialis. The sun peaks over the edge of the horizon, catching the clean dew and lake that has been untouched by humans. You should be cold, but your arms are wrapped around Lindsey, who fell asleep with her head on your chest not an hour ago, and a blanket is wrapped around the both of you as thermos of hot chocolate is besides you. You kisses her temple before resting your head in the crook of her neck, nuzzling her awake. She opens her eyes sleepily. You didn't want to wake her, but there is something worth seeing that you want to share with her. The sun comes up and flashes on the water, looking like a thousand diamonds sparkling just for the two of you. You look down at her and see her smile before she snuggles closer to you, burying her face in your chest and deeply breathing in your sent which she loves so much. You kiss the top of her head, leaning against the tree you two are under and pulling the blanket a bit more snuggly around her before closing your eyes in bliss.

You've had a long day. Classmates were especially obnoxious today, and teachers got on your nerves more than usual. They teachers picked on you for no reason and you lost your homework. Your mom and sister are cranky and snapping at anything and everything that moves, so you go to your room and do your homework. After dark, while pushing through some especially tedious math, you hear something click against your window. You look up, but then shrug it off and go back to the math. The clicking continues. Finally, you go to look. You open the window only to find Phil smiling up at you. He waves at you to come down and join him. You bite your lip, thinking. It's not a school night, and your parents won't notice anyway, so you climb out and climb down to be with him, giving him a quick kiss before you both drive off in to his car to enjoy the night life.

*he comes in from fighter practice smelling lightly of male musk as his hair hangs wetly around around is face in wet curls as his eyes glint with mischief. He quite shirtless as his leather armor pants barley hang off his hips and blood runs down his chest as he walks up to her taking her into her arms with a deep warm kiss his own body warm and as she gets closer he smells more of blood, male musk and something minty. Smiling at her he flips a single enticing black rose up in front of her* Shall we go to the bed room were I have a bottle of Dark chocolate sauce and body paints waiting for us?

You're both in your room and have decided to watch a movie together. You pop it in and she lays next to you. You wrap your arm around her as the movie starts, but you aren't watching the screen. You're watching her. As the movie progresses, you tap her on the shoulder opposite to you. She smiles a little and looks at you, giving a mock glare. You just grin at her and tap her again.

"I think there's someone else in the room." You tease. "I think he wants you to look at him."

She giggles a little before playing along and looking away from you. You quickly bring your hand around and tap her shoulder next to you. When she looks at you, you capture her lips easily. Suddenly, the movie on the screen isn't that important anymore.

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