Masked Villain

May 13, 2009
By angela hurst SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
angela hurst SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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A do right teacher that prays on the free souls of her teenage students. If you fill like you’re on top of the world then she will push you off. If you fill like you don’t want to live any more, she doesn’t mind giving you a helping hand. She might seem nice with her smile but if you look deep into her eyes you will see years of hate and pain. How do you unmask a villain, when do you unmask the villain that plays the role of a law binding citizen.

Teachers are supposed to help you clime the letter of success, not push you down the slide of faller. Mrs. V is the teacher from hell. Can you even help a villain become good? I was told that there is good in everyone. I fell that for some that there WAS good in some because they gave up on life. For the rest there still is, they just have to find it, or they might run into it. On the other hand the Masked Villain will never know. Every student that she manages to knock down she puts on her “Pain Wall of Fame,” but to us we see it as a wall of sham.

The games that she plays and how she plays them will never be mastered by anyone. What builds her up will one day one day break her down. She is lurking behind every door that gives you access to the inside of the school. A life time steak out no one knows when it started and no one knows when or if it will ever end. The Masked Villain will kill you slowly with punctuation and the most deadly “ Sophisticated Language,” this is a new Opium make in the library from books and it’s not home made, it’s school made. This twisted joke that she plays on her students will go down in history as the greatest word massacre ever.

The author's comments:
I made this for the students that feel that their teacher(s) are not that nice.

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