Rainy day

May 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Hi my name is Timmy I am about to tell you a story from my childhood. I was getting ready for school one morning. It was poring rain outside I used to walk to school in the morning because, I only lived about five feet from the school. I didn’t really want to walk to school but, my parents had already gone to work.

I had started down in the rain. By the time I had made it their Billy and Max were already there. Billy was the bigger of the two but max ran a lot faster. They were both wearing black shirts with blue jeans. It was time to go to class.

The lights went out and we heard screaming and high pinched ear piercing screeches. I went to what I thought was the exit but when the lights went back on I wasn’t in the school anymore. Max and Billy must have followed me. Max says “where the hell are we ?” Billy answered “ I don’t know but, theirs only one way to go. Lets take it. It might lead out”

We followed the tunnel it let to a huge abandoned town. All I could think of is how are we going to get out of hear.

“Lets split up and explore the town we’ll meet back hear in 20 minutes” I said.

We all walked in different directions. I went into a big building it looked like it was falling in. On the inside it must have been a store. I looked all and it and fond nothing good. Until I was leaving in front of the door was a monster thing with what, looked like a frog with razor sharp teeth. It made a screeching sound that popped my eardrums. I took off running jumped out a broken window and escaped.

Max and Billy were waiting for me with the same scared look on their faces. The lights or sun or whatever was lighting that place up went out. When the light came back on everything had changed we were at school. Max Billy and me had moved schools and told everyone what had happen no one believed us. Max went to a mental home and, Billy had gone crazy and jumped off a building and died. I was the only one left and wanted to get my story out.

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