The Empty Husk

May 13, 2009
By Trevor BRONZE, Howard, Wisconsin
Trevor BRONZE, Howard, Wisconsin
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When I open the door, my fathers’ head is the first thing I see mounted on the wall, pinned by what appears to be ...large bones? Then I see the true horror his mangled body dangling like a glowing chandelier, the blood glistening around his body as if God himself meant for the sun to shine directly on it…him? I try to scream but then realize I’m petrified by terror. So I turn to run…when I see my brother he looks a lot like what I guess I look like right now. Pale, like we’ve just seen a ghost. A sigh of relief comes over me. My brother is alright, but then suddenly half his body droops down, slowly falling to the floor. While the other half remains stalled on the bloody wall. Strangely I don’t feel afraid anymore. I feel enraged, I feel amplified, I feel like I’m about to kick some a**! I lift an already shattered marble table and I throw it against the door I shut what only could’ve been minutes (but seems like hours) ago. The table smashes through the door, splintering it in just the correct way where it breaks of the hinges… and I run. I run far as I can. I run for days…or maybe hours? Time is irrelevant now. I seem to fleet across all the things I’ve ever known: My room, My house, My dog, My neighborhood. Leaving everything behind, and seeing everything I can never be. Then I stop. I just stopped, and wept. Without emotion. Without remorse. I was now dead to the world, the simple emotion that bound us humans to laws…were gone I was freed from my shackles, my husk. Then I passed out. Hard. On the pavement like a bum on a warm summer day.
When I arose I woke with a scream. A scream as if every torment you could think of. Every terror you could dream of, happened to me. Then I sighed with the relief of compassion. As though my humanity was leaving me. I shuddered and grabbed my head, as I remembered the events of the nights past. I shook violently, whipping my head around viciously. When the nightmares died out… the elaborate pictures of death. I stood up and took a survey of my surroundings I was at the town of Innsmouth. A fishing town that’s what I was told by my old father, (this was clearly not his sons body I was in any longer). That I was never allowed here, for they practiced some weird things, and was too close to my uncle at the Arkham Asylum. ARKHAM! That’s where I can go, if anyone knows why my family was slaughtered. It’s my Uncle Larry. I walked to the around a bit asking questions of where this Arkham place was. The nicest reply was: “Get lost kid”, or “Get out of my way boy”. When I approached the rusted cast iron gates. I paged the front desk. They let me in without a word… I thought to myself…this is bad… this is really bad, but I continued. I walked through the gates. And the steep slope they called a driveway. This winding road, that lead to what seemed like hell. Over the road dead trees draped over, like an archway…an archway to my demise. When I got half way up the road. The wind blew hard, blowing the trees in such a manner that I contemplated life! Life within these hollow trees. If there were such life within these trees they did not want me their. Within their domain. I approached the door guarded by a short fat man. Wearing a purple Tuxedo coat. He said something along the lines of “we’ve been expecting you sire” and opened the door. I walked in… and Hell broke loose.
Riots! Mass death! I walked away from one hell only to find another! But this time its different, this time I have death on my face. No one would touch me. I’ve already been tainted. I seen security nurses bludgeoning patients to death…for what seemed to be for the hell of it. Nothing made sense in this place. Yet I was calm. As I walked along the corridors of my new hell. I noticed that the cells go in order by patient name. Alphabetical order! So I continued to walk along and I finnaly found my uncles cell. I approached this dark room only to hear a roar. A man that no longer is a man, a human that no longer has the eyes of innocence… approached me, Told me to leave, that this place is not for me. Its for the condemned! As he said this I heared a man in the background cursing gods name, swearing at him, screaming for orders, demanding salvation! I chuckled at this. I got closer to my uncle. I entered his hell. He looked me in the eye, and told me that I have seen too much. That I can no longer be saved. I am condemned to live in this misery…forever. I asked how he knew any of this. This..this man who has been in seclusion for years, seems to know everything about my life. Just by staring at me?! I wont allow this! I pushed him back, demanding answers. If anyone is going to know what happened. Its going to be me. He told me the real truth to the mysteries of life. The fundamental nature to this world.
The Elder Things.
He told me The Old Ones were ancient sentient beings that created the universe. How the great god Azathoth rode on the meteor and how we so arrogantly called it the big bang. He told me how 14 billion years ago the old things landed on earth and created their city in Antarctica. How the rise and fall of the Cthulhu came about.

The author's comments:
inspired by H.P Lovecraft and Darren Shane

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