The Taco Fox

May 13, 2009
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In a world of ordinary tacos, one taco stands out. One day a boy named Fabio, on his way to school decided to walk through the park. Suddenly he glanced and saw a glowing light from under a tree trunk. Whatever it was it made him stop. Fabio was intrigued. Faster than lightning he darted to the trunk. With mud flying he uncovered a chest. The chest’s lid flopped open with a mystical taco inside. Fabio only heard about this taco from legends. In the ancient times the Aztec’s elders bestowed all their spiritual powers into one taco. This taco could grant wishes, Fabio was amazed. He asked the great taco if it would make him a sexy beast. Instantly smoke arose from the ground and a fox stood where Fabio once was. No one saw Fabio again. And the mystical taco was lost forever. Some say that the taco fox holds the great taco in its mouth and runs forevermore.

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