kind king

May 11, 2009
By Jared Dent BRONZE, Salme, Oregon
Jared Dent BRONZE, Salme, Oregon
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Time before us there live a king name Dragoth he was a very kind king. Every one thought of him as a very respectable person not just because they all most had to. It was because he thought of the little people not just the wealth ones. This story is about a king and how he lost every thing and gained something in the end. But you will have to find that out. Now her we go. Knock knock who’s that at this hour. So he got up out of his bed and went to see who the visitor was. As he opened the door an old looking man with pants and a top. That didn’t even fit right. Comes felling in. please oh kind king I need a place too stay that’s all I ask. So the king being him self let the old man in for food and a place to stay. He awoke the next morning there was no man any were to be found. So off went the king on another normal day. Walking around his town making sure every thing and every one was ok. To his amazement nothing bad was going on at all. The king thought to him self what a boring day. So he went back home to end his day. But as he was walking home another bagger came running up to him. Please oh kind king I need a place to stay for the night. Ok. Come with me to my home and you can sleep in one of my bed. Oh thank you. So they both went home to go to sleep. But when the king awoke again there was no one home down stairs. What wear did he go? I let this people in my house for food and a nice bed to sleep in. At lest they can stay and talk to me over breakfast. I know I am the king but I really don’t have any friends or any one to wake up next to. So the king eats breakfast alone again. Off went the king on another walk of his town. But to day he did so thing odd for a king to day. He goes and eats at one of the town places. When he was walking in everyone stops what there are doing and went to there knees. Get up said the king today I would like to be normal ok. So everyone got up and went back to what they where doing. Off by him self all alone and not even a friend to talk to. It geeting late and he headed home. But as he was walking him he noticed a girl sitting by her self cold and shivering. So he asked her to come stay with him and she said yes. I would love to have a nice warm bed to sleep in and a little food it would make me so happy thanks. Both of them went home and went to sleep. But this time was different; when the king awoke he was amazed by the girl waiting for him down stairs. When he was walking down the stairs he said wow your still here. Would you like me to go if you want I could? No no I just meant that you’re the first person that had ever stayed and not left right away. The kind said in the sweetest voice not to be weird but I never got your name. Oh my name is Ashley. Well Ashley would you like to hang out again today. I would love to. So the king and the girl hanged out ever day and soon after that they got married. But for a king to take a girl that’s not royalty well he was de throne and lost every thing but he gained a lover and a fried and lived happily ever afte

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