Timmys unexpected first day

May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Timmy woke up on his first day of fifth grade so anxious to get to school. He was finally the oldest and one of the rulers of the school. He had been dreaming about this day all summer as if it would be the best day of his life.

He jumped out of bed and tripped on his toy truck. After the pain wore off, he raced to his dresser to put on his favorite blue shirt and jeans. Timmy’s mom hollered, “Kids, breakfast is ready!” Timmy and his siblings pushed and shoved down the stairs. Being the youngest, Timmy got pushed to the back. When Timmy finally reached the table, all the food was gone! His brother, Billy took all the bacon, his sister, Patty took all the pancakes, and even the dog, Johnny got the last of the biscuits! Timmy ignored his stomach growling because he had his mind set on getting to school.

On their way to the bus stop, Billy pushed Timmy into a puddle from last nights rain shower. His jeans got soaked but he had no time to lose, so he kept running to the bus stop. Because he got the last seat on the bus, he was the last one off the bus. He ran into his class just in time to beat the bell. His teacher looked nothing like Ms. B from fourth grade who was charming, young, and delightful. Mrs. Red was more grouchy and old looking. Right away she instructed our homework of the day and informed us we would have homework everyday and a quiz every Friday. Everyone sat quietly in their seats thinking how fifth grade was nothing like fourth grade!
Finally after hours of miserable math and geography, it was lunch time, Timmy’s favorite. Unfortunately he left his lunch on the bus, so he had to eat the school meal. The special was meat loaf, which reminded Timmy of his cranky Aunt Kathy. Timmy walked to his table and all of a sudden ended up on the floor thanks to spilt milk! Everyone pointed and laughed at Timmy running out of the lunch room. Timmy muttered to himself, “Could this day get any worse?”
Little did Timmy know, it was about to get worse. After lunch it was time for gym class. Timmy was so excited because they were going to be playing his favorite game, kickball. He was even more excited that his crush, Kallie was sitting on the bleachers with her friends watching. In the outfield Timmy could not see a thing because of the blinding sun. The ball had been kicked and it was heading towards Timmy except Timmy was unaware of it. The red kickball hit him in the face and knocked him to the ground. He woke up in the nurse with a black eye from the ball. While he waited for his mom, he thought about all the kids who saw him get knocked out, including Kallie.
When his mom came in and got him, she asked, “Timmy how was your day? Was it everything you imagined?” Timmy shook his head and replied, “This is anything but the best day?” Timmy thought in his head how much he wished he was still a fourth grader and how much he did not want to know what day two of fifth grade would bring.

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