Late Night Craving

May 9, 2009
By Tony Bauer BRONZE, Chaska, Minnesota
Tony Bauer BRONZE, Chaska, Minnesota
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After a long, rigorous, exhausting day of school and extracurricular activities, I settled into my makeshift bed of pillows and blankets in my basement. As the night went on and my favorite TV show finished; I happened to turn to the cooking channel and instantly was craving a late night snack.

The late night craving was a unique craving for me, because I usually just pop in a personal pizza and I’m good to go but not this time. A personal pepperoni pizza with a giant glass of milk didn’t seem appealing. Although right now I could go for a pizza with milk; maybe some Oreos, or maybe a small bowl of ice cream with some butterscotch and chocolate toppings. Sorry but back to my late night craving.

Unfortunately this craving made get up and search for this unique craving I had. As I searched to basement cabinets for a snack I couldn’t find anything that seemed appealing. So I crept up the loud crackling steps to the main level and kitchen. Unfortunately my mom was on the couch sleeping and if I were to during on the light she would wake up so I had to guess what I was looking at.

I opened the cabinet door and scavenged through what I thought were some boxes of different flavored chips and crackers. I opened one and took a whiff and didn’t get an appetizing smell so I put it back and grabbed the next box. As I opened it I heard a tussle from the living room and froze in my tracks. I waited a few seconds to see if I woke my mom but ended up hearing the grizzly bear snoring I was use to and continued to search. I got to the last box in that cabinet and wasn’t feeling the flavor so I had to move to next stop for snacks the pantry.

As I made my way I figured I could be quite but unfortunately with in the four steps I took I tripped on my sisters shoe. Luckily I was able to keep my balance and not tumble to the floor. I opened to squeaky door and a mouth-watering smell hit my nose. Like a dog I followed my nose to a box of crackers and dug in eating about two handfuls and satisfying my late night craving.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of pancakes and made my way to the kitchen to find my mom making blueberry pancakes my favorite by the way. “Good Morning,” she said, “Hey do you know what happened to the box of dog treats? Its half gone and I opened it yesterday night before I went to bed?” As you can suspect I didn’t eat a handful or two of crackers, I had cheddar and bacon dog treats.

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