Origin of the Weeping Willow

May 9, 2009
By ROCKINRDAWG SILVER, The Woodlands, Texas
ROCKINRDAWG SILVER, The Woodlands, Texas
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Persephone was a goddess of nature. But one thing bothered her the most. In nature, there were no harmful plants, nothing adventurous to keep the maidens or her excited. So one day she decided to get consent from willow, one of her advisors and best friend.

“Willow, oh great one,” Persephone began.

“Yes my dear,” Willow replied.

“The woods are too boring, too plain. My maidens and I would like to create new plants!”Persephone explained.

“You may create a new plant, but whatever you do, don’t let Hades see it, for he will burn the whole forest for his hatred of joy,” Willow responded.

Persephone was overjoyed! The woods would finally be exciting. But on the way home, Ivy, the goddess of envy, didn’t like Persephone getting all of the attention and perks.

“What are you doing?” Envy asked.

“Creating new plants,” Persephone replied excitedly.

“Yeah right, like you could do that!” Envy scorned.

“I can so!” Persephone said.

Right then and there Persephone knew what her first plant would be. Poison Ivy, named after the terribly cruel envy goddess, Ivy. The plant was so terrible that even Hades liked it. He ascended from the underworld to see the hideous flower.

“It’s perfect!” He exclaimed.

Hades reached out to stroke the plant but when he did he set the whole forest on fire. Even dewdrop, the water goddess could not put it out for Hades is the brother of Zeus. Persephone ran to Willow, but found her prisoner of the tremendous flames that imprisoned the whole forest. For all Persephone could do was watch the flames slowly disintegrate her best friend, Willow. She mourned greatly, for she knew this would surely be the end for her best friend, Willow.

After the death of Willow, the water lie still, the wind motionless, for Persephone could not get over the death of her. For all of the tears that she cried, she created a new willow, a weeping one. Its leaves drooped like teardrops covering Persephone when she wept. Persephone eventually died under the cover of the leaves and forever more the leaves drooped like tears.

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