The night of the mansion reaper

May 7, 2009
By Gregory Seel BRONZE, Winter Park, Florida
Gregory Seel BRONZE, Winter Park, Florida
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The reaper kept them out of his territory very strictly. After all it was HIS mansion now. Not even the profit-hungry real estate agents intended on dropping by the 500 year-old mansion called Blackstone Manor.
Now legend has it that when a previous owner tried to renovate the house, the way they chose paint for the house was by having cans delivered so they could see what the actual color was. Now, as they say, one of the deliverers bringing several shades of black tripped over the many rocks in the house’s yard. The paint cans went flying! Oh, what a sight it was to see! Well now, the paint spilled all over most of the rocks (making them as black as midnight) and the name stuck. Later the owner shouted at the man who stumbled, “I thought you must have known my rocks wanted to stay their original color! I guess I was wrong!”
So now since the previous owner died, named Edgar Monticello, the grim reaper has ruled Blackstone Manor with a fist as iron as, well...iron. Edgar Monticello was a very big political figure in the village at the bottom of the hill that Blackstone Manor was built on, and also a world-famous scientific leader. He has several hallways in the house that nobody knew about, and devices that have yet been undiscovered.
Well, now the ghost is a big political figure, too. Whenever the town’s politicians make a decision that the reaper does not like, he haunts the little town and everyone in it. Soon enough the town decided to not make any new decisions. This meant that the reaper was free to do whatever he wanted.
Scaring mice, cleaning the backyard cemetery which had a musty smell, watching local television stations devoted to sports (he frightened the home appliance store one time, and they gave him an 80”hi-def flat screen, an iPod, and a laptop), were among his favorites. After seeing the highlights of the Cubs-Cardinals game the day before, the news came on.
“Oh, darn!” said the reaper. “I hate Bob Twinkleberry and his dumb newscasts!”
But, as fate would have it, that double-chinned newscaster appeared on the screen next to Marie Shinerwood.
Now, normally the reaper would have turned off the TV and gone on to YouTube or quicker than Usain Bolt (via his laptop with built-in Internet), but this time Twinkleberry made a special announcement:
“There is a new message to all residents of the Hillbottom area! The town council has hired special ghost busters to capture all ghosts or reapers! They will start in 3 days!”
“WHAT!!! I can’t believe it!” the reaper said.
“That’s right; you better believe it!” Twinkleberry shot right back.
“Rrrgh! Dealing with those morons again! Why must every eleven seconds of my ex-life be filled with pain and justice?”

The reaper tried to prepare for the ghost hunters by leaving numerous traps and catchers around the mansion property. Then the day came. The ghost buster hopped out of his truck, chowing down on a donut.
“Ahhhhhh! Nothing like a warm donut to start my day!” the 450-pound 5’9”hunter chortled.
“And any second now your day will end with the things I have planned for you!”the reaper said, peering out the front window. “First comes the motion-activated firing squad with the guns from the fireplace that I rigged!”

The hunter slowly walked through the front yard, leaves crunching beneath his feet.

“Yes, yes!”the reaper whispered.

Then a leaf blew in front of the motion sensor and was immediately shot down using all of the ammunition from all of the guns, leaving none left. The hunter was surprised to see this, but he walked round it.
“NO! Curse this mortal fool!”the reaper shouted.
Finally the hunter made it inside. He walked in and the first thing he saw was a laptop on a desk, turned on, with a picture of a huge smiling monkey face with flowers on the screen. And of course the ghost buster ran up and clicked the “recolor” button, then scrolled down and chose a pink color as hot as flames. He giggled like when he was a baby and people tickled his tummy, but after a while he got up and left.
“Darn! I thought he would be there forever!”cried the reaper

After a few hours of these traps and the hunter barely missing them, the reaper finally thought the hunter was lost in the mansion and would be lost for a long while. He left the foyer to go to the kitchen and put on his iPod headphones. He wanted to get to the songs he downloaded last Thursday.
The reaper was getting lost in rock n’rule when--
Suddenly, everything came to tumbling upon the reaper, including the ghost hunter.
The ghost hunter had walked into one of the weaker hallways and it crumbled right in front of the reaper! The chase was on! Quickly thinking, the ghost flew into the laboratory down below all of the other rooms.
Once he got down to the laboratory, he hopped into the Ferrari that was down there (Edgar Monticello, who was also a scientist, was experimenting with turbo boosters) and sped off.
Now the ghost hunter-despite his size-managed to grasp onto the Ferrari’s spoiler. As the Ferrari roared out into the front section of the house, the ghost buster let go (the Ferrari was moving very slow because of the rough terrain) and ran into the back of his truck. He backed the ghost busting Lamborghini out, did a sliding 180° out of the truck, and the chase was on!
They sped down the narrow, tight road that led down to the small town with a steep cliff on the side. With their engines roaring with a sound level like a thousand trombones accompanied by a few hundred tympanis, they burst into town. Everyone listened to what all the noise was about. Suddenly the black Ferrari and the bright orange Lamborghini burst into the small town and sped through, crashing through barrels, chain-link fences, and whatever necessary to avoid being captured or losing the other.
Then, upon seeing the vehicles speeding, it was the police force’s turn to help with the pursuit. Several units came into view behind the two speeding vehicles as the approached the highway leaving town. Both kept driving; neither noticed the cops until they started ramming the two speeders and the roadblock of several cars set lying sideways in the road fell closer and closer.
The reaper kept on going full-throttle; however the ghost buster slowed down a bit and fell in line with the reaper. Suddenly the reaper slid sideways, leaving a trail of white smoke. Once again the ghost buster slowed down. The reaper hit the roadblock, destroying three police cars (why he went sideways) and flipping over but not yet damaged in the least bit. He slid forward again, and took off. Meanwhile the other cops drove through the path of where the police cars the reaper hit (empty space now) and hit the gas with a rock foot that was so hard, they burned the tires out!
Eventually, they caught up to the two speeders. Now that they had more backup, they would try to box them in.
Forming a box shape around the two cars, they prepared to--
WHAM! CRASH (tinkle, tinkle)!

The reaper had flipped the ones on the side of him over, and swerved quickly from side-to-side. He hoped that the police cars would eventually spin out from not being able to keep up with his side-to-sides. Eventually, the first one spun. He then swerved quickly back in the spinning car’s direction so the other cops would hit him. One made contact.
Now all that was left were one car and the cars boxing the ghost buster. There were eight cars around the ghost buster. The reaper got directly in front of one of the columns of cops, and mashed the brakes as hard as he could. Three more gone! Now the ghost buster swerved out of the half-box of police cars. There were now two columns of cars: one with three nose-to-tail cars, and the other with two cars and a space in between the two cars where the third should be. The front car in the column with two cars slowed a bit, so he was right in front of the one in behind. The reaper spun the front car in the three-car column sideways, so he got in the way of the other 4 cars. More cars disabled, but there was still one left. So the reaper and the ghost buster actually teamed up and squeezed the last cop until the ghost buster hit the brakes and the ghost buster shoved the cop of the road.
Now it was all out warfare. The reaper vs. the ghost buster. Who would win? Suddenly the reaper changed his course, shoving the ghost buster in the same direction. They turned off the highway-now going up a narrow road with tight, technical turns and a fatal cliff on the side. They ended up at Blackstone Manor again!
Suddenly the reaper did yet another tight 180° turn in the dirt. He then hit the gas as hard as a rock and the car accelerated faster than ever before. He powered up the jet engines and blasted off over the cliff! Soaring…soaring…he’s gone. The ghost buster could only slow his Lamborghini to a stop and stare in awe and wonder…where is he? Eventually, he will run out of fuel, come falling out of the sky and haunt wherever it is that he lands. And just where is this place? To this day, nobody knows…

The author's comments:
This was for a grade in Language Arts.

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