the Walking dead

December 8, 2008
By Anonymous

I woke up at 6:00am Friday October 10, 2021 to the sound of a zombie A.K.A the walking dead. They look like they’re alive but they aren’t. They have blood running down their body. They smell like they came from a sewer. Then all of a sudden I hear a high pitch scream. One of those zombies is killing my favorite neighbor. I think fast and wake up my girlfriend. Her name is Jully. I tell her to lock all the doors once I leave. I also told her what I knew of the walking dead. I pulled out my shotgun and a couple knives. I see a walking dead person. I shoot at its head and blood flies. He is dead. I go over to my neighbor’s house to see if she is okay. She said yes but one of those darn things bite me. All of a sudden she falls over dead. I check her heart rate and there is none. Then all of a sudden she pulled up alive. She looked like one of the walking dead. She tries to bite me but I move and she falls. I throw a knife at her heart. She stagers and falls but doesn’t die. I then throw a knife at her head and it falls off. She is now dead. Wow I thought I better not get bitten by any of these things or I might turn into one. I then go back over to my house. I see blood on the living room floor. There is a dead zombie on the floor. Jully says the thing tried to bite me. She has white belt in karate. So she knows what to do in that kind of situation. I say,” You are coming with me you could die here.” She agrees completely. I pull out a couple knives and give them to her. I also pulled out my 9mm pistol. I grab a bunch of shotgun bullets and 9mm bullets. We are ready for anything. Jully and I go outside after we eat breakfast. I call up my best friend Dayln. I update him on what I know of the walking dead. He gets his shotgun and a couple matches and a barrel of gasoline. I tell him to meet me at my dads. I then call up my dad to tell him about the walking dead. I tell him he has to be on the lookout. I speed over to my dads in my new Z06 Corvette. He has a sword I can use. I sharpen it the best I can. Then my friend Dayln shows up. I go over to my other friend’s house. His name is Garrett Filson. He knows all about the walking dead. He tells me to put acid on my sword. I ask him what kind of acid. He says sulfuric acid and garlic. I then go back over to my dad’s house with Garrett. We make a fortification for my dad. My dad is going to stay inside. He also wants nothing to come in. Garrett, Dayln, Jully, and I go kill some zombies.

I find my boss at the police station. I ask him,” What’s going on?” He doesn’t answer. I say it louder this time. He looks around and I see bite marks on his neck. He is one of the walking dead. Garrett gets out his whip. He then whips off his head. He then says,” Easy kill.” I then asked him where are they from. He tells me that they come from a nuclear power plant called Umbrella. They are all the workers there. How do you know all this stuff? Trust me I have had experience. He then pulls down his shirt. I see bite marks on his neck. I say,” What how are you still alive?” He then says,” There is an antidote for this disease, this disease is called zombieophen.” He says,” There was another city that had the same problem, that city is named New York City” There once was 8million people there, now there is only over 1million. This happened on the same date but different years. I say,” Let’s get going so I can kill some more zombies.”

We are now in downtown Hollywood. There is millions and millions of zombies down there. We are in a helicopter that I hijacked. The helicopter has machine guns on the side of it. I then fire a couple bullets at them. One falls down dead. One of them looks unhuman. I start to thing what is that thing. Then Garrett says,” Get away fast that thing can jump up here and kill is all.” I shoot at it for a minute. Garrett says,” The only way you can kill it is if you have something with acid on it.” He then says” That if you slice it anywhere it then will die, but it then will blow up and kill anything near it.” I tell Dayln to land by the Hollywood sign. We then start our trip to wipe out the zombie population. I call my dad to see if he’s ok. He says yes and that he’s even killed a couple zombies himself. He won’t let any of those dead things kill him. I hear a scream in the helicopter. Jully sees a big group of zombies. I pull out my shotgun and shoot at one of there legs. I then shoot at its eyeball. He is dead with including 13 other zombies I killed. We move on but the big groups of zombies are still falling after us. We won’t be able to live for one more hour. Dayln puts the rest of the gasoline on the floor. He lights the gasoline up and boom. An unhuman thing is coming for Jully. They have unhuman like speed. The unhumans run faster than light. I hold on to Jully as hard as I can. I rise up my sword and chop of its head. Will Dayln, Garrett, Jully, and I survive through the night?
End of Chapter One

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This article has 2 comments.

on Sep. 5 2009 at 10:31 pm
AbbieLeigh GOLD, Keosauqua, Iowa
13 articles 7 photos 25 comments
LOL l like it. I think I know who wrote this....

on Jun. 2 2009 at 12:03 am
americanteen97 SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
8 articles 0 photos 79 comments
That was really dark. The way you put it together seemed like you were in a rush. I wouldn't be hooked. I guess you did alright but you could do better.

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