The Crash

December 1, 2008
By Austin Neitch, Maple Falls, WA

“Oh man this party is going to be insane!” I said in excitement.
“I know right?” Cali said in agreement.
“Who do you think is going to be there?!” Jon asked in excitement.
“Hey yo pass the jeiger bomb up, I’m out.” I demanded as I ignored the question.
“No way, you have to drive, and I’m not getting in a car accident like this.” Jon said.
“Oh come on!”
“No way if I get caught, I get booted off the team, so now way!”
“Aright but when we get there I am, so don’t even try to stop me.”
“Ok just be careful.”
“I always am so quit bugging.”
“Yeah right last time you took me home like that we almost got into a head on collision.” Cali objected.
“But we didn’t, did we?”
“Ok, ok let’s just go have fun and go home, that’s it and nothing corrupt happens.” Jon said as he calmed Cali and I down.

When we got to the party it was all chaos! Jon, Cali, and I walked in the house and there was trash everywhere. There was beer cans everywhere, broken glass all over the kitchen, throw up on the couch; if the lights were off in the house you could have thought you just walked into a brewery. The people there were those kids at your school that were disruptive all day and got high after school.
“Dude, Austin where did you bring us?” Jon asked loudly as the music was playing louder than a train horn.
“I don’t know let’s just have fun. Look there’s Amanda and Lance, let’s go.”
“Hey Amanda how long you been here?” Cali asked as she gave her a hug.
“Just a few minutes, we're thinking about leaving.”
“Oh come on we have beer, and music, let’s just have fun.” I said trying to convince them to stay.
“Ok, I guess when we have this much beer how could we pass it up?”

The party kept going, and so did the beer! No one was ok to drive, but I got a little cocky and decided to drive everyone home. Now you can imagine that this wasn’t a good idea, and you’re right.
“Hey man I’ll see you tomorrow.” As I said goodbye to Jon.
“Alright well you’re sure you can take Amanda and Cali home?”
“Yeah, yeah it’s fine.” I said in a slurred voice.
“Well I’m just going to Amanda’s house.” Cali said as we pulled away.
“Ok we’ll be there soon.”
“Austin look out!” Cali and Amanda shrieked, as I swerved from a deer.

Now you can see what happened to us by now. Amanda came out with minor cuts, and bruises from the crash into the ditch. I myself went to the hospital with two broken legs, but Cali wasn’t so lucky. Amanda called 911 as fast as she could, but it was too late for Cali. I hold this with me every hour of everyday, and probably will never forgive myself. I can’t say that I didn’t learn something from this, but I wish everyday that I didn’t have to take someone’s life to do so. I promised myself from that day on that I will not drink again, so that there is no chance of ever doing that again.

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