Running Out

May 18, 2009
By Lorenzo Guzman BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Lorenzo Guzman BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Ever since the economy changed nothing has been the same. Now there is not enough money for clothes, food, bills and rent. All I can think about was what I am going to have to do to help my family with money. I thought about getting a job at Walgreens. I saw a help wanted sign posted last week. But if I started working, there would be less time for school and I might have to drop out. My thoughts continued to race through my mind as I walked through the park on Main Street. The sound of my cell phone ringing startled me out of my thoughts. It was my dad calling.
“Hello?” I said.
“Where are you?” Dad asked.
“I’m by the park on Main Street. I’m on my way home from school,” I said.
“Ok Anthony, when you come home I have to talk to you real seriously.”
“Ok dad I’ll talk to you at home.”
When I arrived home I found my mom sitting on the couch.
“Hey mom where is dad?”
“Oh he just left for work.”
“Oh well he wanted to talk to me but I guess I’ll talk to him tomorrow,” I said.
“By the way,” my mom said.” “Your uncle from California is coming tomorrow. He is coming to look for a job.”

The next morning I woke up sleepy and thirsty. I went downstairs to get a glass of milk. After that I had to go up to my room and put on my uniform for school.
“Good morning mom and dad,” Anthony said.
“Good morning Anthony,” Dad and mom said.
“Dad I am ready to talk,” Anthony said.
“About what Anthony,” Dad said.
“Remember the call you gave me yesterday saying get home fast because I have to talk to you.”
“Oh yeah I remember now,” Dad said. “Well Anthony take a seat what I have to tell you is really important.”
“Mom take a sit with me,” Anthony said.
“Ok well the thing is that my money is not enough for all of the things I need to run the house,” Dad said.
“And what.”
“Anthony you have to drop out of high school and get a job. You need to work to bring money to the house,” Dad said.
“But why?” Anthony said.
“Because my money is not enough. So right now when you get to school, that is what you are going to do,” Dad said.
“No I won’t do it.”
“You have to.”
“No at least let me think about it because I am burly 14 years old.”
“Ok Anthony.”
“Oh finally school is over but oh well I think there is no other choice I will drop out of high school and get a job.”
“Hello is anybody home, oh hay dad I think I now what I am going to do I am going to drop out of high school because I can not let my family down,” Anthony said. “I feel relived because I can help my family but I wish I could also study in high school so I could go to collage.”
“Good son I think you have made the right decision I am really proud of you Anthony.”
“Anthony we got visitors your uncle is here,” Mom said.
“Dad I feel so happy my uncle is here I really respect him and I am always looking for advice with him.”
“Come in uncle I’ve got to talk to you. It has been a long time. I had not seen you.”
“Well what do you need to talk to me about,” Uncle asked.
“Can you help me look for a work at the news paper,” Anthony said.
“What! Why aren’t you going to school?”Uncle asked.
“No I have to drop out,” Anthony said.
“You have to go to school. Look at me I have no work no money and no education.”
“Uncle I think you are right I have to tell my parents about this.”
“Okay go tell your mom and dad.”
“Mom and dad I have to talk to you’s. I am going back to school and I promise to go to work me and my uncle and I will also go to work in the summer,” Anthony said.
“Ok son we agree.”
“I feel like I really made the right decision.”

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