60 minutes: Britney Spears

May 19, 2009
By rachael kluth SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
rachael kluth SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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As day turns to night, Britney spears slips into her club clothes and heads for the elevator. Paparazzi closely follows snapping photos anytime they can. The elevator opens, as Britney walks in she hears, “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!”
Puzzled and confused she turns her head to the boyish/girl figure, “Um thanks? And who might you be?”
“Chris Crocker, Nice to meet you, charmed I’m sure.” The elevator opens once more, as Britney steps out a smaller dorky man walks in.
“Thanks for the help Chris!” Brittany said over the crowd of people huddling in the commons.
“No problem girlfriend!” Chris said as he looks over to the other man in the elevator, “Oh my god! You’re Pee wee Herman!” his voice quivers from such excitement.
Pee wee slowly looks over and smiles, “That’s my name don’t wear it out.”
Watching the elevator slowly go up to the level they need it switches directions. From eight back down to one, Britney walks in once again, “Oops I did it again, forgot my favorite jacket.”
Pee wee smiles, slicks back his hair, and sticks out his hand, “Pee wee Herman, my lady.”
“I know you, you drive me crazy, and not in a good way.” As Britney sighs the elevator comes to an unexpected stop. The three sit there and look at each other before they realize that the elevator has broken down. Britney and Chris start to scream and press any and every button possible.
“Go ahead and scream your head off!” pee wee said, “We're miles from where anyone can hear you!”
“Miles? Miles? We are feet away someone is bound to hear us!”
Britney complete with emotion is sobbing in the corner. “Well Chris if you so sure that we can get out of here, why don’t you do something?!”
“It ain’t easy being Chris Crocker” he said as he tries to find a safe way out, “It’s not like you’re doing anything to help the situation by crying.” As the minutes turn into hours and the elevator still hasn’t bugged, they are all out of options.
Britney starts to scream, “If one of you do not get me out of here right now, I’m going to shave my head.”
“We wouldn’t want you to do that…again.” Chris said trying to open the doors. Britney began to calm down, as she saw the doors slowly opening more. Once she saw the flashing lights going off outside, she broke out in song, “All eyes on my in the center of the ring just like a circus.”
“Cut!” someone shouts from outside the elevator. Chris and pewee looked confused at each other as Britney stepped out smiling. “Cut?” Chris said, “What’s going on?”
“60 minutes is doing a special on me and I wanted to give them a little excerpt on how I’m a normal human being like everyone else.”

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folklore said...
on Jun. 15 2009 at 8:23 pm
haha! this is hilarious. i read it thinking it wud b cheesy but its actually really funny!

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