The Cheating Cheetah

April 2, 2009
By rachel krug BRONZE, Wildwood, Missouri
rachel krug BRONZE, Wildwood, Missouri
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Once upon a time there lived a cheetah. This cheetah was named Cheri. Cheri lived a great life. She went to school and did track and field, but Cheri had one issue. She loved to cheat.

Cheri loved school! Well being a first grader was pretty fun. She got to draw pictures, write her name, and the only bad part about school was there was a spelling test every Friday. Cheri didn’t really mind the tests, but she didn’t study either. She looked off whoever she was sitting next to. So when Friday came she sat right next to beaver, and copied every answer off her sheet. When she was finally done copying the last word she turned it in.

After school Cheri went to run track and field. There was a big track meet this weekend. Her coach told her to train on Saturday so she was ready on Sunday, but of coarse she decided to cheat.

When Sunday came Cheri knew the track, and short cuts that she was going to use to cheat. All the cheetahs were ready and then it happened. They were off! Cheri was in last, but not for long! She saw her first cheat, and into the bushes she went. What Cheri didn’t know was that another cheetah was right behind her. This cheetah’s name was Charlotte.

“What are you doing?” questioned Charlotte.
“Uhhhhh……” Cheri was speechless and startled.

“Are you cheating?” asked Charlotte.

“No!” responded Cheri.
It was too late! The judge was already there.

“You’re disqualified.” said the judge in a gruff tone.
And so it was. Next Friday came, and Cheri didn’t sit next to anyone. She didn’t cheat that Friday, or the Friday after that. In fact she didn’t cheat on tests or track meets or anything else ever again!

The author's comments:
This story is a fable about how a cheetah gets herself into trouble when she lies!

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