why penguins are black and white

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Why penguins have black backs.
Penguins haven’t always been the classic black and white birds. At first they were all white. Penguins originated from Antarctica where it is full of white snow. A very special bird named Flappy was born one winter. He spent as much as 75% of his time underwater searching for food. But one day Flappy and his family were playing together in very white snow when Flappy fell asleep playing a game of hid and go seek. Flappy was so tired that he slept for three days. His family was so worried that they couldn’t find young Flappy that they told the rest of the flock. But unlike most birds penguins cannot fly so searching for Flappy was very hard. They searched every where they looked in the caves and even in the water, since penguins are excellent swimmers because their bodies are build for swimming they can even obtain speeds of 15 miles per hour. But after three days still no luck. Flappy woke that evening very confused but very awake. He had thought that he had only fallen asleep for a couple hours. So he went back to where his family and he were playing but he couldn’t find anyone he got very scared and started to cry. While meanwhile there were 400 penguins out looking everywhere for young Flappy until they had given up all hope. It is not unusual for young penguins to get lost in the ocean and eaten by giant sharks. When Flappy had finally stopped crying he decided to head back, scared and lonely. When he came across his friends in a circle, when they saw Flappy they all jumped up and down and were glad he was back. But when Flappy told the story that he had just fallen asleep to his parents they laughed but for his punishment they painted his back black so never to lose him again in case he fell asleep. So for the next couple years all baby penguins were painted a black back. Until genetics changed and produced the black and white penguin.

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