Arrogant Frogs

May 14, 2009
By Alexa Schneider BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Alexa Schneider BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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One day, there were two very conceited frogs sitting on the edge of a big well. Everything around them was a deep green and they parked themselves on the red bricks that held the well together. The well was full of clear water and they sat their staring into their reflections. They kept arguing over who was better looking and more handsome.
One frog said to the other, “Look at my big brown eyes and shiny green skin. It’s much better than yours.”
The other frog said, “I have blue eyes and everybody knows that they are prettier than brown.”
The first frog exclaimed, “The big spots on my back add color like the rainbow. I have natural beauty and all the other frogs are jealous of me.”
The other frog shouted, “That’s not true. I am not jealous of you in the slightest. I have a longer tongue and big, beautiful lips.”

“Oh please,” said the other frog. “I’m so much more
fine-looking and you know it. Your ears are too big for your head and your toes are as long as licorice.”
The other frog replied, “At least my belly isn’t as big as the pond and my nose isn’t so uneven.”
Just then, the most beautiful girl frog they had ever seen hopped past the well. They were both staring at her when she turned and looked at them and said “Yuck.”

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