My Decision

May 7, 2009
By Matt Bezzant BRONZE, Lindon, Utah
Matt Bezzant BRONZE, Lindon, Utah
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As the soft sand squished through my toes, only one thought came to my mind. “Should I go through with it?” The thought screamed in my brain.
I came to the beach to clear my head and make a decision, but it wasn’t working. The waves crashed upon my feet and weaved between my ankles. The ocean water sent a cool relaxing shiver through my body. I was definitely relaxed, but I could not make this decision. When the sun shone through a hole in the clouds, its bright beams of warmth planting themselves upon my soft sensitive skin, a warm feeling came over me, and I knew what I should do. I am going through with it.
“I, Katie Smith, am going to stay with my father this summer.”

The night grew old and the stars emerged from the dark sky. I quickly began to walk home, cutting through yards and taking shortcuts. Finally, I made it home and managed to get away with only a few scratches. I came upon my front porch and walked up the creaky wooden steps.

“Mother, I’m home from the beach.” I yelled.

“Oh good, you can help me with the dishes then.” She yelled back

I gave a small chuckle and walked through the screen door. As I came upon the sink, my mother looked at me and gave a warm comforting smile, but in her eyes I could tell she was anxious to see what I had decided.

“So, how was the beach Katie?” She said to break the awkward silence.

I knew she wanted to ask; it was literally rolling off her tongue and bursting through her facial expressions.

“The beach was lovely, and I also came to a conclusion.” I mentioned.

“Really? What did you decide to do?” She said jumping out of her skin with excitement.

I gave a brief sigh and said, “I am going to stay with dad.”

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