The boy who became a man

November 14, 2008
By mike clark, Clarkston, MI

My name is John and I live in the state of Colorado and I am eighteen years old. Life used to be simpler when my parents were together but my mom had to screw everything up. Back when they were together they used to love each other. But it has is turned to hate every time they see each other. It all started about five years ago I remember the month it happened.
My dad came down and said what is for breakfast?
And my mom said whatever you want because I am going out.
For how long my
Until I feel like coming home.
Normally my mom didn’t act that way so I knew something was up but I ignored it like I always do I ate breakfast and I went to school. Most of the time when I go to school I get made fun of and today was no different. People would always say things like you a gumpy lookin kid or you have a big nose or you’ve got to be the ugliest kid that I have ever seen. But I just shook it off and said as long as I have a family to go to every thing is going to be alright
It is hard sometimes to believe that, especially since I suffer from major depression and I am bipolar, so it is real easy for me to get depressed and think about killing myself. But I still believed in family. I got home that day and saw that they were fighting again this was the 8th this time this month they were fighting. I came in to hear,
Why you are home so late said my father
I was taking care of business said my mom
Were is all this money coming from, you don’t work?
I do what I have to do to get by to help this family stay a flow.
How do you do that he asked when you don’t do anything to help this family you don’t cook, you don’t clean, you don’t laundry you don’t contribute to paying bills so how do you keep this family a flow? Well…. I…… she paused for a few seconds stammered a little bit. Then she got angry and she picked up one of my baseballs, threw it at him and said that Next time I won’t miss you and she stormed out of the house.
My father looks down at the ground he saw me standing there and he called me over to talk to me he told me that when you get married there are a lot of ups and downs but you have to have to pull through I knew how you feel right now sad and depressed and it is understandable but what you need to understand is we love each other and we will get over this.
So I went to my room played and then went to bed. Around 12:30 I was awoken by my drunken mother yelling obscenities in the house but my dad said nothing to her, he just left it alone and said he told her he would deal with her later and went back to sleep. the next morning my mom left again but this time me and my father followed her we drove around for about fifteen minutes until we came up to a club he told me to wait in the car. he entered the club and he was shocked to see that his wife was working at a strip club as a stripper. I wish I could say that was the worst thing that happened but when me and my dad left he had a hard time trying to explain that my mom is a stripper. So instead of telling me he just dropped me off at home and just left. He didn’t have the heart to tell me so he dropped me off at home and drove away.
I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I was walking around trying to figure out what was going on then I saw my mother standing on a corner talking to some guy in a car I didn’t recognize and she got in with him and drove away. I was even more confused then normal. So I went to the only friend that I had, Billy I decided to go to his house and ask him about it, Billy was thirteen years old and understands this stuff better than I do. So I told him what I saw and told me that my mom was a hooker and I didn’t fully understand when I asked more about It and he just shock his head and told me no ask someone else. I don’t want to be the one to hurt you.
I went back home my father had not returned from were ever he was. But my mother was there so I just straight up asked her.
I said moms are you a hooker and then she
Turns around and slaps me in the face how dare you call me that I am your mother. And she stormed out of the house again. I still didn’t have a answer to my question so I waited for my father to get home to ask. When got home he was drunk and I thought it was the perfect time to ask so I did and told me and his explanation was better then Billy’s and then he passed out. At the time I didn’t take my med’s I really couldn’t help from crying, I harmed myself that day just to ease the pain.
The next day after my dad left for work I confronted my mom. I went up to her right before she left and said
I saw you get into that man’s car yesterday she stopped and I now what you were doing and it makes me sick .you don’t know anything
She said I doing what needs to be done .
And what exactly needs to be done?
Whatever I say needs to be done.
Does dad know? She gets quiet, answer the question;
I don’t have to, besides I am your mother I don’t have to tell you any thing. Then she storms out of the house like she normally does when she gets pissed. I just stood there wondering how I am going to tell my father that my mom, his wife is a hooker. So after a while of just standing there I decided not to tell him in fear it may break up the family.
The next day when I went to school and was shocked to find out that half the school new about my mom. They said mean things about my mother. they called her all sorts of name. Kids came up to me and called her names and I wonder to myself who told them about my mom. then it came to me in a flash I specifically remember telling Billy about it. He was the only person I told.
Later that day I found him and asked him
Did you tell people my mom is a prostitute?
He said no with a smirk on his face I asked him again he said yes and busted out with laughter I was so mad at him I said dude I thought we were friends then he hit knocked him out cold. When I realized what I have done I felt so bad even though he was a jacka** for telling people, he was still my best friend. Lucky for me no one was around to see what had happened. I thought I was in the clear until later that day I got called down to the principles office apparently Billy must have snitched on me and he got me suspended for three days I was sent home early lucky for me neither of my parents were home on my bike ride home I had time to think and time to reflect on things and I decided to tell my dad what she has been up to. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I knew it had to be done so when he got home from work I told him I had something important to tell him it was weird because he said he had something important to tell me I was confused he said
Do you remember when we followed your mom to the club?
Well I went inside and I found out for him past few months she has been a striper I tried to hide it and ignore the fact she was hoping she would quit soon and we could be a family again but it didn’t turn out that way I thought you should know were your mother goes and disappears to.
That is not all she has been up to I said.
What do you mean?
After you dropped me off that day I went for a walk around the neighborhood and saw her get into some random guy’s car and drive off.
Are you sure you saw that he said with tears in his eyes? I nodded, he just stood there and asked me to leave the house for a couple hours he needed to be alone so I went in he back yard and sat wondering what was going to happened. My mom comes home an hour later and I can hear there conversation because a window was left open. All I heard was its over. And then I hear my mom say fine I don’t needed you anyway she grabbed a suitcase and just left after she was gone my father called me into the house and explained to me what had happened. I wish I could say I was said but I really not. Now it is five years later I am still fiends with Billy and have forgiven my mom for what she is I don’t talk to her but I still care and hope she can fix herself.

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