Life in New York

November 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Life in New York

The day was bad already it is everyday, that’s how it is in the Bronx. As I walked out the screen door it slammed on my out while feeling the hot summer atmosphere on my sweaty six-pack on my body. “Another hot day in New York folks” as TV’s and radios were blaring through the streets you could hear. As my brother Anthony and me was walking down the streets trying to find some way to eat and pay the rent my brother Anthony was the rude type always had a salty look on his face he was always pissed as hard stone brown eyes and real short hair and he was also really petite some times i worry about him i hope " little Anthony will be okay" but me i stood tall with long nappy braids and a dirty knicks coat i allways wore because that was my first game my dad took me too and bought me that coat for my birthday also i had a cuban mixed with a black accent because i was raised around blacks and cubans i was mixed plus i loved scarface it was my favorite movie of all time. As we passed another alley we’ve seen a lot of bad things happen in alleys that’s were u learn most of street life. Like for instance drug deals, rape and even murder you name it most bad things happen in a dark alley in New York. “Man pops needs to stop fooling around with his drugs and women and start helping out with the family’” said my brother Anthony. Then Anthony and me decided to go down an alley, we heard that was a spot where bums sleep we would usually rob them for money. “Get off me you no life garbage” these two men were trying to rape a girl I knew in my school her name was Angelina. As I ran towards trying to help her I slammed once against the fence and the other one ran.” What are you going to do punk ”said the bum as he was laying on the ground hurt. Then I slammed is head on the fence then I threw him at the trash cans then when he was crawling away I gave him one more good kick in the chest. “ I don’t want to catch you in these streets ever again”. As I helped Angelina up she said thanks I asked her if I could walk her home since the streets were awfully rowdy where she lived she lived in the Mexican part of town the real bad part we call it the Hood for Mexicans. Angelina replied “yes” without hesitation I can tell she was scared as she was twitchy and breathing heavily as her face was all scratched and a little bruised. “Anthony must of ran off” I thought to my self, as we walked through her hood all of the people stared at us you don’t see a black and Mexican every with each other you just don’t mix crowds it was the rules blacks cant date whites, or Asians or any kind of race that wasn’t your own it was the rules. But Angelina and me didn’t care in school me and Angelina was always sweet on each other I have always liked Angelina she was the only one I have ever like to be honest she the only reason I go to school, I know its cold blooded but only reason I saved her from getting raped because I recognized her voice I would die for that girl if it was anybody else I’d let it happen only because you have to survive out there you don’t risk your life to safe somebody unless you have your own reason New York isn’t like in hero comics like Superman or Spiderman there were no hero’s no good guys no good cops its like a zoo out there its hard to survive. When we got to her house she leaned against the door with great depression and relief “do want to come in for a bit “she asked. “ Why not I don’t got nothing better to do” I replied. “ Where did you learn to scrap like that you was like my super hero or something “she said. I replied “thanks I wasn’t going to let them do that to you Angelina you deserve way better than you get treated you r brother and dad beat you and treat you like crap your too beautiful too deserve that” I said while I was helping her with her school work. Nobody has ever said that to me she said as she smiled. Then she reached over and kissed me gently then I kissed back. Next week I woke I woke up of the hard cold kitchen floor the phone was ringing “SOMEBODY GET THAT IM TRYING TO SLEEP’ I shouted then I stood up and noticed I was the only on here so I went to the phone and answered it” hello” I said then I heard I sweet soft voice is will there its Angelina its important she said yea its me want do you want baby girl I said. You should come over so I can tell you in person. When I was about to knock my hands were sweaty and my breath was heavy I was nervous Angelina never called me to come over before so I knew it was important. She opened the door “come in will I have something to tell you its important” she said. What is it Angelina and before I can say another word she said the three words that changed my life forever Will I’m pregnant. Right then and there I knew my life wouldn’t be the same. Next thing you know the door slams open it was Anthony will you got to get back we were robbed and dad is dead he overdosed. As we were sitting in our apartment I can tell Anthony was seriously depressed he yelled that’s it I’m done we raced down the stairs and rushed threw the streets as I chased him he hot wired the car then took off next thing I heard was I big thunderous crash while tears were rolling down my face I knew what he have down Anthony had killed him self. It was seven months and a half after a year after Anthony’s death I was married with Angelina and I was sitting next to her in the hospital as she was having our baby she squeezed my hand tightly as sweat was rolling down her face it was a boy and we decided to name him Anthony. We walked in our apartment baby we need formula Angelina said. As I walked out the store I walked by a strange guilty looking guy you got money he said in a rough voice I said no I don’t have time for you thugs get out of my way then next thing you know you pulled a gun on me don’t play me for a fool the goon said “BAMMM” I was shot as fell to the cold hard ground of the streets every thing was cold so cold and dimming black and more black then i heard the ambulance and i was thinking if i could just hold on a little longer i could live and go back to my baby and wife but i couldnt as i drifted of to the after life i was dead they never found out killed me they never knew what execly happen either all i pray and hope is that "little anthony will be okay".

and thats the life in new york

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