My Trip to Africa

March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

“So what are you doing this weekend” Asked Molly “ I don't know? I mumbled
Oh, that is weird, you always have something going on?” replied Molly
“What are you doing this weekend, maybe you could come over?” I pleaded.
“I can't, I am going to the retirement home to help my grandma, then to the dog pound with Sydney and then I am going to e-mail my Aunt Erika , finally I am babysitting until the next morning. Sorry I am all booked until Sunday at about 1:00 pm.” Molly concluded.

I immediately went home without saying another word! I am so self-centered. I Felt like writing in my journal, so I got it out of my hiding spot in the crack of my headboard and started to write with my pretty, pink, sparkley pen...
I have always been the normal kind of girl, a lot of friends, good grades, and the head cheerleader, but something needs to change. Yesterday, when my friends asked me what I was doing this weekend...I didn't know! I felt useless for the first time in my life. So I decided I wanted to be super-Claire! I want to be a one-of-a-kind-down-to-earth-girl, that my friends are, they cared for global warming, issues, presidential elections, and most of all kids in Africa! This afternoon, I strutted straight up to my parents and said...

I concluded my journal entry, and would see what my parents actually had to say after I strutted downstairs, as I had said in my journal,

“Mom, these days I feel a little selfish, so I decided, I am going to Africa!

“Thats a good idea honey, a little labor will do you good!” My dad concluded

“Are you sure honey? There are no malls, or Starbucks there!” She gasped

“Yes mom I am positive!” I pleaded

“Go up to your room, me and your father will get your ticket for tomorrow morning” She concluded.

“Who are you going to stay with?” My Dad asked

“ I saved up $100, I will give whoever I stay with $25.”I said, as I started to walk up the steep staircase.

As I walked into my room, I got the draft of my vent and it was as hot as the Sahara desert! I had to start packing because I knew that I would have my ticket and it would be leaving by 6:00am because it takes about 1 hour to get to the airport in time. I packed everything I needed, shampoo, clothes, and enough twinkies and mac and cheese to last me a year, of coarse I packed the other important food, salt, pepper, cheese, chocolate (that was frozen) and orange juice! I fell asleep at 1:00am because I wanted to be tired to sleep in the plane. I was shaking of the thought of being away, but the trip was going to be so exiting, I couldn't believe I was actually leaving all of my best friends!
It was 7:23 am as I walked onto the cramped plane, but the lady led me toward the front, the most cramped spot. She led me past the front, through the pale blue curtains, into the 1st class window seat, next to the chocolate fountain, that was boxed in a glass box to help from splashing the passengers. As I sat down I dozed off for the next eighteen hours, but I woke up at 1pm , ate twenty delicious strawberries from the fountain, and ordered some tea, then fell asleep for 5 hours more. I looked out the window and I saw desert, desert, and more desert! I landed in Sudan at about 6:00pm. In the airport I found the family I was staying with, the Zaneta's. They sat, staring and watching my every move, as I swayed back and forth just to make sure it was me on the photograph that the father held in his hands, as the daughter squished him to identify my white-blonde hair, my pink lips, with the outfit I had worn when the picture was taken. I was wearing the same faded shorts, with my pink tank-top I had gotten for the occasion.

“Hello” I casually said

“Um hello?” The daughter said

“Hi, my name is Mikael, this is my wife Ayesha, and my daughter Carissa.” Explained Mikael

“Hello everyone my name is Claire. Thank you for inviting me into your home on such short notice.

“It's okay. Don't worry about it, Carissa always wanted a sister-like friend!” Ayesha announced

“We drove home in their compacted Volvo, the nicest looking car on the roads. But they only used it for occasions.

“This is our home!” Carissa explained

“Carissa, go show Claire around the house, I will get the rice out and start boiling it.” She ordered

“No, please don't, I have prepared to fix some all-American food!” I remarked

“No, really it is okay, we have plenty?” She questioned

“It's okay, I wanted to! But can you do me a favor? Go put my bags in my room, please?” I asked politely

“ Of coarse!” Do you mind if we watch as you prepare your meal?

“Of coarse not, I am going to make you, mac and cheese, orange juice, and Twinkie's for dessert.”

“That sounds delicious! We will be back shortly, go on ahead, you can use anything in the kitchen you wan to”

As soon as they left I took a shiny metal bowl and pourded water and the noodles inside. I put the pot over the stove and left it there to start boiling. I kept my orange juice inside my cooler with 4 other cartons. I sat on the floral love seat listening for the noodles to start boiling. I set out the tables arranging it perfectly in a style only my family uses. I finally heard that simmering sound I had been waiting for, for the last 10 minutes. I put the noodles inside the strainer,put it back in the bowl to pour the 3 cheese packets in, then slopped it into the plain white bowls, then headed towards the door. I opened the door slowly and started to call for them.

“Ayesha, Carrissa, Mikael! Dinner is ready! I called

“Coming! Ayesha called back

They ran through the door, panting like a dog fetching a lime green tennis ball. We all sat down , I saw Carrissa frowning and puffing her cheeks out, looking like she was going to barf, she turned her head and gave her dad the do-I-really-have-to-eat-this look. I was so furious I didn't want to speak, so furious I was about to throw the mac and cheese in her face, so angry I was about to “accidentally” spill her orange juice on her while passing the orange juice. Everyone started eating, they all loved everything accept Carrissa, sat there staring at me when her dad started to whisper “Carrissa eat that, it is very good, at least try your orange juice.”

“But dad....” she started to say

“No buts!” he concluded

I was about to use my orange juice plan. “Here Carrissa, pass this to your dad.” I passed it to far, knocking her orange juice onto her shirt and face, making her drink it, spilling on her white shirt, with light pink bottoms.

“No dad, you forgot I was allergic!” She screamed like an obnoxious child

“Whoops! Sorry honey. Um, what happens to you?” He asked

“I get hives! Hives dad, big chunky hives!” She screamed

She pointed at me and started to explode “You, this is all of your fault, I want you to get out of this house immediately! I don't care if you have to live on the streets with all of the bugs biting at your skin!” She cried

“I, I'm sorry!” I felt sad “Fine” I finally yelled “i will got back where I came from, New York!” I ran to my room shoving a Twinkie practically down my throat. I ran out the door with five suit cases with my hand when Mikael grabbed my arm pulling me backward.

“Please stay, there is so much we have to ask!” He stood there tearing up

“ Okay, I wanted to help everyone, have like a cookout, then I will leave your family and Carrissa alone! Just leave me alone for a little bit so I an get unpacked, after all, I only have ¼ of a day. ”

I looked at the clock, it was only 2:36pm a great time for a cookout. Mikael and I set out tables and chairs for everyone. He started with the venison, while I sent out invitations for 4:00pm. I got home to prepare the fruit salad and the radio set up. It was 4:17 when people started showing up bringing plates and dishes to pass. I even found a girl my age so we went out to pick raspberries and buy some fudge cake, It turns it it was both of our favorites! We started dancing, and I started teaching them American dances. It was already 7:00 when we got done eating, greeting, and dancing. I went to my room and started packing. What I found in my food bag was not a Twinkie, but a african dress that Ayesha wore, It said Thankyou for teaching my family everything you do. The food was delicious and I hope we will see you again! Come back soon. Love, Ayesha, Mikael, and somewhat Carrissa. I went to bed at 1:00pm, the same time I went to bed when I came here. I fell into a deep sleep when I realized it was 5:30am. It was time for me to go! I woke up Mikael as fast as I could. He dropped me off at the door.

“I will miss you! Goodbye.”

The Next time you return, it will never be the same as when you first came here” Mikael calmly explained.
I went back to my old self, being busy every weekend. Never again was I asked if I was busy this weekend again.

“ Hey claire, how was your trip? Molly said.

“Awesome!” I replied.

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monniefish said...
on May. 16 2009 at 7:18 pm
monniefish, Ennis, Texas
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It is a bit unrealistic, but that is okay because it is fiction. An interesting idea!


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