Willy's Time

May 5, 2009
By Cody Wittmus BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Cody Wittmus BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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One day in a big town called Green Bay a boy named Will Ferrell just stirred into a nice big house. His house has eight bedrooms. His family only has six people. The other two rooms are for guests. There are eight bathrooms, one in each room. There is an indoor pool and Jacuzzi. When you step outside you have the decision to play as a professional football player or go miniature golfing.

Now that you have the floor plan of there house lets learn about some of his family. Let’s learn more about Will himself. Will was recently a movie actor until he got fired. Now he has decided to become a professional football player. He is a very competitive person. Will is twenty-six years old and is in perfectly good shape. I suppose that you can all guess why he lives in Green Bay. If you guessed because he plays for the Packers you were right.

Now let’s talk about Will’s dad. Bob used to be a professional football player as well. He retired at the age of 89. He was remembered for all the super bowls that he had won for the Patriots. He had then been inducted into the hall of fame. He had lost all of his possessions when he ran out of money. Bob in now very poor, right down to the last cent.

Finally we get to the rest of the story. The next day Will and a couple of his buddies were playing football when Mike Sherman came to tell Will that they were going to have a run through session every week until the super bowl.. Will agreed to show up and he did. It was almost time for them to play there first game against the Indianapolis Colts. The game was only one day away. At the end aft there last practice session the coach told them to rest up and be back on the field and ready to do a little practice before the game.

That game would be the super bowl game. When the team showed for a final practice they did excellent. Will went to take the last snap before the end of practice he said, “Down.” Then he said “set.” Finally he said “hike.” He looked at all the receivers. They were well covered. There was a linemen closing in. He had to think fast. He then took off and scampered with the ball. He was juking and whirling all the way down to the end zone.

The super bowl came the following day. The team met in the locker room and got dressed. Will was extremely nervous. He didn’t want to make him and the team look like a fool. When the game started the Packers got the ball. Will took the team down the field in two plays. The score was seven to seven. With that the end of the first quarter came to an end. The second quarter started with a couple of players nearly getting there heads taken off. The second quarter came to a halt with the Colts up three points.

In the third quarter the Packers managed to tie it up. Just after that Will and his team got the ball back off an interception but the guy ran backward. He got tackled at the five yard line. Will took over but threw an interception. The ball was hurried in for the touchdown. With that the third quarter came to a halt.

The beginning of the last quarter was the time he had to get it done. There was only one minute and thirty seconds left and the Packers were at the fifty. Will took another snap and lobbed the ball up. Donald Driver caught the ball at the twenty yard line. They were down at the twenty. The Packers took there last timeout. Will thought to himself, what can I do to win the game. At that moment he remembered when he watched his dad mess up his last super bowl. Will knew he couldn’t do that. He knew what he had to do after that little thinking session. Will threw one more and was caught for the touchdown. “Yes,” said Will in a tone that meant all business. They then attempted the two points for the in. Will made a quick decision and took the ball into the end zone himself. He had clearly made it into the end zone. The other team had to be a bad sport and challenge the touchdown. The Packers had won the game. Will then took the super bowl trophy and elevated it into the air.

Then when he got back to Green Bay he retired. He got asked to do one last press conference as to why he retired so early. Will had accepted to do one last one. He had explained why he retired. They told him that his reason was so selfish that he should come back to ply. Will told them, “No,” that he would only do helping. He said that he would coach but not play unless he got a offer that he couldn’t resist. The only other way he would play is if his dad would play on the same team as him too. Will and his wife had moved to Florida. When he got there they went to the beach for the day. Will’s wife ended up having one boy named Jack. Jack has made it up to the level his dad was at. The only difference was that he played for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Will and his wife had lived happily ever after.

To this day Will is helping young kids learn the game. He is telling them stories of his career. All around the world the game known as football is getting more popular by the minute. Kids are choosing to go to college and play. After that they are hoping to go professional. A bunch of kids are claiming to be the next Will.

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