Anthor Love Story

May 1, 2009
By Corinne Anthony BRONZE, Batavia, Illinois
Corinne Anthony BRONZE, Batavia, Illinois
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Today I woke up thinking today is the end of my life. Today was the day that I would have to tell Jordan that in one week I would move away from here and never see him again. In my head I'm trying to think of all the ways I could tell him I’ve been thinking about this day for weeks but when I go to think of a way to tell him my mind goes blank. First thought "call him? No... Next option, just leave with out telling him or wait till the day before then tell him? No too mean. I went on with this for about an hour, but got interrupted with my mom yelling “MOLLY FINISH PACKING THE THINGS YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT FOR THE NEXT WEEK." I already had done that just to get it over with. I lie down on my bed and fell asleep for about two hours. But I woke up to the sound of my cell phone ring. I looked at it and it was him the last person to tell that I'm leaving, the one who every time I hear his name or his voice my heart beats faster and faster. The one who I'm madly in love with but I don't have the gut to tell him I'm leaving and to goodbye to.
"Hey baby what's wrong?"
"Oh nothing I just woke up"
"Oh sorry"
"Its OK what's up?"
"Oh nothing I just wanted to see if you wanted to do out tonight?"
“Umm... Sure!"
"OK I'll pick you up at 7:30 K?"
"K, see you later?"
"I love you"
"Love you too bye"

The phone went silent. Perfect I'll tell him tonight.
I looked at the clock it was 6:50. I should start getting ready.
When I'm getting ready I start to think of all the ways I could tell him. But none of them seem right. I can't even think about this right or I might ruin my make up again. It's the second time I had to do it. And I'm running out of make up to keep doing this.

Jordan came on time. As we were driving to the restaurant, he asked
"Babe are you OK? You don't seem like your self"
So I decided to tell him right then and there that I was moving in a week.
“I have to tell you something"
"OK what's up?"
"Well I don't know how to tell you this"
He looks at me in a confused look and says
"Just tell me I think I can handle it"
"Me and my....."
"You and your what?"
“My..... My family and I are moving to Manhattan”
"In a week and cause of my dad's damn job"
"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"
"Because I could barley tell myself with out crying."
"Oh well I.... What does this mean? Does this mean we're gonna be over with in a week or what?"
"I don't know OK, that's why I didn't tell you sooner, so I could have an answer to that question."
"Well I guess we have a lot to talk about over dinner"
"Yea I guess so"
"Man, I just don't believe this"
"Yea, me nether, I'm gonna miss you”
"I'm pretty sure I'm gonna miss you more"
"How do you know that?"
"Because you’re my whole freaking life Molly! Haven't you seen that? I'm freaking in love with you!"
At that moment I couldn't hold my tears in, I just let them out.
"Don’t cry, its gonna be fine we will find a way to be together don't you worry. OK?"
"OK. But what happens if we don't Jordan?"
“Will you just trust me?"
“Now stop crying and let’s go get some food"
"OK let’s go"
We walked into one of the nice restaurants in town and when we finely got seated on of the most uncomfortable subjects to talk to him about had came up.
Even though this was the last thing I wanted to talk about I did just because I was talking to Jordan about it.
"So I think maybe after you move we should...."
"We should what?"
"Temporarily break up"
"Well umm... OK if that's what you want"
"Is that OK? I mean we could try long distance"
"No it would be too hard, besides I hate long distance."
"Oh... Right... OK"

After we left dinner I wanted to go home so bad. I guess I’m not too good at hiding this cause Jordan knew so he took me home. The seconded I walked through the door I ran upstairs not even leasing to my mom asking about how it went. I just ran, trying to go back to sleep so that I would wake up again and it would just be a bad dream. But I didn't work. I just broke out in tears. Ugh I want to sleep but every time I close my eyes all I see is him. Why does this have to happen to me? I mean why this can’t happen to some one who can well... handle it!
I guess I should try to do something with this spare time.

July 3 2004

I can't think about him any more now not only did I loose my life but I lost the Love of my life. The only guy I have ever truly loved. It kills me when ever he calls me or even just talks to me because now my heart doesn't beat faster and faster. I just feel a pain in my chest. Hopefully I'll just get used to felling this way.
~ Molly


I had everything I wanted and more then it just all fell in to pieces. I really don't know how I'm going to last at my new school. I really do hate starting over. And this time I really hope that it is the last time and I mean I say that everything we move but man how many times can we go through with this? This is like the fifth house we had moved to in the past two years. Well I think we have what a day and couple of hours before I leave so I'm going to go every were I can remember that I have spent me last year at.
"Mom I'm going on a walk I have my phone with me"
“OK honeys don’t be too late."

"Yea sure what ever"
OK I want to the park were I first hung out with Jordan and were I would always be. NO wait do I really want to go to the park? Yes wait... no I don't right now I don't want to think about him. CRAP! Never mind. Jordan was now right in front of me. How come every time I don't want to see him, he shows up it’s like the world wants me to be miserable
"Hey Molly"
"..... Hi"
"What’s up?"
“So... today's your last day here right
"Do you want to walk with me?"
As we were walking he said something that well really didn’t make sense to me
"I missed you"
"Did I say something wrong?"
"Yes you did"
"Really? What?”
“You said you missed me
"Well I did, and still do "
“Then why did you break up with me"
"First of all I though we were still together"
“And second do you really think that I wanted to do that?"
“I don't know"
"Well Molly how bout that, How does this sound? Molly Goodman
I love you and you are my whole life don't you see that?"
"Well it just seems like you wanted to break up with me"
“No never! the only reason I said all that stuff was cause I though it would be better for us or trust me I wouldn’t of said any of it"
"Oh well I guess you have a good reason
"Yea I guess"
"Ha-ha very funny!"
“Hey! Go this way"
"Just do it!"
"OK, OK"

We walked a little then stopped in fount of a pool were I read a sign that said closed.
“Do you remember this place?
"Yea it’s the pool were you asked me out"
"You still remember that?"
"Yea you were so funny when you asked me out but it was so cute"
"What it’s true"
"Yea well you were the only girl that I couldn’t stop starring at"
“Aw thanks?"
"Well I mean I had never seen a girl that looked like you before"
"Is that good?"
"Yea that's really good; don’t you remember how all those girls were around me?”
''Oh yea I remember me friend was talking about you when I looked over at you I had realized
That you were staring at me"
"Oh yea"
"Then I looked away, you kind of scared me did you know that?"
"No but I kind of knew already
"Can I ask you something?"
"Yea anything"
"why did you chose me then any other pretty girl that was hanging around you I know, I know , you've told me the story but I just don't think that's the real reason why"
“It’s not the real reason why you want to know the real story?"
" OK well when I was at the pool talking to as many hot girl as I want, when you walked in I just couldn’t help but star at you, I had never seen any one as pretty as you. the second I saw you I thought I was in love, my friends were screaming at me to snap out of it but I couldn’t help it, and when I saw you looking at me I couldn't help but stare in to your big brown eyes. When I got the nerve to ask you out and you said yes man! I remember how I was so happy and the night after we went out I just wanting to see you and trust me when we went out I had never felt that way about any girl in my whole life."
"Oh my god"
"Thank you for finally telling me the real story"
“No problem"
"I just don't get why you hadn’t told me it before."
"Cause I wanted to tell you at the right time"
"Well I think you picked the perfect time"
“Molly can you promise me some thing?
“come back to me I don't care when just come back"
Then Jordan said the one line that I would probably never forget in my life time and he said
“Molly my heart is always yours no matter how long it will be till I see you again or who comes around I will promise you that"
"OK deal we both have a promise we have to keep
“I want to give you something"
“What is it?"
"Its something that when you miss me you will have to remember me with"

In his hand was his sweat shirt that he loves to death that he never goes out with out.
"Here take it"
"I can't this is your life”
"No Molly that's were you have it wrong you are
My life this is just a little part of it and I want you to have it"
"OK I'll take it thank you I love it"

It was about 11:30 when my night would come to an end. We were sitting in his back yard when me dad called
"Where are you? You need to come home now!"
"I'm with Jordan, I’ll be home soon
"You need to leave now; we have a big day tomorrow"
"Fine bye"
I hung up on him before he could say anything"
"What’s wrong?"
“My dad wants me to leave now"
"Oh... I don't want you to go"
"Same here"
“well we don't want to keep him waiting lets go I'll walk you home"

All the way home I wouldn’t let go of him, well not yet at least. When we reached my house I was all ready about to cry"
"Well I guess this is goodbye"
"I'm going to miss you"
"Same here"
"Well I love you and I always will"
"I love you too."

We kissed for the last time and then he was gone. Gone as long as I was not there with him. And now that was the last time I would see him or here him. That was the true end of my life. That was the last time I would hear his voice or even feel the way I do when I’m with him. The last time my heart would beat faster and faster and that was the end.


How could I be stuck in this plane with my so called parents? I don't want to move to New York I want to be were Jordan is and were Jordan is, were I use to be. What are they really going to do with a HEART BROKEN fifteen year old girl. Right now I hate them for doing this to me really what did I do to them to deserve this? OK I have a plane no more dating/liking anyone. I just can’t take this hurt any more. I mean after Jordan I don't think I can handle even talking to any one. Oh right I have to start saving up for my plane ticket home! I all ready have $100.50 all I need I a coupe more hundreds and then I will never have to be near my parents ever again! And then I'll be with Jordan and all of my friends. I really like this plane but then again I don't I mean I probably will miss mom and dad even though I hate them right now. I wonder if they can tell how badly I'm hurt right now. Mom might be able to but dad? No not him he's too caught up in his own little work life. Pulse he's to busy to notice that kind of things to even notices that I'm crying right now too. Mom can tell even though she's acting like she can’t see me. I wish Jordan was right here he would know what to do. OK I can handle this maybe I'll be fine? Yea that's it I'll be fine or not...
~ Molly


It’s been five years since Jordan and I'm over him. I have a new boyfriend named Johnny and I have the best job in the world well at least I think so. I still live in Manhattan and with Jordan still on my mind telling me to be happy I have gotten over him well at least I think so….

Five years later

"I'm going to Princeville, Kaual for a little bit"
“That’s in Hawaii right?”
“Yea, why?”
"Can I come with?"
"Yea you can it would be nice to have someone with me when I'm there"
"But sometimes I won’t be there because I want to see some old friends"
"Wait you lived there too?"
"Like I said I've lived every were"
"I guess so maybe you can help me find my way around?'
“OK that will be fun"
"Yea so when do we leave?"
“Tonight so go home get packed and come back here around 6: oo"
"OK cool bye"

I left his house and I just had to call Laura she was my best friend.
"Shut up no way"
"Yea I'm going with Johnny I'm going to see some old friends"
“Like Jordan?"
“What? No"
"OK fine... I want to see him too.
"So you are going to go with Johnny?"
"Yea... I guess so"
"Well what do you plane on doing with Johnny if he finds out?"
"Well I mean we are just friends I mean I bet he has a girlfriend"
"Well if he was worst then the way I found you then don't count on it"
"Well I doubt that I mean it has been five years I pretty sure that he's over me"
"OK what ever I got to go get ready for a date"
"WAIT! With who?"
"You remember Matt from that club we went to?”

"Well that's who!"
"Shut up! He’s hot!"
"I know!"

"Well go you have a date and I have to get ready"
"Call me tomorrow OK?"
"OK if I get to see him, have fun!"
"You too bye"

The phone went silent then I started making a list in my head socks, shorts, underwear and other crap that in going to need. I keep thinking about with Laura said what happens if he does find out? Maybe Jordan moved? Yea maybe I won’t even see him. Yea that works. Or if I do I'm screwed. Oh well. Right finish packing! Or I might miss the plane to Hawaii!

What happens if I'm not over Jordan? What happen if the only reason I'm going is cause of him! Ugh maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all. NO I have to go just to see Jordan with another girl. But what happens if Laura was right what happened if he's not with anyone and I fall in love with him again?
Ugh I always over think my plan well all I know I that I'm coming home single or with Johnny or Jordan, this is going to be weird. Oh and I'm not over Jordan by the way I still really do love him. And I'm not happy with Johnny I don't even really like him anymore maybe I'll come home with Jordan. No single yea single that's better. But what happens if Johnny thinks the only reason I came was to get back together with Jordan? Hmmm... Yea this really will be weird.
~ Molly

Ugh! Where’s my damn shirt? I run to closet and start ripping through all the boxes I had. When I had finally found it my shirt it was laying on top of a moving box. In bold letters it said molly's room. I know I have to finish packing but I really want to know what’s inside whatever I’m opening it. I grabbed it and carefully un-packed it. Inside that box was a couple of pictures of me and some of my old friends a snow globe. At the very bottom of the box was a neatly folded Hollister sweat shirt. I UN -folded it and found a picture it was of me and Jordan. When I finally came to my senses had realized that this was Jordan’s favorite sweat shirt that he had given five years ago. I stared to have a flash back of when I had first got this. When we had to say goodbye forever. And then there were some good ones of just being around him. I can still kind of feel the way I use to feel when I was around him. No! Molly snap out of it. When I see Jordan again I will give this back to him. But right now I have a plane to get on so I’ll think about this later. I slip on the sweat shirt and run out the door.

Four hours later I was home, well not really. We stepped off the plane and walked into the same airport where I had been five years ago,
“So let’s go get our bags!”
Johnny seemed a little to excited but maybe that’s how he always been.

When we finally got out of the cramped airport and on the road it really didn’t seen any better.
Johnny was talking about who knows what to be honest I really didn't care what he was talking about I just blocked him out. What really only was only a ten minute drive felt like an hour. When we pulled up to the hotel I jumped out dyeing to get out of the car. As I looked around not only heard but saw a face that I thought I knew. As I stood there watching a guy and some girl fight about something it came to my attention that that face was Jordan! But who was that girl as I stood there trying to figure out who she was; I had noticed that Jordan was staring at me to. He looked kind of well... surprised and happy about it. At that moment I had realized that he knew that I was back. I quickly turned around and ran to the fount were Johnny was waiting for the room to be ready.
"Can you go get some food when I get the room I'm really hungry?"
"Yea, sure I will"

I left two minuets later to go get him his food. I went to the resonant were a few minuets before I had seen Jordan and some girl fighting. I walked straight through the doors and walked passed a few people. And one of the people standing with them was Jordan. What I didn’t know was that he had worked here. I shuffled to the counter; I was in a hurry to get in and out of here with out Jordan seeing me.
“Hi what can I get you?”
“Um can I get two hamburgers and two fries and um a coke and a water.”
But I guess I was talking a little too loud because Jordan could hear me. The only reason I knew that was all of the sudden I heard my name get screamed from across the room.
“OH my god Jordan”
“Hey molly I thought that was you starring at me and Jill fighting. “
“Oh right my girlfriend”
“Oh right”
“So when did you get here?”
“Like an hour ago”
“Ha couldn’t stay away could you?”
“Apparently not”
“So are you here by your self?”
“Yea... I mean no. No I’m here with my boyfriend Johnny”
“That’s cool”
“Yea well I really have to get going”
“Oh… ok well nice seeing you”
“Same here later”

I slowly turned away but right when I thought he would have let me go just like he had five years ago he screamed my name out and said
“You want to hangout tonight?”
“Um I don’t know”
“Come on it will like old times”
“Umm… fine what time?”
“How about 7:00 meet me here?”
“Ok, that’s cool see you later”
“Ok molly?”
“It’s really nice to see you again”
“Yea its nice seeing you too”

I swiftly walked out the door and across the street where Johnny was sitting tin the lobby waiting for me.
“What took you so long?”
“I was talking to one of my old friends”
“Well next time don’t take so long ok I have a meeting tonight and I can’t be late”
“Yea, Whatever”
“What is your problem?”
“Well I’m hungry then I get crabby and maybe if you didn’t take so long we wouldn’t be having this talk”

I didn’t say anything after that. I mean really he takes ten times longer then I do and then only reason he does is cause he flirting with the stupid cashier. Good thing he’s going to be out tonight or else I might or not be able to leave the room. I don’t even know why I put up with his crap I mean I could get what ever guy I wanted and yet I’m with him. Whatever I’m going on a “date” and I need to get going. I got there right on time, as I was looking for Jordan I found him on the side with a dozen red roses.
“You ready?”
“Oh right, these are for you”
“Thank you”
“Your welcome, I remembered how you liked getting flowers”
“You still remember that”
“…. Yea, is that weird for you, cause if it is you can go back to your hotel with your …. Boyfriend” when he said that it came out like he was sad that I had boyfriend.
“Oh no I’m just surprised your then only one who remembers that”
“What your boyfriend doesn’t do that?”
“No, Not really”
“He sounds ….”
“He sounds like what?”
“Like a jerk”
“Yea well you described him perfectly”
“Really? Then why are you with him”
“I don’t know I had my reason but I seem to have forgotten them”
“Really why?”
“Cause every reason I had, turned out to be very wrong”
“Ah I see”
“Yea well what about you and um… Jill right?”
“Yea what about her?”
“Well is she nice? How did you two meet?”
“Well we met by walking our dogs”
“And well her dog got off the leash and ran towards my dog and after she had came over to get her dog we just stared talking and well that’s pretty much how we met”
“She sounds like a good match for you?”
“No not really she can be controlling and so we broke up after she found out that I was hanging out with you”
“Oh is the reason you two broke up because of me?”
“Tell me”
“Ok, well after what you told me about your “ex” I just can’t see you with that kind of girl”
“Oh… well I guess a lot has changed over the last five years”
“Not really”
“Well I mean you still kind of look the same and all the girls are still all over you just like always”
“Yea, I guess”

The night had come to an end and I had to go back to the hotel, He walked me all the up to my room and as I hugged him good night and he had walked down the stairs I went to open but what I had not know was that someone was waiting for me to open that door all night.

(Take from first one)


(Part when she tells her mom and dad)
“Well when’s the wedding?”
“In a month in Hawaii”
“Oh… isn’t that a little well close?”
“No I don’t think so why?”
“Well I mean I just think it’s too close and pulse how long have you been dating him?”
“A couple of months”
“What a couple of months”
“Yea so what I mean we were dating for two years before that”
“Well I think before you go through with this you should think about waiting”
“Waiting? Yea no, see you guys don’t get it, we would have been married all ready if we never moved”
“Ok. Ok it’s your life but I was you”
“I know I know… you would wait”
“Yes but also I would make sure I was happy”
“I am I’ve never been this happy in my whole life”
“Honey I know you are I still how you were when you were dating him when you were young. I still remember how you would always be smiling and just being happy. I could tell that you were heat broken when we moved everything that made you well was gone. But now, now it’s like you are back to being fifteen and trust me I never thought that would happen again. And honey I am truly happy for you even though it doesn’t seem like that. I just don’t want you to make the same mistake I did.”
“What are you talking about dad?”
“OH NO! before him I was just like you and I thought I was in love with another guy but after a month after getting married to him we got a divorce.”
“I get it mom but you have to remember I’m not you and you have seen the way I’m with him and I don’t think we could live with out each other.”
“Ok honey I will trust you with this…But just remember this story and don’t tell dad ok?”
“Ok I will remember this and don’t worry”
“Ok well can’t wait to see you again I love you but I got to go”
“Ok I love you too bye”

Now that I think about it maybe we are rushing It. Oh no not again. I mean this is a good relationship but I can’t just do this again.

Maybe my mom was right, I mean we haven’t been dating that long and a lot has changed you know? I mean it has been five years and well maybe we should wait. Even though I don’t want to I think it’s a good idea. But maybe before I do this wedding stuff I should think about it. I think I should call Laura.
“Hey what you need wedding help?”
“Oh then what’s up”
“I think I might was to call the wedding off”
“WHAT, WHY? Did he do something?”
“No he didn’t do anything”
‘Then why do you want to do that?”
“Well because I think we’re rushing it”
“But what made you want to do this all the sodden?”
“I told my mom and she thought I was then told me a story about her when she was young”
“Oh what’s the story?”
“Its was about when she was young and I guess she was like me and in the same situation and well she got married and then the well you know”
“Yea I get it “
“I just don’t want that to happen, you know?”
“Yea well I think you have a good reason but I think that won’t happen to you”
“Yea I know “
“Just think about it before you do anything you regret”
“But I have to go girly”
“Oh ok bye and thanks”
“No problem bye”

I kept thinking about that story my mom told me what happens if that’s me in a year? Well this sucks I guess. I think I can run the idea by him. Jordan out of no where called my phone.
“Hey I was thinking about some ideas that I want to run by you for the wedding”
“Um... Ok I had some ideas too”
“Oh ok cool, I’ll pick you up at home oh wait what time is fine with you?”
“Umm… how bout now?”
“Ok I’ll be there in a few”
“Love you bye”
“Love you too”

I wonder how he’s going to take it. And I kind of want to know what ideas he has for the wedding that will most likely be off soon. What happens if this ends our relationship? No don’t think like that. But I can’t help but think maybe he feels the same way. Dingdong! Oh no he’s here. I slowly walk to the door and open it to a dozen red roses.
“You ready?
“Yea how are you?”
“I’m good I was talking to Laura”
“Really about what?”
“She told me about you telling your mom and I asked her about the ideas I had”
“Oh really what did she say?”
“Umm... She didn’t really say much about it but she said you would probably tell me and that you would ok with my idea”
“So tell me the Idea?”
“Well you tell me what happened first then I’ll tell you”
“Ok so I told my mom and she told me this story and well now I kind of think …… that we should wait”
“Wait for what?”
“To get married”
“Oh did I do something wrong?”
“No it’s just I’m scared”
“Of what?”
“That we won’t be married for ever”
“Oh I see you’re scared that we might not last?”
“Yea I mean I love you I really do but do you really truly believe that we are going to last for a long time?
“Yes I do believe that”
“Well let’s think about it for a little bit and then we’ll come back to this, is that ok?”
“Yea that’s fine, so what was your idea?”
“I was thinking IF we done get married that I’ll chose the honey moon spot and you will have it as a surprise.”
“Hmm… OK!”
“Cool then that’s it”
“I kind of what to go home”
“Ok then lets go”
“No I don’t mean that home I mean my home in Hawaii”
”oh that home ok lets go”
“We have to buy tickets and stuff”
“That was my idea to go back home”
“Oh my god, have I ever told you that I love you?”
“I’ve heard it one or two times, I love you too”
“Well we have a flight to get on”
“Wait did you pack?”
“Laura did for you”
“Ok then lets go home!”
I took about a few minutes to get there. And we had to run to our plane we got there just as they were boarding. I missed Hawaii and I really was home sick. About two hours later we were home.
“Can we go home?”
“Yes we can but can we stop by my work, I get my pay check today”
“Ok that’s cool I’m kind of thirsty any ways”
“Ok cool”
When we got to the restaurant there was a car that I thought I knew but I ignored it. But when we walked into the restaurant I came to remember were I had remember that car. And at that moment I had realized that I just walked into on of the worst places to be in all of Hawaii because the person who owned that car was waiting for us to walk in. and the only reason I knew that was because I was face to face with him and the only thing in between us was Jordan ready to attack at any moment he was ready to fight for me. The person who was standing in front of me was the last person I would have thought to see. He was Jordan’s old friend who tried to get us to break up.
Jordan stared to talk to him.
“Why the hell are you here?”
“I came to talk to you”
“Ok then talk”
“Umm… I need Molly to go away”
He turned to me and said
“Babe goes to the back”
I walked back to see some girls number in his locker and some other writing on it. I couldn’t read the handwriting. And to be honest I didn’t want to know. I started crying and by that time Jordan had walked back to find me sitting on the floor my face in my hand crying.
“Are you ok what’s wrong?”
“No go away I’m leaving”
“What at lest let me take you back home”
“No stay away from me”
And I ran out. By the time I got home I found the girl in my house
“Who are you?”
“I’m Jordan’s girlfriend who are you?”
“No one that you know”
I took my stuff and ran to a hotel. Jordan kept calling me but I wouldn’t and couldn’t answer him.
A couple hours later Laura called me.
“What’s wrong and why is Jordan looking for you?”
“How do you know that he’s looking for me ?”
“He called me looking for you, so spill what’s wrong?”
“He cheated”
“WHAT? How do you know?”
“Cause when I was in the back by his locker at his work there was a phone number”
“Oh keep going”
“So I ran out of there and went to his house to get my bags and there was some girl who said that she was his girl friend”
“Yea… so I took the first plane out and I’m home”
“So he doesn’t know why?”
“He should but I guess not “
“But are you sure?”
“Cause I guess he was talking to that guy who tried to break you two up but instead it was you who was cheating?”
“Yea but there was a girl IN HIS HOUSE”
“I know, I know but I don’t know I think you should talk to him”
“Are you taking his side?”
“No I’m not I’m just throwing a Idea out”
“What ever”
“Yea well are you sure your fine?”
“Yea I’m fine, but I want to go to bed so can I go?’
“Yea sure bye”
Just as I hang up the phone the door bell rang. When I went to the door and found Jordan waiting for me to open it. I pull the door open and scream
“Why are you here?”
“I been looking for you”
“Why so what you can say sorry that I found out?”
“What are you talking about?”
“I know you cheated ok?”
“What are you talking about I never cheated”
“Yes then explain that girl in your house.”
“What girl?”
“I don’t know how she is she said you were her girlfriend, Oh and did you see that I left your ring in your car?”
“Yea I saw”
“then I think you would have got the idea that I don’t want to see you”
“I really want to but I can’t”
“I know but I don’t what to get hurt anymore and it’s mostly feels like you’re the one who is doing it”
“I’m sorry?”
“What did you know that?”
“No I didn’t but I’m sorry give me one more chance pleas”
“I don’t know I have to think about”
“You have to trust me “
“I don’t know if I can”
“Jordan STOP IT…I love you but I need to think I’ll call you ok?”
“You better don’t think I’ll forget about this”
“Don’t worry”
I really wish he would though.
“Then I guess this is goodbye for a little bit”
“Yea I guess…”
“Molly? Think about what I told you and remember I love you now and forever”
“Ok bye”
he walked out the door and to be honest it felt like he had just taken my heart with him.

2 weeks later…..

I want to call him but when I pick the phone up and go to dial his number I just can’t. I think I have to let him go. Even though I love him right now I think it’s the best thing for us. I don’t want this to happen but I guess its going to have to hurt. I walked out side I just had to tell him but I couldn’t think so I guess I should walk that always helps me. I guess I’m going to do it. I guess I’m going to have to let him go, I guess it’s going to hurt. And most likely he’s going to try to talk me out of it but I have to trust myself with this one. As more and more tears stream down my face I had realized I was walking into one of the hardest goodbyes for most people. I finally got the courage to call him I did.
“So did you think about it?”
“I don’t think I can tell you this way, can you come over?”
“Ok I’ll be there in a few”
This is going to be harder then I imagined it. He got to my house a few minuets later. When the door bell rang I walked slowly to the door hesitating to open the door but I knew I had. I opened the door and in came Jordan.
“Hey what did you what to tell me?”
“You have to promise me you won’t say anything till I’m done”
“I think we should call off the wedding and take a break because I think it’s the best for us right now.”
By now all down my cheeks are streaming down small rivers of my tears.
“I’m not finished and you promised, I think that we should break up, I know right now you can’t understand but you have to see it in my point of view I really want to be with you… I just I don’t think I’m ready for this”
“Are you done?
“Molly I guess I…. I’m cant lie I don’t agree with you but I’ll wait till your ready call me when you’re ready ok?” he starts towards the door but I can’t let him go I latch on to his hand but he pulls away.
“Jordan wait”
“No Molly not anymore”
He walked out of the door and slammed the door be hide him. I fell to the floor and cried. I can’t believe that I had done this. It’s so hard to see myself with out him but now that he’s gone I miss him I want him here to hold me and help me make sense of what I’m feeling. I want to call him but I guess it’s going to hurt me but I think I wasn’t ready or maybe I was scared or maybe mom did with the story. Now that I think of it she never did like him. That’s maybe why this all happened. Oh my god I just made the worst things I could have done. I have to call him. Beep “this is Jordan I’m not here I’ll call you back”
“It’s me pleas call me back I’m sorry I was just scared because of what my mom told me pleas call me back.” Ugh! Why is his phone off? I want to keep calling him just to hear his voice again. I shouldn’t. I want to leave but when I go to the door I just get the image of him slamming the door and leaving. BEEP! BEEP! I look down at my phone and I see a text. I flip out my phone hoping it was Jordan. And it was! The text said,
“What do you what I thought you wanted a “break?”
“I did. I only said that because my mom scared me into it and I didn’t even know it”
“You did? So what are you going to blame your mother?”
“No it’s just its true I’m really sorry and I want to marry you”
“I don’t know. maybe we should wait because it doesn’t seem like you trust me enough?”
“I trust you a lot… I… I just didn’t realize it until now. ”
“Lets talk about this in person; can you meet me at the pizza place down the street?”
“I love you”
“Wait, pleas just promise my one thing”
“Don’t do that again ok?”
“I promise”
“Ok good, I love you too”

I quickly got ready and rushed to my car and made it to the pizza place where I saw Jordan sitting in the back. I walked towards him and he met me at the front of the table. We kissed for what seemed like it was our first, we started talking about the fight and what made me change my mind what seemed kind of weird to me but I didn’t care. As long as I was with him I knew I was going to ok.

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i go to school in naperville.

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