His Stand

April 30, 2009
By Peter Xiong BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Peter Xiong BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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His Stand

Bang! Bang! Rapid gun shots were fired in the discarded city.

“Fall back!” Corporal ordered, “Fall back!” the enduring soldiers ran back trying to struggle to get away.

“Activate project Chain Ring,” corporal ordered.

“Yes, master,” mad scientist reply obediently. Bang!
“What a fool,” replied a stranger.

That was the Corporal’s last words. The following week the world is engulf with the walking dead. Any remaining humans took shelter. Most of them took refuge into fortresses. One of the most famous fortresses for its defenses is Fort Ida. While lonely Lloyd traveled the world running away searching for tranquility. Lloyd staggers into a wall.

“Jeez, these guys are everywhere,” Lloyd whisper to himself.

“I know,” replied Gairo standing a top of a broken building.

“What, where you come from?” he question the stranger.

“You worried too much,” Gairo suggested.

“Who are you then? Lloyd question again.

“Dumpier,” he replied once more disappearing with the darkening atmosphere. Gairo left a miniature dagger behind. Lloyd hesitated to pick it up. The blade was highly decorated with the symbols AWM. He took a deep breath and look around the corner. They were much closer than before. In the horizon a bloodhound is rushing toward him eyeing its victim. A mighty burst of wind blew by. It wasn’t no wind it was Gairo. The hound laid on the ground lifeless and a sword in Gairo’s right lightly armored hand. His red cloak covered him and Lloyd look at him hard. He noticed his new friend had a scar on his left eye.

“You should be more careful,” Gairo suggested, “Go north from here.” He pointed towards the direction with is left hand which it had claws on. So Lloyd listened. There was a fort on an incredible hill. He rushed towards it. When he got to the mighty gates, he got tested for many things.

“Ok, you can enter,” the guard ordered. When Lloyd entered the fortified stronghold it was a stunning sight. He wanders around and observes a public event. They were on the wall.

“These people are thieves and murderers,” the man announces. People listened eagerly to hear the punishment. Without hesitation they were thrown over the wall. Lloyd peek over the wall and noticed that they had a chamber made for zombies and the thieves were gone into the abyss. Rumors were around that a rebellion will happen.

Several months later. The same events happened again and again. Lloyd got into a secret organization sneaking provisions throughout the fortress. It was difficult getting through the security but when you passed it’s a breeze. The organization was called AWM. Its meaning was lost throughout history.

“Jun, give me the info,” ordered the boss.

“We might have enough power to overthrow they fortress but if we get caught during the process we will become like the others,” Jun replied.

“Tonight we move out,” he ordered,” put everyone in their positions and wait for my order.”

“Yes, sir” he replies, “but we have a problem, it’s about that dumpier.”

“Don’t worry about him,” the boss answers back. That dark night the AWM made their move quiet and swift. Lloyd’s orders were to stay back and take out any hostiles coming from their right flank. He waited there with annoyance.

“Leave here,” the wind whisper, “leave here.”

“I can’t I was told to stay here,” Lloyd replied struggling to say the words.

“Leave here!!” Gairo urged, “It’s not safe here.”

“I just can’t leave here,” Lloyd answer.

“This is your commander you are speaking to,” Gairo answers back.

“Wha, what!” Lloyd said breathless, “So you are the leader the whole time.”

“Yes apparently and your boss is my servant,” Gairo said.

“I see that you plan this out didn’t you?” he questioned.

“You should leave,” Gairo suggested. So he obeyed him. A massive fight was started. This was Gairo feared that this would happen because it would devastate his organization. He made one last decisive move.

“Everyone continued your advance,” Gairo spoke into the walkie talkie. If we fall back, the organization will falter so he won’t lose without a fight. Flashing lights were everywhere and every corner. Surprising that most of the members survived that incident. Something came into Gairo’s mind.

“Mommy!” Garth cried. A soldier pulled him away from his mother. On his uniform it read “Private Bruno”. His mother cannot do anything but watch them take him away.

“I will not forget mother,” Gairo whisper to himself squeezing his hand so hard that his hand starts to lose blood.
“Status report,” General Bruno ordered.
“Rebels moving north from point 5,” replied the soldier. The rebels made it to the main entrance into the headquarters.
“It’s emptied?” rebel questioned. So they move around with caution. Chemicals came through the vents.
“Pathetic,” the General said laughing wearing a gas mask.
“Pathetic?” Gairo answers back.
“So you survive,” General Bruno questioned, “I knew you would come back and take revenge on the Corporal, but it seems like I got to him first. I guess I was too slow to stop him to activate the project, and then you came along. So when is your move?”
“Don’t rush me human,” Gairo replied. General put his hand into his coat. Gairo grips his sword beneath his cloak. Lloyd stands at the sidelines watching the commotion.
“General, the main gates are broken,” soldier notify, “zombies, they are everywhere in the city. Get off me you fiend! Ahhh! ” General pointed the gun towards Gairo.
“I’ve should of done this a long time ago,” General recommended.
“So which is faster a sword or the gun?” Gairo questioned, “I think it’s best if we find out.”
“Agree,” responded the General. Gairo jumps forward still gripping his sword. General took a step back to hold his aim. He pulled the trigger. Boom! Gairo was just out of reach. Gairo started to laughed.
“You finally got me,” Gairo whisper gripping his chest. He began to kneel down. He let go of his chest and went after his sword. He slowly crawls his way but didn’t make it. General turn the gun towards Gairo once more, he fired a couple more shots. Bang! Bang!
“I guess it’s your turn rebel,” General growl. He turns the gun towards Lloyd. The General pulled the steel trigger. Clank! Clank!
“Who’s turn?” Lloyd questioned. Lloyd aims his gun on the General.
“We can work something out,” the General pleaded. Bang! Zombies came into the room. All of them began to stare at him lifeless. They limp their way to him. Lloyd looks behind him. There was a window.
“What the heck,” he laughed. He makes his way towards the window.

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