The Adventure of Mr. Rodger

April 30, 2009
By Tyrell Bullock BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Tyrell Bullock BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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One day it was about 13.5 which is 12:00 pm in the world of your mom in Illindad. A 21 year old man named Mr. Rodger was living with his 44 year old mother and 49 year old father. One morning Mr. Rodger woke up and ate breakfast that his mom made for the family.
At about 1:00 pm Mr. Rodger went up the imaginary stairs to get to his room to listen to his rap radio he got from. On his way up he tripped on a stair fell directly down and landed on a piano and a bed landed on him. His brother came and helped him his name is 2pac. After Mr. Rodger got up and said “Thanks for the help” and 2pac said “You have to play video games or any other game with me and my friend fifty penny” and he reply with a “No way” so 2pac pushed him back down and while that’s going on Miss. Rodgers dad slipped on a rug going up the stairs and hit a 100 weight and that tipped over and landed right next to Mr. Rodgers hand.
While Mr. Rodger was trying to get up he heard a knock on the door and he was mad because it was fifty penny and all he wants to do is play sports outside. fifty penny came up to 2pac and said “lets go play football and then basketball and then 2pac interrupted and said “NO!!!!!”. It was really loud so loud some more things upstairs fell but Mr. Rodgers got out already and so nothing really bad happened. Well Mr. Rodgers actually wanted to play basketball because he wanted to go to the pros and play for a real BBE that stands for Best Basketball Ever. So Mr. Rodger and fifty penny went to the park about three blocks to get to the state Nation Park a park were who ever want to be in the BBE can come and enter the draft. While Mr. Rodger was filling out the papers for the BBE fifty penny was thinking about something but nobody knew what it was so nobody expected him to do what he did.
After Mr. Rodger filled the papers out he had to use the bathroom so he told fifty penny to take the papers and put them in the box. Fifty penny was super mad so mad that his head was as purple as a grape and then it turned another color like a green watermelon color. It was because he was too young to enter the BBE so he decided to put the papers and hide and don’t put the papers in the box before the next day. Mr. Rodgers came back and new something like this was going to happen but he didn’t know so he asked the person “could you look and see if my papers are in there” and she responded with a sure why not.
The papers were not in there so Mr. Rodger took off sprinting down the street slipped on a banana peal fell down on a rock and broke his butt bone. He got back up limped a little bit and started sprinting he got to his house and found out that fifty penny ran away. He sprinted again he knew exactly were he was. He went to a place called Brad’s World were kid’s say it is the best place in the world because you can have fun all day long. So Mr. Rodger ran faster then never before he climbed 35 mountains and still was not out of breath until the last one he had found him climbing the five foot mountain he ran but slipped and fell on his face.
He tried again but got a nose bleed because he slipped fell on a and broke his nose and nothing could stop the bleeding until he found some clothe and stuck it up his know to stop the bleeding for a while. Mr. Rodger tried again climbing the mountain and got it and on the other side was Brad’s World and from a far distance it looked like fun Mr. Rodger thought. Mr. Rodgers remembered something that happened about 80 years ago. He went on the most dangers ride of all time it was called The Mikey. Mr. Rodger thought that he would go and make this be easy but now he’s not sure about this. There were about over 10,000,000,000 people there but Mr. Rodger knew were he went. He went to the place just like the BBE it was called Eric’s a wannabe.
That is when all and every one can come and sign up and play basketball but the BBE is still better than it Mr. Rodger thought. Miss. Rodger ran and jumped over two cars in slow motion. He started to get worried that 50 penny ended up not being there until a young girl came up and said is you looking for this and sure it was the papers of the BBE are back in Mr. Rodgers hands. When Mr. Rodgers was leaving a huge rage of darkness was showing up in the sunny place. It was fifty penny he was mad that nobody knew what was good at basketball so really nobody could really stop fifty penny until SuperBrad came and grabbed him. He hit 50 penny so you heard him scream from were they were to his house that they live in. SuperBrad picked up fifty penny threw him so far he landed at the front door step of his house.
Mr. Rodgers thanked the woman who gave him the papers for the BBE. He asked her were did she get that from and she said she found it on the ground and I know everyone in town except for you. Mr. Rodgers left and went back to the national park in the world of your mom. Mr. Rodgers turned the papers in and went back home. When Mr. Rodgers got back home he went up the imaginary stairs and slipped again. Mr. Rodgers smacked his head on wood that was sticking out and landed on a pole that came through the ground Mr. Rodgers yelled so loud the people in Brad’s World even heard it and that’s a long way.

That is the Adventure Of Mr. Rodgers.

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