The Man Behind the Nightmare

May 4, 2009
By Mr.Omega BRONZE, Champaign, Illinois
Mr.Omega BRONZE, Champaign, Illinois
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In the year 1968, a man named David was living in Massachusetts. David was 26 years old and had a really bad childhood. As a child, David was a social outcast because his parents were divorced, and he was also poorer than everyone else. David’s father was killed in a bar fight three years after the divorce, leaving his mother in charge. David’s mother was the kind and caring kind of person, she never drank, and always tried to be home by at a reasonable hour. Because David’s mother could not always be home, he learned how to take care of himself at an early age. When David was eighteen, he moved out of his mother’s home and into an apartment in the city. Because David grew up taking care of himself, David thought that he could take care of himself and his own place, but as it turns out, David was wrong, and got kicked out of the apartment three months after he moved in.
David spent the next three months homeless and wandering around do odd jobs that no one would do. He eventually found an abandoned home in the country, and, after picking the lock, “moved in”. David had a pretty good life after that, granted he had no electricity or running water, but it sure beat living underneath a bridge.
While David was out looking for working, the local occult bought the house to use for their black masses. When David got back to his house, he was thrown into the basement, but after two days, was officially a member of their group.
David quickly passed through the ranks of the group, eventually becoming second-in-command. One night while the leader was out, David decided to hold a power mass, or a mass asking their evil gods to give them strength. The mass was going pretty good until a violent wind summoned itself in the middle of them, knocking all of the candles onto the floor, and catching the house on fire. David was trying to control the group as the house slowly burnt down around them.
Before the fire got too dangerous, all of the members escaped the house, except for David. David found himself alone trying to control what he started, when a loud voice filled the room,
“Why have you summoned me?” asked the voice
“We didn’t summon you!” replied David
“You lie! It is unwise to lie to me, David Drescott!” The voice said, sounding very angry
“How do you know my name?” asked a now frightened David
“I know more about you than you know.” The voice replied.
This last comment no longer made David frightened, instead David was terrified.
“What are you? Are you a god?” asked David
“Ha ha, that is the funniest thing I heard in a century, no, I’m no god, I am a demon!” replied the voice
“I see you’re willing to stand up to me, and I respect that” said the demon, “Tell you what, this house is falling down around you, and you will die without help, so I will give you immortality, if you work for me being my earthly power of my demonic punishment.”
“Why me?” asked David
“Why you? Why not you? You are a man who will stand up to fear, and I like that in a human” replied the demon
“Fine, I’ll do it” said David
“Great!” said the demon.
The voice then became quite and the house fell around David. When the firefighters got to the house, the house was already burnt down, and David immerged completely unharmed.
The next night, the demon returned to David,
“David, wake up! I have a job for you” said the demon
David slowly awoke,
“Are you always going to ask me to do your jobs during the middle of the night? Fine, what is the job?” replied David
“To answer your first question, yes I am, and the second question you have to find and kill a man named Peter Vanburg. He lives around here, so it should be easy. I’ve provided a knife for you to use, you can find it in the planter across the street” said the demon
After David acknowledged the hell spawn, he got dressed, and went outside, crossed the street and found a steel combat knife, and then David went to a phone booth and searched for Vanburg in the phonebook.
After finding Vanburg, David went to his apartment, picked the lock, and saw that Vanburg was a husband and father. After a small shock, David snuck into the kid’s room and killed them, and then he went into Peter’s room and killed them. To erase the evidence that he was there, he set the place on fire and left as quietly as he came. When he got back to his home, the demon came to him and told him what a great job he did, he also said that a few more years of work like that, and David would be free.
Little did David know how long “a few more years” would be.

The author's comments:
Please note that this is a prequel to A Bad Dream, and if you have not read A Bad Dream and Another Bad Dream, please do so

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