Beach Vacationers and Their Fashions

April 28, 2009
By Emily Culotta BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
Emily Culotta BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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The beach is known world wide as a fun-filled summer vacation spot. Now days, however, the beach has become a place where many different types of “characters” can be viewed. Many strange looking or exciting people can be seen at the beach. From the young, model-like couple to the forty-five year old overweight woman, beach vacationers vary greatly in their “beach fashions.” And it is these beach fashions that, when seen, can either make or break your vacation.

You never spend a day at the beach without seeing this image: the girl and guy hand in hand, walking down the sandy shore of the beach. Yet, the girl and guy that you see are not just ANY girl and guy. What you see is the beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed girl with a perfectly flat stomach and gorgeous long legs alongside the tall, “hott” guy with really nice hair and a rock hard abdomen. And you know they are not really trying to put on a show, but deep down, this couple knows they look good, and they are not afraid to show it. You watch them as they walk with great poise and posture; they are laughing and smiling at each other (you now recognize that they both have perfect teeth and great smiles). Although “the perfect pair” is a beautiful site to see on the beach, their status almost makes you sick because of how perfect they look. But, at the same time, you are dying to one day look exactly like her or him and to be able to walk down the beach with your own perfect match.

“Have fun at the beach, son! Be careful, and don’t forget to reapply every twenty minutes!” As if the poor kid needs any more sunscreen. At the beach, you can easily spot the group of little boys who are ready to go to the beach and just play all day long. But what you can spot even more easily is the little boy who is quite differently dressed than all the others. Forced by his mother, he is wearing a big white T-shirt, long bathing suit shorts, a baseball cap, goofy sunglasses, and, of course, he is caked with sun screen literally from head to toe. He looks like a freak! He might as well be wearing a sweat suit with snow boots. God forbid the kid’s pale skin gets a little sun burnt if he goes to THE BEACH. If his mother cares so much, she should have chosen a different place to go on vacation. The “fair skinned freak” is the beach vacationer that will truly make you feel extremely bad for him.

These vacationers are obviously confused about where they are going to spend their day because they spend the same amount of time to get ready for the beach as they do to get ready for a formal prom. They apply full make up. Their hair is perfectly in place and beautifully styled. Theirs outfits (swim suit, cover up dress, flip flops) match, and they probably went through fifteen different combinations of attire until they found that “perfect look.” Oh, and don’t forget their obnoxiously expensive designer sunglasses that are hiding every glob of eye make up that they spent two hours putting on. Seriously, by the time these girls actually get out to the beach, the sun has already started to set. As you see them find their spot to sit and “lay out,” you know they think every one is looking at them, when really, NO ONE CARES. Then, you watch one girl whisper to another, “Please take your cover up off with me; I don’t want to be the only one in my swim suit!” And as they see a cute guy walk by, they look at one another and giggle…at absolutely nothing. Although “the group of glamorous teenage girls” looks silly to mostly everyone else on the beach, they are a type of beach vacationers who can truly serve as personal entertainment.

One more type of vacationer that you never go without seeing at the beach is the forty-five year old woman who is fairly overweight and clearly has a broken mirror back at home. She comes out to the beach, showing off her “stuff” in a bikini that appears as if it may have fit her when she was four. Umm…EWW, GROSS! You see this site and think to yourself, “Really, lady, it is about time you bought a new swim suit, preferably one that is all in one piece, please.” The worst is when she decides to lay down and get a tan; then she falls asleep, and she looks like a beached whale. It is so disturbing that it is sad. But, who knows? Maybe the beach gives her confidence. Maybe she does not realize that what she is wearing makes everyone else on the beach feel extremely uncomfortable. And maybe, this problem needs to be fixed soon! Quite contrary to “the perfect pair,” the image of “the old and overweight woman” is so disgusting that it does make you actually sick; and at the same time, you are praying that you never look like her when you go to the beach.

Although the beach has become a place where various people and their fashions really shine, the beach will never fail to be a place for a wonderful summer vacation. Whether you see the perfect pairs, the fair skinned freaks, the glamorous girls, or the overweight women, your vacation at the beach will still guarantee fun-filled times. Yes, these types of beach vacationers can make or break your relaxing vacation, but no matter what the vacationer is dressed in, they are all at the beach for the same reason: to have a great time and to soak up the sun.

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