Interview with the Taco Bell Dog

April 16, 2009
By Terd_Ferguson BRONZE, Pwell, Michigan
Terd_Ferguson BRONZE, Pwell, Michigan
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I was so nervous. This was my first day on the local paper staff, and I was getting ready to do my first interview. I approached the house and knocked on the door.
“Who is it?” A Mexican accent shouted from the inside of the house.
“It’s me, Rick, from the local paper. Remember, you said I could interview you today?” I responded.
“Yea come on in man, but let’s make this quick, I gotta go number two,” he stated. I could tell from the smell that he wasn’t lying.
“So, let’s get started right away with the first question. You’ve been away from the camera for quite some time; do you ever miss the spotlight?”
“Definitely homes. I went from being an a-list celeb, to a no good has-been, seemingly overnight. That would be tough on anybody. “
“Yea, I hear you. Well what’s stopping you from filming another commercial?”
“You don’t think I’ve tried man? I auditioned for Sobe and Geico, but they both settled for stupid Lizards instead. Now’s just not a good time for a dog, you know what I mean.

“Now’s not a good time for anybody,” I stated. “Are you being affected by the economic drought?”
“No no no. With all the money I made off Taco Bell, I could live another thousand years and never have to work again. “
“ I see,” I responded. “Well on to the next question.”
“Hey Ese,” The dog interrupted. “We gotta pick up da pace. A dogs bladder is only so big, ya know what I mean?”
“Yes sir, final question. With all the Taco bell you’ve eaten over the years, do you still enjoy it?
“Yo, me always quiero taco bell man, you crazy if you don’t.”
“Well thank you for your time, and hopefully I’ll see you on tv again soon.”
“Yea no problem-o man. Hasta la vista.”
“Good job Ricky,” I said to myself on the way out the door. Hopefully your boss will be proud.

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