Wake-Up Call

April 15, 2009
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The drone of Jonas's alarm clock woke him from his formerly pleasant sleep. He groggily awoke,
went through his morning routine and finally, decided to throw back his curtains and greet the Sun.
unfortunately, it was overcast that day. Nonetheless, he threw on his jacket and headed out of his
apartment. He Figured that his job could wait until he'd gotten his morning coffee down the street. He walked
down, the sound of the pods humming overhead. He walked into the shop, and saw all the familiar scenery. The two televisions, both on the news. Cara, the morning shift coffee girl. He liked Cara. He sat down at one of the tables and turned towards the T.V.
"Hello, and welcome to Adyton City news. I'm Chet Wilburn, with the news at 7:00. Violence has once
again struck with a spree of terrorist activity in the Southern Wall District which has resulted in the wounding of dozens of civilians and police, as well as the deaths of 6 police officers. In other news, the mining operations in the Expansion Province have proved to be largely successful, with city income boosting..."
Jonas soon lost interest in the broadcast as his coffee was ready. He walked to the counter, shyly snatched the cup from Cara and walked back to his table. As he began to sip the coffee, he heard sounds. Distant at first, and coming closer. A gradual Tchu tchu tchu. He realized what it was, panicked and flew to the ground, knocking his table over, just as the glass storefront exploded.
A hail of gunfire flew through the glass, Jonas closed his eyes and covered his ears, his heart beating somehow louder than the bullets flying above him. Several times during the years of hiding he felt several warm flecks of... coffee hitting his face, his hands, his ankles. He hoped it was coffee. The storm of bullets eventually died down,and after he let his panic and adrenaline recede, he rose, sweat-drenched, the smell of gun smoke and coffee in the air. He looked around, and saw overturned coffee tables, dark red staining the ground. He didn't see Cara, but he didn't care. Nothing mattered to him but that he was breathing and that he could feel himself in one in one piece. He looked out the hole that was the window and saw men in combat gear, armor and guns, some with obscuring masks, all of them looking threatening in their uniforms of black and dark blue. He watched them, as they strode through the haze of drywall and gun smoke, confident that they had accomplished... whatever they'd wanted to. He then realized that he was the only one standing in the shop. One of the officers broke off from the main group, and started towards Jonas. He was wearing full combat gear and was concealed by a grey gasmask, with two black lenses and a filter where his mouth should be.
"Sir, I'm going to have to ask for your license," his voice was muffled and inhuman.
Jonas quickly produced the card from his wallet and handed it to the masked leader. The man held the card, removed a small scanner from a belt pouch, held it to the card, and after several seconds and a quick look over the scanner's screen, handed the plastic back to Jonas.
"Everything checks out. I suggest you leave the premises now, Mr.Gravill "
He did what he was told.

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miranda :D said...
May 10, 2009 at 3:50 am
omg zach i told you about this site and now yer finally published on it :D
congrats, love youuu!
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