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April 27, 2009
By Fix_A_Heart BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
Fix_A_Heart BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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Maria is in 8th grade and very smart but at her school being smart isnt what you would call “cool”. Maria knows this and won’t do anything about it. She just tries to get through the at school. While she is constanly being bulied and teased. She thinks that with time this will pass. But while this is happening she usually takes the blame for most of all the things she gets picked on for.
“Im so sorry” said Maria
“Watch it nerd” said Johnny a classmate
“I said I was sorry”
“Whatever” said Johnny
As Johnny walked away Maria wondered why people don’t ever say excuse me or I’m sorry. She also thought to herself why she usually blames herself for these things that happed.
“Off to cooking” Maria said to people who ignored her.
Again Maria wondered why people ignore her. Why can’t people just say yea or yep. Instead of just walking by and saying nothing. Maria knows the answer to these questions. But she wont except them.
Maria is shy but she can be bold. She buries her emotions in school, books , and project anything she can get her hands on. She does this be cause she has never found anyone like her. That is untill she runs into Emily . Emily is the new girl she is just like the Maria in almost every way. Emily is smart.
“opps.” Said Maria
“No It’s okay. It was my fault.”Said Emily
“What” asked Maria
“I said it was my fault.”
“oh okay” said Maria and started to walk away
“Hey wait” said Emily
“Yes’ Said Maria
“Can you show me were my next class is?”
“Sure what is it” asked Maria
“Cooking “
“That’s my next class to.”said maria
“Great in cooking you can tell me why people here ignore me.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Seriously.That is why people ignore me.”said Emily
“Yes” said Maria
“ How do you deal with that?”asked Emily?”
“That easy. I did to them what they did to me.Ignore.”Said Maria
“Oh okay well I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Over the next couple of weeks Maria and Emily became friends.But also over each week emily dropped her classes for easier ones, dressed different and even started to hang out with the cool kids instead of Maria. Maria knew it Emily had became a cool kid.
“Excuse me.Oh” Said Emily
“What are you ashamed to talk me.”Asked Maria
“Maria I’m sorry I just left you like that.”
“It’s okay.” Said Maria
“Really?”Said Emily
Maria didn’t know what to say.
“No,” Maria said and walked away
Time passed and Maria and Emily stopped talkng to each other at all. Maria went back to ignoring kids again(who Emily was now one of them) again.
Weeks and Weeks passed and Maria started to think of ways for things to get better.Then one day she woke up and she knew what she would do. She was so happy she found a solution. Maria came to the conclusion that she would do exactly what Emily did. She would drop all her classes and dress different and hang out with the cool kids.The next day Maria walked into school and felt very confident.
“Whos that” people would say
“That’s Maria all new and made over.”replied Emily
After 3 weeks Maria became the most popular girl at school. It wasn’t to long before she started to pick on the some of the new smart kids that could have been her friends if she did not change. Maria also started to skip class and ditch school. But it was one day that she skipped class that she realized what she had become.
“Aren’t you coming?” Asked Emily
“No. Don’t feel like it. “Said Maria
While everyone was in class Maria was out roaming the school. When Maria passed the bathroom she heard someone crying and entered the bathroom. She found a girl crying on the bathroom floor.
“What’s wrong with” Maria said
“Huh…. Oh…..nothing...”Said the girl sobbing
“There has to be a reason you’re crying.”
“It’s….stupid “said the girl
“What were you bullied?”Asked Maria
“Stop crying it probably wasn’t that bad.”
“Yea you would say that”
“What does that mean?”
“I know who you are. You’ve bullied me before. I have just one question. Why do you do this? You don’t know what it feels like.” Said the girl
“To tell you the truth I do know what it feels like. Before I was popular I was just like you. Smart and bullied every day.” Said Maria
“Then why do you do this?” asked the girl
Maria told the girl she didn’t really know why she bullied kids she told her she thought she did it to fit in.
It was after meeting this girl that Maria saw what she had turned into. Slowly Maria went back to her old self. But with some differences she had a best friend Sarah and a new motto It’s always better to be yourself.

The author's comments:
This story is very personal to me. Although this never really happened I know exactly how the main character felt. I just really hope you like it and maybe some people can relate to it.

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on May. 6 2009 at 10:11 pm
RockyRaccoon:) BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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OMG!! Yesenia! I didn't know you got published! :)

Krysta said...
on May. 5 2009 at 6:28 pm
Yesi!! I loved it you are awesome!!<3

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