Celebrity Take-Over

April 27, 2009
By Kelly Weitzel BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
Kelly Weitzel BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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Today we live in a world where every move a celebrity makes is carefully watched. Everyone on the planet is constantly exposed to the newest love connections of the celebrities, as well as when the stars have their children. Why should we as middle class citizens care? If this madness continues what could happen next? I believe that if we keep on this same path, our future will be consumed by pointless stories. The following prediction is what I believe a future news story might sound like if this celebrity worshiping continues. This story is sadly not hard to believe of what our future brings, so if you are of the faint of heart when it comes to predictions of scary, realistic futures, I would not finish reading this paper.

“Hello and good morning America. My name is Angela Smith and you are watching the Today Show on Fox News. Today is an extremely important day because we all get to join in on the celebration of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s fifteenth adopted child. The Jolie-Pitt family was delighted to finally adopt a child from Antarctica, which is the only previous continent that the family has not adopted from before. Fox News and the rest of America wish the family the best of luck with their newest edition. Next Dave Matthews will join us with the latest on politics. Take it away Dave.” “Thanks Angela. Today in Washington the President met with Bono and U2 to discuss our foreign trade affairs with Scotland. U2 has given the go ahead to the President to continue shipping goods to Scotland, even though U2 and Bono are from Ireland, and tensions between the Irish and the Scottish have not always been great. After careful consideration, the band decided that it would be alright to continue trade.”
–“We have a breaking story! Hello I am Veronica Mcphee and I am here at the Lopez-Anthony household where it seems to look like Miss J-Lo is kicking Mark Anthony out. This is horrible news for all the Latino music lovers out there. I am deeply saddened to report that this is the end of one of the most influential couples of all time. They have spread joy and happiness to everyone and have helped our country more than the Lincolns and the Kennedys combined. It is a sad day in Los Angeles but it looks like there might be a change in the horizon.”
– “I have just been informed that Britney Spears has just given birth to her fifth child. Her name is Jamie Lynn III, and she is a gorgeous child. Jamie III is named after her aunt Jamie Lynn, who is expecting her twelfth child next month. Since Britney has been such an inspiration to all Americans that the President has decided to make this day a national holiday. Britney is so proud of her new baby, and she was quoted saying ‘This is my most favoritest baby yet!’ Well that’s wonderful Ms. Spears and we hope little Jamie Lynn III will grow into as much as an inspiration as you are to all of us.”
This news story is a representation of what could be if the American and global celebrity obsession continues on the path it’s on right now. So please, please don’t feed the fire by buying scandalous star magazines, or by watching the celebrity gossip shows. Watching and buying these ease people into thinking they should care about this nonsense. We shouldn’t want our children to grow up with the messages the stars are sending out, because the celebrities seem to gravitate around all the negatives that are present in our society. Think about the things that really matter in life such as friends and family. If we can overcome this, the educated and moral people in our social order could possibly overcome the glorification of the celebrities, and become the new heroes.

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