April 26, 2009
By Castle_Rock BRONZE, Mt. Vernon, Illinois
Castle_Rock BRONZE, Mt. Vernon, Illinois
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"When there is no more room in hell. The dead will walk the earth." (Dawn of the Dead)

Chapter One

The Arctic wind howled outside the arctic research facility. Hanna Lopez huddled under a table in the facilities's mess hall. The floor around her was stained with blood, her friends blood, They were all dead, except for Leo Nebraska, but he wasn't a friend anymore, he was one of those things. The area around her was cold, the heater had been off for a few days and to keep herself warm, Hannah wore a parka and a scarf, but still she couldn't help but shiver.

The mess hall was made up like most rooms, crappy green carpet and white, insulated, walls, but there was were more tables and chairs. The only door that provided access to the mess hall was locked and barred by a chair that Hannah had put there before cowering under a table on the other side of the room. The smell of rot and decay stung at her nose and she had to hold back a sneeze. Everything was quiet, for awhile she thought maybe they had left but then the door knob started clicking as something from the other side tried opening it.

The rattling continued for several minutes then stopped, Hannah could hear boot steps walking away from the door, then fading off in the distance. Hannah realized she was holding her breath and slowly let it out. Soon she heard more boot steps, that stopped at the door. Two strange snake-like tentacles crept under the door and moved the chair out of the way.

Hannah only watched in horror as the tentacles squeezed themselves into the doors key hole. It only took a few seconds then the door was unlocked. Hannah couldn't think, couldn't breath, all she could do was watch in horror as the door slowly opened. Standing in the door way was a figure, his face hidden by his parka. He stood in the door way for a few second then started walking towards the table that Hannah huddled under.

Hannah knew this was the end and began to scream, Hannah was tired of running so she laid there watching the figure approaching her. She continued to scream but soon stopped when she realized it wouldn't help. The figure now loomed over her. with one swift motion it reached down and grabbed Hannah by the neck, lifting her high into the air. One of the tentacles snaked out of the parka's sleeve and wrapped itself arond her neck, strangling her, the monster's grip tightened as more tentacles shoved it's way out of the sleeve, they seemed to come out of the figures arm. Hannah tried to scream but when she opened her mouth a tentacle snaked it's way out of the sleeve and into her open mouth, shoving it's way down her throat.

Hannah stayed awake for several seconds before passing out. When she woke up, she was laying on the mess hall floor, the thing was gone and her throat was sore. She got up and then she started to remeber, huddling under the table, the tentacles unlocking the door, and the thing slipping a tentacle down her throat. Realizing all this she began to cry. She knew she was infected, she could already feel something strange like she was mutating from the inside out.

Still crying she walked over to a nearby table, she knew she was infected but didn't know what to do about it, soon she will be like those things, wandering around looking for things to infect and to eat. As she sat down on the chair at the desk a metallic glint caught her eye. She reached for it and found, it was a meat cleaver. She gave an awkward smile, she knew what had to be done, she wasn't going to become one of those things after all. She took off her parka and scarf, not minding the cold anymore, underneath she wore a sweater, with her ID tag pinned on her left breast. She rolled up the sleeves and, picking the left arm first, began to cut.

Chapter Two

Sam Marshal stood at the door to his bedroom staring at his wife, who was sound asleep in there king sized bed. He wondered if she wanted to have alil fun but the ringing of the kitchen phone crushed those ideas. Monica, his wife stirred abit but didn't wake up. Sam walked towards the kitchen phone as it went on it's fourth ring. He picked up the phone and spoke into it.

"Hello?' There was silence on the other end of the line, then finally a women's voice spoke up

"Samuel Marshal?"


"I'm sorry to bother you so early in the morning but I with the Department of Search and Rescue and we had lost contact with some people from an arctic research base and need someone to check it out."

"And I'm guessing my name came up in the list?"

"Yes, there was fifteen people working at the Delta research facility and so far we can't reach anyone." Sam looked outside the kitchen window to his front yard, outside the sun was just about to rise and the birds were just starting to wake up and fill the air with there song.

Sam sighed to himself "Alright what do you want me to do?"
"Nothing in particular, we just want someone to go there collect some data and get things under control." Sam thought about this for a few seconds "Alright, do you have a team set up?"

"Yes we got three other professionals, ready and willing to help" The female voice seemed to pick up in tone, now that Sam agreed to do it "Okay, all we need is a list of things you wish to take along, your plane leaves tommorrow." The woman hung up and Sam put down the phone and went to bed.

The next morning, Sam drove to a nearby Army base, in a standard issue Army Jeep, given to him by a friend As he drove he remembered the day he signed up for the army.

Sam had been working as an Office Tech, when he first thought about joining the military. His friends were the ones that suggested and after much thought he decided to sign up for it. Sam could still recall the moment and the sense of joy he felt when he shook the recruiting officers hand.

He first was doing grunt work, then moved up in the ranks and now is signed on the Military's Search and Rescue squad. Sam was curious. so he read on the mission briefing that was sent by a messenger. Apparently when they lose contact with the base, it's either because of a connection lost or maybe something more dangerous. That is why they chose the Search and Rescue team.

Same entered the base, after an hour or so later he was on a 'chopper heading towards a boat, then another 'chopper heading towards the arctic base.

Chapter three

On the 'chopper were the other team mates. Mark England, a broad shouldered Englishman with a scar on his upper corner of his right eye, Jack Forester, an American rookie with a strange Chinese tattoo on his lower, left, arm and Nick Duncan, another American, he was young, seemed to be picked up right after high school.

Nick seemed nervous, he kept checking and rechecking his weapon, a fully automatic submachine gun. They were all dressed in camo and all wore the same stern look.

The 'chopper ride was long and quiet, Nick seemed to have relaxed abit and sat on the chair with his head laid back, Mark was hunched over, holding a picture that he took out of his jacket pocket. Jack, following Nick's lead, was sitting down on his chair, head back. Sam sat, starring at the wall, thinking about the research facility. From what he read there was fifteen people, plus a couple of sled dogs, stationed at the facility. There task was to examine the earth's magnetic field and report any strange occurrences that may, or may not, be related to the magnetic field.

The helicopter bobbed up and down as it hit a small bit of turbulence then steadied itself out. Halfway to the boat Sam looked over the team's profile to past the time. The rookie was a field medic, Nick was a mechanic, and a damn good one too. Mark was a soldier, they all seemed to be a great group with high marks on all profiles. They reached the boat, a large, grey, Ice Breaker, and, after unloading there stuff, we went into the ships mess hall. The time was 6:00 p.m. and they all were ready to eat.

The meal wasn't bad and it allowed Sam to know the team better. Mark was a worker at his dad's garage, were he learned all about cars and other vehicles. The rookie was freash from college were he studied medicine and science. Nick was born and raised in an army family, his father, grandfather, and great grandfather all picked up a rifle and swore an oath of service. Sam told them about himself but, as he later admitted, wasn't as neat or as cool as there lives were but they listened with interest.

After dinner they went to their seperate cabins. Sam had a standered bed with one table, a chair, and a lamp in the far-right corner of the small room. Sam didn't sleep very well but what he got was dreamless and short, the constant rocking of the boat and the broken heater, that kept turning on an off without control kept him up till, at least, 3:00 a.m. Althought it seemed impossible, soon Sam slipped into a sound sleep

Chapter Four

The next morning, Sam awoke, took a shower, and went into the ship's mess hall. The rest of the team was already there, suited up and ready to go. Nick was pacing around the room while Mark watched him, moving his eye's from left to right, there was a kind of humor to it, like watching a cat play with a mouse. The rookie looked over at Sam and stood up.

"Sir." He said, in a official voice.

"At ease." Sam commanded, smiling. The rookie relaxed and went back to his chair. As fair as ranking goes, Sam was the commanding officer, which puts him in charge. An old man, who walked with the help of a cane, Stepped out of a door on the side of the room. From the look of his uniform, he seemed to of been the captain.

"Alright, now, everyone listen up. Your helicopter leaves in an hour, so please get ready." After that the old man, walked back the way he came. Sam wondered if he even knew what they were doing on his ship, but quickly dismissed it.

They left on the same 'chopper they came in on, Sam couldn't tell what kind but the company logo said "The Arctic Traveler". The 'chopper's blades began to whirl, as they stepped in. Sam was the last to get on the 'chopper, when the pilot began to ascend. When they got high enough the pilot, Sam thought his name was James Louis, steadied out the 'chopper.

A storm was suppose to hit in the area were the arctic research facility is, so Sam and the team, dressed in heavy winter gear, parka, snow goggles, a large set of flares, that hung, clipped, around there waist. Each member fo the team carried a Submachine gun, a 9mm pistols, combat knives, and a large amount of ammunition. The drop off would take an hour, give or take, so Sam decided to get some more rest. He laid his head on the leather padding, glued to the wall, and went to sleep.

Sam was awakened by the rookie shaking him.

"Sir. It's time to leave the helicopter." The wind outside was howling over the rumble of the 'copper's blades and, from what Sam could see from the front windshield, visibility was poor. Sam got up, shaking the drowsiness out of him, and Mark opened the 'chopper's side door. The cold wind rushed in as soon as the door was opened and seemed to hit them like a sledge hammer. Mark jumped out the helicopter, followed by the rookie, Nick, then Sam.

At first Sam couldn't see, he almost forgot to pull down his snow goggles, but when he did, he could finally see the facility against the blizzard. He saw a large building surrounded by smaller building at each corner. The power seemed to be off, as no lights were on. As Same got closer to the bigger building, he noticed a sign. The sign read Delta Research Center and under it were several other signs, Freezer Chamber, Mess Hall, Generator Room, and Research Lab. The other buildings, Four in all, must of be where the Staff members slept. The door was opened so the rookie closed it when they got inside. The wind was blowing pretty bad and Sam didn't hear the helicopter take off.

Chapter Five

"Alright!"- Sam said -"Now we got a several objectives to do. One Nick, get the power back on, two Mark , I want you to search the Research Lab, see if you can find the research team. I'll take Jack and also check down the rooms for the research team." After the entrance, there was a lobby, then there were Three hallways in the back of the room, one on the far left, one in the center, and one on the far right. Each had a large sign, hanging on top of the entrance to the hallways. Nick went down he far right one, the sign above it read Generator room, Mark went down center one, the sign above it read Freeze Chamber/Research Lab, while Sam and Jack went down the far left hallway, the sign read Offices/Mess Hall/Kitchen/Rec Room.

The Hall way that Sam and Jack took, made a right turn, then a left and then it opened up into a long hallway, with doors on each side. Several Sign were posted on each wall. Sam entered the room marked Kitchen and looked around. It was to dark to see, so Sam lit up a flare and threw it down on the ground. The flare cast a red glow on the surrounding area. A few kitchen utensils were scattered on a kitchen counter and a few laid on the floor.

A red substance was frozen on the far wall, but there were no bodies, so Sam didn't suspect it was blood. A table and two chairs were in the middle of the room but there wasn't anything else. Sam and Jack moved into the next room, across the hall. The sign on it read Rec Room. This room was like the last, a red substance on some of the walls, but there were more chairs in here and a pool table was set in the middle of the room, a few billiard balls laid on the table, a few others laid on the floor. On the right were a few Arcade games and a pinball machine and on the left, were several dart boards.

Sam and Jack checked the rest of the rooms, marked office, they were like the rest, some had the red substance, that Jack had identified as blood, other's didn't. Finally they came to the last room, the label that was suppose to be on the wall was laying on the floor, it read Mess Hall. Like many of the rooms before it, the door was ajar.

As they entered the room Jack ignited a flare and tossed it on the floor, it clanked on the carpet floor and rolled near the center of the room. The radio, that was connected on a strap on Sam's shoulder, crackled to life.

"Sir, I found the generator, it's been disabled but it's nothing I can't handle." There was some noise as Nick fumbled with the generator, finally a loud whirling noise overpowered the rest of the background noise.

Soon the light's started to flicker on. Then the room was completely lit, allowing Sam to see the whole room, Some of the tables were on there sides and chairs, were thrown about. In the left corner of the room Sam saw a figure, laying back in a chair. It was a female, wearing a red sweater and snow pants, her sleeves were pulled up and her head stared up at the ceiling. As Sam and Jack got closer , Sam noticed something, thin, red. icicles going from each arm, three on each side, like a strange Christmas decoration. When Sam and the rookie got to the table the body sat at, Sam notice a bloody knife, frozen to the floor, Jack got there first but then recoiled at the sight, while Sam went up to see what he had seen.

Chapter Six

The front of the body revealed the cause of death, three, deep, cuts where on each arm, the blood had ran out of the cuts and frozen into icicles. Her throat was cut, but not it wasn't really deep, must be hard to cut your throat with three cuts on your arms, thought Sam.

Frost had covered her face and had given her brown eyes a bluish tint to it. On her shirt, she wore a bloody name tag, that read Hannah Lopez, Chief Research Assistant. Upon further inspection of the table, Jack found a pen and a pad of paper. Scribbled on it, in spidery hand writing was the words Burn them all, Jack looked at the words curiously.

"What you suppose they are?" He asked Sam, Sam only shrugged his shoulders. He raised his snow goggles up and had them rest on his forehead.

When Sam and the rookie reached the lobby, Mark and Nick were already there.

"Report." Said Sam.

"The generator is back in action and should keep up for a few days." Said Nick as he set a chair upright and sat in it.

"The research lab is completely empty and the freezer's door is frozen shut." Mark said sitting on a brown couch, that's seen better days.

"We've found a body, name tags read's Hannah Lopez, she committed suicide." Sam talked abit more, with his submachine gun slung behind his back, while the team listened carefully.

When Sam had finished he joined Mark on the couch, laying his gun on his legs. One thought was circling around and around in his head what had happened to the research team? Sam had continued to think.

"There's no bodies"- Sam said softly to himself -"but there is enough blood to indicate that something bad happened here." Sam continued to ponder what happened, when aloud noise came down the corridor marked Research and Freeze Chamber.

Instantly Sam and the rest of the team, reached for there submachine guns, raising them shoulder lenght and aiming down the corridor. A man shambled his way down the corridor, he seemed to be stiff, like he was frozen, in his left hand he held a bone saw. His face was bloodied as if he had been in a large fight. He wore a lap coat and jeans. The Freeze Chamber. Sam thought, it was the only place they hadn't looked.

"Hold it right there!" The rookie commanded to the man, but he continued his slow shamble down the corridor.

"Stop or we'll shoot!" Commanded Mark, but he kept walking. Mark fired a warning shot, hitting the ground just an inch away from the man's feet. This did make the man stop, he stared at the spot were the bullet had struck and then raised his head. He had wrinkles al over his face, but he seemed to be no more then twenty eight, his hair was completely black and his mouth was open, revealing teeth that have rotted away. He had blue eyes but they also seemed glazed over.

Chapter Seven

"There's something here"- as the man spoke, his voice was rasp -"it came in the snow, but we had to dig up the cave, we unleashed this evil and now we must be punished for our sins." The man raised the bone saw, high, above his head. Sam thought he was going to charge them, so he steadied his aim on the man's head, but then he brought the bone saw to his throat and with a quick slash, sliced open his throat.

"Jack! Quick, see if you can stop the bleeding." Commanded Sam, but Jack was already half-way there before Sam could finish. Jack quickly knelt down next to the man, who laid on the floor, staring up into space, and started pulling out his medical kit from his fanny pack with a red cross printed on it. He pulled out some cloth and pressed on his neck. Sam and the other's rushed over to Jack. As Sam knelt down next to Jack he noticed a ID tag on the mans lab coat. It read Rodney Stewart.

Rodney continued to stare up at the ceiling as Jack worked on him, but the way he stared at the ceiling and the way he didn't move Sam could already tell he was dead. Rodney's body laid were he fell, for awhile they thought about what to do with him.

"Maybe we should bury him." Suggested Jack.

"All I know is he's smells horrid." Said Mark, Sam also now noticed the stench comming off of Rodney, like the smell of rot and decay, a sweet smell. After a few more second they all decided to put him in the Freeze Chamber.

Mark and Rodney's body down the hall with the Freeze Chamber, Sam helped by holding Rodney's legs up and quickly peering into the rooms that they passed, three in all. Sam made a mental note to report the incident to H.Q. when the radio's begin working again, the storm had knocked all communications off besides there short-wave radios. When Mark and Sam reached the Freeze Chamber, Sam noticed that the floor was soaked from the ice that had once held the door close, the door was opened as well.

The door itself was large, with a, also large, handle, inside the Freeze Chamber, were large hunks of beef, hung up by hooks. There were several overturned, metal, shelves and other peices of meat, scattered on the floor. Sam and Mark continued to drag Rodney's body, till they were in the center of the room. He laid Rodney there and brushed himself off, a nervous habit maybe. Sam examined the room a bit closer and found a notebook with a few pages of writting on it.

At first it looked like there was nothing to learn from the notebook, until he flipped the last few pages.

I've locked myself in the Freezer, for more then just my safety, I don't know who is going to read this but we've lost communications with H.Q. so there bound to send someone to look for us. If your reading this, then please listen. You have stumbled upon more then your bargaining for! I'm afraid that because of our finding at the cave, we've released something uncontrollable.- Sam now noticed that Mark was standing next to him reading along.- I don't know how I became infected, must of been something in the food, but I can already feel the changes.

Ray, our cook, turned out to be on of those things, so that's probablly were I got it. I can hear them outside, searching for more thing's to infect. They already go the sled dog's and without them, there's no way of escape. If you are reading this then you must stop them. There mission is to infect the world, I bet many other worlds have fallen to them. It's too cold to go on, so I'm going to stop now, hopefully write more later.

Rodney Stewart

Medical Assistant

Sam took the piece of paper and slid it inot his pant's pocket.

"Well, what do you think he's talking about?" Sam shrugged his shoulders and they left Rodney's corpse in the Freeze Chamber.

When they returned to the lobby, Jack was poking the, small, pool of blood, where Rodney had bleed out, with his combat knife.

"Sir, there's something strange about this blood." Sam stopped and peered down at the blood

"What's wrong? It looks like normal blood to me."

"Yes, but it's coagulated and it's such a small pool, much too small for a slit throat." Sam peered at the pool of blood, it was small.

"So? What's that mean?" Jack stopped poking the blood and put his knife back in it's sheath "Well, blood only coagulates after your dead."

Chapter Eight

Everyone had a confuse look on there faces, the room grew silent for a few seconds, untill Mark broke the silence.

"Wait. You mean to say that the guy was dead before he killed himself?"

"Yes. I don't know how, but he was dead." Mark chuckled to himself "So you mean to say, that we just saw a zombie?" This brought on a laugh from Sam, who listened to Jack as if he was a crazy person.

The room was starting to get hot and Sam could feel the temperature change.

"Mark, can you get someone on the radio?"

"Not in this storm. Where gonna have to wait if out." Sam didn't like the idea of staying in this research station anymore then the rest of the team, but he had no choice.

"Okay, we need supplies, food and a lot of water." Sam said to the team.

"There's meat in he Freeze Chamber and if that dosn't work we can always eat our M.R.E's." Said Mark "And we could boil some snow and make water.

"Okay, good, we need to check the rest of the station." Sam took a deep breath, slowly letting it out. He took a look at his surroundings. There was a few windows, plus one small window on the entrance door.

The storm seemed to have gotten worst outside, snow pelted teh windows and the wind howled outside, like an angry lion. The lobbies floor was a cruddy green, with stains that Sam couldn't identify. Each window , including the one on the door, had reinforced wire in it to protect it from the battering snow.

A few papers were spread around on the floor, none were very important.
"Alright, let's check the surrounding buildings." Sam told Mark to check the two buildings on the left of the main building, while Sam and Nick check the two buildings on the right, one person for each building.

When Sam opened the door outside, the rooms temperature dropped dramatically and Sam's breath puffed up in front of him as he walked outside, pulling his snow goggles down over his face as he went. The storm seemed to increase in ferocity as they stepped outside and went to search the other remaining buildings, each with there guns slung behind there backs.

Chapter Nine

As Sam walked to the buildings, Nick talked but Sam could barely make out what he was saying.

"I saw a map of the entire facility while I was fiddling with the generator. The buildings along these facilities are bunk houses, labeled A to D, where going to investigate A and B." Nick had to shout to make himself heard but still was hard to understand.

The bunk houses were long and had wooden steps leading up to the metal door, both were seemingly identical on the outside. Sam picked the closest building, which was B while Nick picked A. Sam carefully walked up snow and creaked under his weight, then opened the metal door.

The door swung inward, revealing the same scene as in the lobby, same wallpaper and same carpet. There wasn't really a room but it opened up in a hallway, going left and right, with a room on either side of the hallway. Sam decided check the first room to the left. The room was messy, but not like the other rooms in the lobby. Clothes were scattered around, a desk in the right corner of the room had some of it's shelves open. There wasn't a sign of a struggle, just a lack of cleanliness.

As Sam was leaving the room, he heard gun fire, then his radio crackled to life.

"Hey Sam! Get over here quick! Holy shit!" the radio snapped off and Sam ran out of the room. Sam opened the door and, almost slipping, ran down the snowy stairs. A building was only a few feet away from B building, so it took Sam only a few seconds to run over there and up the stair. Sam raised his weapon and, just as he opened the door he heard Nick scream.

Sam burst into the room, first aiming left and when he aimed right he saw Nick lying in the threshold of the very last room, on his stomach. Sam ran towards Nick, but stopped when he noticed someone else standing over Nick. At first Sam thought he was seeing things, It looked like a man, but it had a horrible deformation on it's face, a large opening, split it's face right down the middle, and jagged teeth, no that can't be teeth Thought Sam, were on the edge of the opening, like a mouth. The thing wore a lab coat, that was tattered and full of holes from Nick's submachine gun.

It's right arm was splotched with red and had a greenish tone to it. Each finger was tipped with a claw, that dripped with fresh blood. Nick laid there, his eyes closed and his face twisted in pain. He was still alive, but Sam couldn't tell if it be for long. Sam didn't know what to do or what to think, so he just aimed his weapon and opened fire.

The first few rounds slammed into the things torso, spilling more blood, that was more black then red, onto the floor. The gaping hole on the thing's face opened wider and a horrible scream came out. The noise hurt Sam's ears but he keep the finger on the trigger and aimed higher. The next few rounds were too high and only a few hit it in the face. Sam continued to fire but the creature, now running at Sam, didn't seem to want to stop. The thing was half-way across the room when Sam's clip ran dry.

Chapter Ten

The creature kept running at Sam, as he took out another clip from his belt and slapped it in. Instead of aiming for the body, this time he shot at it's legs. the bullets blowing chunks out of it's legs. This time the creature fell, thudding against the carpet. The thing squirmed on the floor, trying to get up but didn't seem to have the strength to do so, but finally stopping and bleeding out onto the floor.

Sam poked the creature with the muzzle of his gun but it didn't move. Sam ran over to Nick, who had pulled himself up and was laying against the wall.

"Nick! how badly are you hurt?" Sam looked Nick over, his clothes were torn, he had a large chunk of flesh missing from his right forearm. A large gash poured blood just above his eye's. He had a bad gash on his chest, Sam thought he could see some bone and Nick's breathing had a liquid sound to it.

"I'm busted up pretty badly sir....I don't know what happend....that things just came out of nowhere."

"Don't talk Nick." Sam got on the radio "We've got a man down! Require medical assistance." the seconds seemed to tick by, then finally. "Alright I'm on my way." Said Jack over the radio.

Sam was just about to warn Jack about the strange creature, but when he looked back to where it laid, all he saw was a puddle of dark blood, staining the carpet.

"S***!" Sam whispered under his breath.

It seemed like a long time as Sam and Nick stayed there, Nick seemed to slip in and out of conciseness, but most of the time he grimaced in pain at his wounds. Finally, the door opened up, instinctively, Sam raised his weapon, but when Jack and Mark walked in he lowered the gun. Jack turned left first, then right, he ran down the hallway towards them.

"Crap! Nick, what happened?" said Jack, Sam stood up from where he sat, his legs were getting sore from sitting on the floor.

"You wouldn't of believed me even if I told you." said Nick through clenched teeth.

Jack looked Nick over for a bit, while everyone else waited near the door of the bunk house. Jack came back,he had taken his gloves off and there was some blood on his hands.

"Well, he isn't in good shape, he has a sever laceration on his chest and has a lot of flesh missing from his arm and the cut on his head ain't bad, I should be able to patch that up but......judging from the amount of blood, he'll need a medical pick up or he won't make it." Sam looked Jack's shoulder at Nick, who still laid against the wall, this time with some bandages and gauze wrapping around his torso and covering his forehead, and his entire arm.

Chapter Eleven

When Sam looked around he noticed someone was missing.

"Where's Mark?" He asked the other's.

"I'm right here." Mark appeared out of one of the rooms, in his arms he held a few cans, the word Thermite were written on the sides of each. and a large device was strapped to his back.

"Found these in one of the closets and this Flame Thrower lying on a bed." He pulled out the Burner and pulled out a box of matches. Using one he lit the gas injector and a blue flame popped in front of the muzzle.

"I was thinking, this should come in handy if, whatever got Nick, comes back." There was applause all around for Mark and he seemed to glow with the attention.

"There's a radio room just behind the main building"- Mark pointed inside the room he just came out of -"there's also a map of the whole station in there." Jack seemed to fixed his snow goggles on top of his head

"Sir, with all do respect, we need a 'copter to come and pick us up. Where not equipped to handle, whatever is going on here and we have a man badly injured." Said Jack as he looked into on of the rooms.

Sam kept his nerve up but he continued seeing that thing in his mind. He also kept looking back to where it had laid. Where could it have gone? Jack kept thinking. There were no windows down the hall, so Sam thought it might still be in one of the rooms, watching and waiting.

Mark turned off the flame on the Flame Thrower

"Well, lets head back to the lobby and prepare to go to the radio room." Said Mark as he holstered the Burner, into the slot in the pack. Sam and Jack helped carry Nick back to the lobby, slipping and almost falling a few times, when they got back, they set Nick down on the couch, next to the door, he grimaced when he was set down but soon, with a lil help from some pills that Jack gave him, fell asleep.

The radio room turned out to be a shack. It was two stories high and seemed to blend into the snowy background with it's white paint. Like the other buildings, there was a long black cable connecting it to the main building, providing power to the radio's. The stairs wrapped around the radio room's supports and, as Sam found out creaked horribly with age.

Sam and the team made it up first few step's, then finally up the last few step's. The door looked very old, some paint was peeling away showing the gray wood underneath. Sam opened up the door, making it creak as it opened, the room was dark, the only light came from two lamps, one placed on the radio desk and one near the door.

The radios were stacked on top of each other, three in all, with only one microphone attached to the bottom radio. Sam walked in first, then Mark, followed by Jack, the room seemed small with all of them standing in the room at once. With a flip of a switch the radios hummed to life. Mark sat at the chair.

"Attention, this is the Delta arctic research facility, we have a man injured and need medical pick up, come in!" There was silence so Mark tried again, switching frequencies as he did "Attention, this is the Delta arctic research facility, please come in!" The radio was dead quiet.

Chapter Twelve

"It's no use"- Mark said -"where not going to get anything through this storm." His voice was really depressing, like someone notifying a deceased love one but Sam knew that they had enough supplies to last a few days and that the storm wasn't going to last forever. Sam started to shiver and realized he was sweating, from the heat of the room.

"Okay, we need to go back to the lobby and figure out a plan." They headed down the stairs and walked to the right side of the main building.

On the right side of the building a strange creature came into view. It looked like a dog, but half of it's face seemed to hang. It's right eye was rolled all the way into it's skull and it's tongue forked like a lizards. It was a Siberian Husky but it was hard to tell, most of it's fur was gone and it's skin was swollen and inflamed. It's tail was hairless, like a rat's tail. It almost seemed rotten, it's rib cage was showing through it's skin.

"What the hell is that?" commented Jack

"I don't know but it dosn't seem friendly." As if hearing this the Husky growled and lunged at Sam. Sam opened fie on it, spraying the dog full of bullets holes.

The dog seemed to stop in mid-air, hitting the snow with a crunch. Surprisingly the Husky got up, shaking off the excess snow.

"Torch it Mark!" Screamed Jack. Mark took the Flame Thrower burner out of it's holster. He fumbled with the matches from his left pocket, the Husky tried another attempt, this time lunging at Jack. Jack moved out of the way as fast as he could and the Husky hit the snow again.

The Husky hit the ground and instantly turned itself around, Mark finally found the matches and lit the gas injector. The blue flame burst into a long stream of yellow fire as Mark pulled the trigger. The flames engulfed the Husky, the then let out a ,almost human, scream. Still on fire the dog leapt at Mark but missed Mark by only inches and hitting the ground, this time it didn't get up.

Back in the lobby, Sam and Mark were standing on opposite sides of the lobby walls. Trying to come up with a plan, Nick was still asleep or dead, thought Sam, but he quickly dismissed this idea. Jack was pacing back and forth

"Man what the f*** was that thing"- he shouted to himself -"That thing almost took a full clip of ammo and still got up!"

"It's a good thing that Mark had that Flame Thrower." Sam said, calmly, to himself.

There was some silence then Sam remembered Rodney.

"Mark come with me and bring that Flame Thrower." Mark did as he was told and followed Sam down the hall and to the Freeze Chamber.When they got there, the place where they left Rodney's body was empty.

"Damn it!" Cursed Sam. There was movement out of the corner at his right eye, as Rodney stepped out.

He was different then the one that attacked Nick, his neck had somehow reattached itself but Sam could still see were the bone saw had cut into his flesh. Strange Mandibles stuck out of it's mouth, opening it's mouth so wide that some of the skin around it's cheeks had split apart. Spider-like limbs had sprung out of it's back and slashed the air around it. From the bottom down he seemed normal, when he took a step towards Sam his body cracked with Rigor Mortis.

Before Sam could tell Mark, he already had the Flame Thrower lit. The creature let out a scream, but was cut off over the roaring of the Flame Thrower. The creature tried to move out of the way but was already engulfed in flames before Sam knew it.

The creature screamed even louder adn began to roll on the floor, it's limb's thrashing thrashing around. The smell of burnt meat stung Sam's nose and made his eye's water. Mark released the trigger on the Flame Thrower flame thrower and turned off the blue flame. Rodney stopped rolling around adn then, finally, died for the third time.

Chapter Thirteen

There was a fire extinguisher near the door and Sam used it on Rodney's corpse, covering the charred remains with foam adn dousing out the flames. After the fire was out, Rodney's body seemed to have mutated further. Half his face was stretched out away from the other half, disfiguring the look of agony on his face. It almost looked like it tried to escape the flames but couldn't. Strange tentacles poked out of it's flesh and the left arm had spilt open, revealing a strange, alien, claw.

While heading back from the Freeze Chamber, Mark suggested they'd toast the girl in the mess hall, just to be safe. Sam agreed to this, he had almost forgotten about the girl over all the commotion. Taking care of Hannah was simple, she still seemed dead but when Mark torched her, she squirmed and screamed in but died pretty easily.

When they got back to the lobby Nick was awake but seemed more calm and relaxed. Jack had stopped pacing and laid against a wall near the entrance door, he seemed to have calmed down as well. When we entered the room, Jack raised his head to look at us but then lowered it and continued to look at the floor.

Sam stomach growled, after all they went through Sam didn't know how hungry he really was.

"Alright, I do believe it's dinner time." Sam said as cool as he could. The meal wasn't much, since Jack urged them to eat only there M.R.E's, but after boiling some snow, they felt as good as new and the water was quite refreshing. With full bellies, Sam was able to think clearer now. He knew they needed a game plan and they needed one fast. They were stuck out in the middle of nowhere, strange creatures are attacking them, and they have a man injured, possibly dying, and to top it all off, the storm dosn't seem to of calmed down.

Sam stared out the window on the door, thinking up a plan. Outside he saw nothing but white. If he strained his eyes he could see the corner of on of the bunk houses, but besides that it was pure white. Mark starteled Sam from his daze

"Sir, what do you suggest we do?" what should they do, this question seemed to be on eveyone's mind, it sure as hell was on Sam's.

Everyone seemed to crowd around Sam, except for Nick, who had taken the bandages off his arm and had gotten up on his own. Jack finally looked back and saw Nick, he walked over to him, Sam also noticed Nick, but something was strange about him.

"Hey man, you alright?" Nick didn't answear Jack's question, instead he moved his injured arm to his other shoulder and with on swift move, struck Jack in his mid-section. Jack was standing in front of Nick but flew backwards after being struck.

Chapter Fourteen

Sam was, also, caught off guard, it was hard to see Nick's face, cause he had his parka's hood over his head, but Sam could see his injured arm, it had gone green adn seemed swollen. It also seemed to have something inside of it, every few seconds a worm-like thing crossed arond the inside of Nick's arm. Jack flew back and hit the wall, causing a picture from to fall on the ground and bust.

"Damn it, he's one of them!" Mark shouted as he fumbled for the Flame Thrower burner. Sam grabbed his submachine gun, that before laid limply at his side, by it's strap, and begun to fire at the infected Nick.

Since Sam was at the left side of Nick, most of the bullets missed but the one's that smacked into Nick's side seemed to of taken effect on him. The first few bullet's hit nick near his hip, making him twirl untill he faced Sam, the next four rounds hit Nick directly in the chest, one of four hit right were his heart would be but still Nick didn't fall.

Mark had finally got the burner out of it's holster and was lighting the fuel injector, when Nick sprang on Sam. Sam only had a few seconds and managed to grab his combat knife before Nick hit him, knocking him to the floor.

From here Nick's face was more clear to Sam. His face was also greenish, but his eye's were yellow. Strange bumps had formed on Nick's face adn around his hands, that kept trying to slash and tear at Sam's skins but Sam managed to keep them off by slashing randomly with his knife. He got Nick's arms a few times but mostly he slashed at air.

Mark had lit the injector and aimed it at both of them, this was Sam's cue, aiming with as much precision as he could get , he stabbed the knife into the right side of Nick's neck.

Blood began to spurt out of his neck as Nick screamed. He tumbled backwards, landing on all fours, and skittered to the back of the room, hopping behind the lobby's desk. This gave Mark time enough to set the back of the room ablaze, fire washing over the back of the room, greedily covering the desk, chairs, and Nick.

Nick's scream was primal, yet still seemed human enough, as Nick came into view in the sea of flames, thrashing, twisting, mutating, and moving around like he was made out of putty. Finally he fell on top of the burning desk and didn't get up. After a few minutes Sam and Mark put out the fires, with two nearby fire extinguishers. They checked to make sure Nick was dead, which didn't take to long to figure out. He had mutated into what looked like a mixed up Jig-saw puzzle, it didn't even look human anymore

Chapter Fithteen

Sam slapped a new clip in the gun, Jack was alright, but was knocked unconscientious.

"Mark, how much fuel you got in there?" Mark checked the dial on the pack.

"About half a tank"- he said -"but why?"

"Well, the storm ain't gonna let up, and if we stay here were probably gonna die, so I think we take the fight to them!" Sam like the way he was talking, like he knew what he was doing.

Mark had three thermite grenades and, after searching the room's down each hallway, found three more. After reading several documents, Sam found the location of the dig site, where they dug up whatever it was that started it. Just north of the main building a few miles out.

"How are we going to get there?" Mark asked. Sam opened the map, that he took from the generator room. He laid the map down and looked at it. After a few seconds he found what he was looking for. A garage was positioned right behind C building, hopefully it will have a snowmobile or something that they can use.

On the way over Mark and Sam ran into another mutant dog but, with some team work, the dog was toast.

The garage was smaller then Sam had expected, just two garage doors and a normal door, that you enter on the right side. The inside of the garage was dark and Sam used one of his flares. In the glow of the flare Sam saw one snowmobile, I wasn't long and Mark had it hot-wired and ready to go. The flare had just died when Sam pushed the button that opened the door.

The wind still howled outside, but when Mark talked Sam as clear as day.

"Alright, I'm going to drive adn I want you to sit on the back and have your gun ready, just in case we have any uninvited guest." Sam nodded adn sat in the back seat of the snowmobile, covering his eyes with the snow goggles.

Sam and Mark shot out of the garage adn headed north to the dig site. At first it was a smooth ride with no surprises but after a few minutes Sam could see, small shapes running at them. When they got close enough, Sam recognized them as more snow dogs, a whole pack of them by the looks of it.

Aiming was difficult to do, the dogs were so fast and the snowmobile bumped up and down on the snow. Sam tried to concentrate, picking a single target and firing at it. It was working so far, the pack keeping there distance and when they got to close, Sam dropped one or two with his gun. Finally they seemed to of given up as the snowmobile stopped at a strange cave.

Chapter Sixteen

Leaving the snowmobile behind. Sam and Mark entered the cave. The floor of the cave sloped downward and it got hotter as they went deeper into the cave. After that seemed like forever, they reached a large cavern. It seemed man-made but to do it seemed like it would take years. After what seemed like forever, there wasn't anything around, no equipment, no people.

The only thing that was around were several generators that powered the light's that sat on stands shining light on the walls and shining light on the ground.

Air seemed to move back and forth, like someone, or something was breathing. When they both reached the center of the room the breathing seemed to stop, so did the movement of the air. Everything was quiet, then a long tentacle, as thick as Sam's arm, dropped to the floor, then another followed, followed by several more. They all hanged, swaying from side to side. Sam didn't want to look up, but he knew he had to, from the gasp that Mark made.

Sam slowly looked up, following the tentacles to there source, until he saw a large mass, attached to the ceiling of the room. The room was high enough, for the creature to hang, upside down, on the ceiling. It was spread across the ceiling, with tentacles snaking along away. A large figure, which looked human from the waist up but was connected to the large mass from the waist down, stared down at us. Large veins popped out of it's arm and it's muscles, which were that of a body builders, rippled and flexed.

It's eye's were as white as the snow and had no pupils. The thing let out a scream that echoed around the room. It was worst then any scream Sam ever heard. Sam raised his gun and fired at the creature. All the rounds hit the monster but did no effect, in fact they seemed to bounce off of it's green skin.

Sam had to think of something but before he could he heard Mark scream. One of the tentacles had wrapped around his leg and was starting to pull him up towards the monster. Sam ran, jumped and latched onto his Mark's arm.

"Let go!" Mark screamed


"I've got a present for our friend." Mark removed a Thermite grenade from his back packet adn pulled the pin. Sam, without a word, dropped back down to the floor. Mark shot up and dangled right in front of the thing's face. It seemed curious of Mark but that curiosity died when the Thermite exploded.

It scream indicated that it wasn't dead yet. Bit's of tentacle splattered on the ground. Sam didn't know what to do, he tried running for the exit but was immediatly picked up by another tentacle and lifted into the air. Sam's gun slipped off his shoulder and clattered to the floor, along with the grenades. As one fell Sam reached out and grabbed it, holding it close to his chest.

From upside down, Sam was lifted up to the thing, almost face to face with it. Sam could smell it's breath, horrid like the smell of decay, it's teeth was inches away from his face. His skin is too tough Sam thought then an idea popped in his head I bet he ain't so tough on the inside. Sam took out his last Thermite grenade and waited. Finally the thing opened it's mouth, probably to eat him, Sam shove the grenade in it's mouth and pulled the pin.

Out of surprise the thing dropped Sam, as he fell Sam could hear an explosion. Sam hit the floor rather hard, he could hear one of his rib's snap, a shot of pain shot through Sam but he managed to look up. The creature's head was gone, blown off by the grenade, and some of it was now scattered throughout the room.

Sam thought everything was finally over but then the room started to shake, the major explosion must of reduced the stability of the room. The walls began to crack and the rock ceiling began to fall. Sam ran as hard as the pain in his chest would allow. He got half-way therem when a rock fell and hit him on the head, Sam was knocked out.

The storm had died down and the sun rose, high, above the white snow. The snowmobile set out at the mouth of the cave, still running. Sam crawled out of the mouth, battered and broken but still alive. He laid against the warm, running motor of the snowmobile. Sam hardly noticed his radio was on and Jack's was speaking into the radio.

"Sam, you there, over!"

"I'm here."

"Thank god, I thought you were dead, listen, there were a bunch of those infected thing's outside, but they all dropped dead."- Sam smiled to himself at that, Jack continued "Also I got into the radio room and managed to contact H.Q. there sending a 'chopper after us." Sam didn't hear the rest of it, the warm sun was baking down on him, it was quite peacefull.

Sam closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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