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April 26, 2009
By Claire Schansinger BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
Claire Schansinger BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
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“Beep, Beep, Beep”, I hear from my side table. I sit up and stretch, and slowly walk over to my window and all I see is grey; grey skies and a long grey road. The beeps of my alarm finally shut off, but I still stare out my dull window, amazed. Unlike the usual bright houses, trees and buildings, all the houses are small and aligned in a row, with no other signs of life.

I hear a crash from down stairs, so I slowly tip-toe down. I go to the landing and see my parents just sitting on the couch, not even acknowledging my existence. I slowly walk into the kitchen and I see the calendar; year 3000 it reads. I take a step back and notice all my technology is gone; no TV’s, no computers, nothing. As I slowly turn around, I almost pass out.
A robot; tall, blue, but most importantly, real. I take three steps back and crash into another one, exactly identical. I start to look around and see at least 6 robots. I run over to the couch with my parents, but they don’t even turn their heads to see me. I run over to the corner, but the robots come and corner me. I was as scared as a person who has just seen a ghost.
“What is this?” I cry. “Where am I?”
“You’re in the year 3000”, the blue robot says. “In the community of Daki, where we are your rulers. There is no technology or other communications with anyone except your family unit. Everyone is the same; nothing out of the ordinary. You are not under any circumstances allowed to leave your house or else”, the robot explained.
“What are the consequences for not following these rules,” I softly say, basically trembling.
“Something so painful you will not want to experience,” the robots say in unison while slowly rolling away.
I run over to the window again and see no signs of life. I look around to find a phone, but there is nothing. I sprint over to where the computer used to be, but it’s not there. I start to get nervous and panic, thinking I am the only living person alive because my parents are still not moving. I slowly decide to open the door and walk outside, completely forgetting what the robots just said.
I see nothing but grey, and as I look harder, there is no road, just the single brick I am standing on. I look down to see nothing but a drop, which frightens me. I crouch down and think to myself “Is this real? Am I seriously here?” I slowly stand up and look down again, getting more and more fearful. As I look deeper, my left foot slips and I start to loose my balance. I suddenly slip and start falling deep, deep down. Just a long, dark hole.
My parents were in a trance because they, too, did not follow the rules. When I fell, my body stayed, but my soul vanished, like my parents. I was never heard from again.

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