My Sweet 16

April 24, 2009
By Haley McGrath BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Haley McGrath BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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Buzz…Buzz…Buzz. My cell phone vibrated, making my pocket to my skirt vibrate. I screeched.
“Is there a problem Miss. Lola,” Mr. Koeser asked.
“Nah,” I replied rolling my eyes. I never really did like History. I always found it boring.
“Psst,” Zoey whispered.
“What,” I asked. She handed me a crumpled note, “Doesn’t anyone know what texting is,” I whispered, louder than necessary.
“I don’t know,” Zoey replied laughing.
“Miss. Lola and Miss. Zoey would you gals like to go say hello to Mr. Schlosser,” Mr. Koeser instantly got furious.
“Sorry,” Zoey kissed up. I just rolled my eyes. I opened the note. It read…

Hey Lola,
Look I am sorry. I will try to fix my temper. Alright? Just please forgive me.

I crumpled it up, and threw it on the floor. I grabbed my cell phone out of my fleece pocket and started to text Zoey.

So that’s the retard that doesn’t know what texting is, Quinn. I don’t think we should forgive her. She was really mean. I hate her temper it bugs me.
I remember when we use to be like that. Remember?

I ended the text and closed my phone right when the bell rang even though I knew I had a lot more to see to her. I walked out into the crowded halls. It smelt like the gross cafeteria lunch I had to eat next hour.
“Hey, yeah I do remember when we use to be like that. It was ridiculous, but would you like it if I got mad at you when you use to do that, even if you said sorry. I am not saying we have to totally forgive her. I think we should at least forgive her a little,” Zoey babbled.
“Yeah, sure, whatever you say Miss. Zoey,” I snapped.
“Oh my gosh. I like practically hate Mr. Koeser. He is so mean to us. Did he not see the other 15 people talking around us, and they were louder than us,” Zoey murmured.
“Yeah, but who cares. Let’s talk about something way more important. Like my party,” I snapped.
“I forgot about that. Tell me all the plans that you made so far,” Zoey smiled. We sat down as I began to tell her my plans for my sweet sixteen.
“The party is on my birthday, May 10th, of course. My dress is going to be purple and black. No one is aloud to wear purple. My cake will be in the day before. What else do you want to know,” I questioned.
“Where is it? When is it? Time? Who is all invited? How will we arrive? Where are we going to get your dress? Stuff like that,” Zoey asked.
“It will be at my house, duh. Like I said it is May 10th. It is from 6pm to 2am. We will arrive in a black hummer limo. It is rented,” I smiled, “Oh, and I wanted to ask if you want to go shopping tonight after school for dresses and tomorrow if you want to sleep over because we have to get started on the invitations. I mean you can help if you want. It will be fun. You can help me pick who should go and who shouldn’t.”
“Okay, I have,” RING! RING! RING! The bell rang, interrupting Zoey, “I have to go to my locker I will see you in a little bit. I will meet you at your locker,” Zoey rushed. Buzz…Buzz…Buzz. My cell phone vibrated my hand. The front screen read…


I opened my phone and began to read Logan’s text…

Hey, Chase and I are going to your party. Do we need to bring anything? Presents? Food?

I hit the upper left button on my phone that said reply on the screen. I replied…

Yeah, sure, whatever you want. Just wait until u get anything I am sending out invites. Natasha and I are going to work on them tonight after we go get our dresses. Bye.

I slammed my phone shut as Zoey walked up to my locker.

“You ready to go,” Zoey questioned.
“Yep,” I said starting to walk away. She followed. We went to Zoey’s lime green car.
“You like? I just got it last weekend,” She smiled. I looked at her new car. It was a Red Lamborghini. It was amazing.
“I don’t like it, I love it,” I admired her new red car. She smiled happy with my compliment. When we arrived at my house Zoey started to park in my drive way, but there was a purple blob in the way. It was a similar Lamborghini to Zoey’s, but better. It was beautiful.
“I love it Lola,” Zoey said. We both saw a pink blob out of the corner of our eye. It was a pink car. It belonged to my neighbors, Quinn and her family. Quinn and I have been friends for a very long time, but haven’t getting along lately. Looking back, I remembered all the fights her and I had and how we got over them, so I decided I will forgive her. I started to walk over to her house.
“Where are you going,” Zoey ordered.
“I am going to invite Quinn,” I replied still walking.
“I thought you hate her,” Zoey rushed to my side.
“Not no more,” I said knocking on the door.
“While, thank God, because I wanted to forgive her, but not if you didn’t” Zoey babbled. The door opened.
“Hello,” Quinn said calmly.
“Look, I forgive you, and I have a party coming up on the 10th, a week and a half. I want you to help. Also, we are going to get our dresses right now. Want to come? Tonight we are sleeping at my house, so we can make invites. Are you in or not,” I rushed.
“Yes, of course,” She grabbed her purse and ran out, “I like your car Lola, yours too Zoey.”
“I like yours too,” Zoey and I said at the exact same time. We all laughed. Her car was the exact same as Zoey’s just a different color. I was happy to have a different type of Lamborghini. I smiled and laughed some more.
About an hour later, we arrived at the Green Bay Mall. It was packed full of teenagers, seeing it was a Friday night. We walked to Hollister, Aeropostale, and then American Eagle. We each got a thin sweater, shorts, tank top or short sleeve, and sandals from each store. We went to the bathroom next to JCPennys to change into our favorite outfit.
Next, we walked into Debs for dresses. Sarah found her dress first.
It was pink, of course, with a big bow on the right. It was shorter, shorter than I thought she would ever wear. After, we looked around for a while. Zoey and I couldn’t find a dress. All of us babbled on about how frustrating this was, but Quinn always had a positive attitude, which was surprising. Zoey found the perfect dress. It was strapless and red with ruffles on the bottom. Under the chest there was a flatter red bow. It was almost like Quinn’s, but they always had the same taste. Which I didn’t mind because I loved to be different.
Twenty minutes later, I still couldn’t find a dress, so I told them we should leave, but they both insisted that we have to stay until I find a dress. Finally, way in the back something stood out to me. I ran over. Zoey and Quinn yelling at me, asking what in the world I thought I was doing, but I ignored them. I took it off the rack and smiled. It was a royal purple with metallic purple sash. It was my dream dress. The one I was picturing all week. My friends looked at me. I knew they understood. We all checked out and headed home, jamming to music the whole way. I was really excited for my party.
The week and a half past; invitations were passed out, my house was decorated, everything was ordered, and my black hummer limo was all ready too. I was excited, so whas Zoey and Quinn. I think Quinn may mostly be excited because i forgave her. I wondered what she was doing for her birthday.
“What are you doing for your birthday,” I asked in curosity while sitting in the limo.
“Nothing, i guess,” She sighed. An idea struck me when we arrived at my house. I looked around. So many of my close friends were there, but some people I didn't know. Some people Quinn insisted on inviting. Quinn walked out of the limo first, then, Zoey, and then me. Everyone screamed 'Happy Birthday Lola!' I just smiled and waved.
Right before I walked into my house to the big crowd an egg hit the limo. My first thought was; Who is going to pay for that now? My second thought was; Who in the world was that? Another hit my windows to my house. Another egg hit all of Quinn's friends, which gave everyone the final signal to run inside.
“Oh, great. A party crasher. Just what you need,” Zoey tried comforting me. I admired how hard she tried, but nothing would fix this. Nothing could fix the mess my Sweet 16 was going to become. I ran to the bathroom, Zoey chasing after me, when i heard a big crash. I turned around to see rocks being chucked at the flower vases being cracked. One of the rocks missed a flower vase and hit another one of Quinn's friends. That sent everyone diving undertables, behind there friends, or anywhere where they couldn't get hit. Zoey rushed to my side rubbing my shoulder while I cried my heart out.
“Remember when we were younger and tried to find out who took our clothes, money, or someone elses stuff. How is this any different? How about Zoey, you, and I find out who this is. We use to be good at this stuff. Plus, with one extra person,” I began to smile has Quinn made me happy. I looked at Zoey, watching her try to hide her jealousy. Zoey grew angry with Quinn because Zoey couldn't make me happy but Quinn could.
“Let's do it,” I cheered. Everyone started talking again once the rocks weren't being thrown anymore. We walked each vase, and examined it.
“Look at this. I don't think rocks would have broke this. They would be in smaller peices, and they are all in six big peices at the most,” Quinn babbled. Zoey laughed.
“You would be the one to know,” Zoey said. We both laughed, even Quinn. We took Quinns knowledge and looked to see if there was any rocks lying around. We didn't see any. Next, we looked at were Quinn's friend got hit. Since, if she got hit there it would have stopped and fell to the ground. Zoey ran over there and picked up what hit Quinn's friend. It was a small plastic toy army guy.
“How could this brake a vase and knock a fifteen year old to the ground,” Zoey giggled.
“Unless, they used a slingshot,” Quinn suggested. We all laughed.
“You mean like the one my brother, Billy Jo Bob got,” I asked.
“Yeah,” Quinn thought.
“I still cannot believe that is his name,” Zoey snorted.
“There's my parents for you, always trying to be different,” I replied rolling my eyes.
“Wait, does you brother have good aim with his new slingshot,” Quinn questioned, as if she thought he could every think of something like this. He can barely pass lunch as it is.
I repeated my thoughts, “Do you really think he could think of something like this. He can barely pass lunch as it is.”
“True,” She smirked.
We didn't have anymore clues and decided to wait until something happens again. In the time being we talked to others and opened presents. Next, we had cake. The cake wasn't what I wanted, but it had to do. I went to cut the cake when a snake swirled out of the cake. I screamed my head off. I was deadly scared of snakes. It was yellow with red spots. Logan, the guy Zoey came with, wrapped his arms around her and screamed. Zoey laughed at him. Chase, the guy Quinn came with, went to wrap his arms around where she was once standing, but she was no longer there. I laughed at him as he hugged the air, and fell to the ground. No one noticed, but I did and I forgot all about the snake. The snake started to crawl up the cake cutter I held in my hand, and Micheal, the guy I secertly had a crush on hopped infront of me, and grabbed the cake cutter, and started to whip it at the snake. I smiled, still wondering were Quinn had went.
“Lola...Lola...Lola,” Quinn yelled, but I couldn't see where she was.
I finally saw her, “Yeah?”
She was dragging my brother behind her with one hand because in the other hand there was a slingshot and a grocery bag full of green army guys.
“I think I solved it,” Quinn giggled.
“Just like old times,” We both began to laugh.
“We both start finding clues, but at the end I always disapper and find the suspect,” We laughed louder. Everyone else laughed with us except Zoey, she was defintly jealous.
“Zoey, trust me, you and I are very good friends and we will be doing stupid stuff like this someday too, but it is neither of our faults that we didn't meet at a younger age, like Quinn and I. You and I will probably be better friends one day any how. You and I barely every fight. Got that,” I snapped.
“Yeah, I guess,” She smiled.
“I have a perfect idea for Quinn's birthday,” I told Zoey
A week went by, and we were at Quinn's house with all her friends, her new boyfriend, mine and Zoey's new boyfriends and some of our own friends. Since, we can't stand most of Quinn's friends. The whole room was pink. Everybody wore black with pink bows or ties. It was her dream Sweet 16 since she was in third grade. I recived a text from Quinn that said...

I am down the street, watch for me, than we can leave.

I slammed my phone shut and whisper shouted, “She is down the street, turn off the lights, and yell 'surprise' when she walks in.”
“I think everyone knows how to say surprise,” Zoey giggled.
“Shh... be quiet already,” I hushed. The knob turned.
Everyone jumped up and shouted, “SUPRISE!”

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