April 24, 2009
By Jborg BRONZE, Weston, Florida
Jborg BRONZE, Weston, Florida
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On the planet Scade, the main species of the planet was known as Lich. Tons of animals and plants inhabited Scade. Some of the animals were as dangerous as you can imagine, while others were friendly. Some were just both, dangerous and friendly. There were carnivores, herbivores, even omnivores on the planet. The Lich are very intelligent. They have spikes sticking out of their hands which are used for defending and attacking enemies when they are required to.

One day, the Lichs built a space ship and sent a captain and his crew in off to look for other forms of life. The space ship had a great capacity which always increased. Once a year they had to contact their home planet to upgrade, recharge and repair their ship. After thousands of forms of life were revealed to them during their travels, they took off to find the ones that everyone feared! They took off to find the Grox! They were rumored to be in the center of the galaxy. The ship and its crew took off for the center. One time they found large readings of technology coming from a planet. They zoomed in on it and saw a bunch of ships leaving the star system. They landed on the planet that had extinct civilizations and burnt buildings. The searched around and found a communication pod. They discovered it was from the planets own mission control! They turned it on and saw the empire calling for help. They said, “Help Anyone! The mighty Grox Empire is attacking our home world! – Pormus”. The crew savaged the remaining items to help in their fight against the Grox. They traveled for nine months and finally found large transmissions! They chased the transmissions to a big star system. They discovered there were four planets in the system and one had a larger signal than the rest. They opened their communication system toward that planet and discovered it was the home of Grox Empire! The Grox who was talking said, “You have made a bad mistake coming here! We will destroy you, you and your entire race!” The Lich Captain replied, “We mean no harm! We do not want to have war with you” for the Captain was clever and figured if he allied with the Grox he would never have to worry about another pointless war that Empires have started for no reason again.

The Grox replied, “I do not care. I shall order my ships to blast you and your ship to smithereens”. As if just like that, the transmission ended and thousands of Grox ships started attacking. The ship was now under attack. The Captain said, “For once in my long life I do not know what to do. “ The Grox fired a super missile toward the ship and killed much of the crew. The Captain survived along with some of his best members of the crew. They escaped the Grox, but the Grox were on their tail! They found a small star system with 8 planets, and one dwarf planet. They were crashing toward one of the inner planets. They bounced into the planet’s atmosphere, falling faster and faster! The Captain thought he would never hear anything ever again! It was such a deafening sound! The ship landed hard in the water and fell deep into the ocean. Fortunately for the Lich, they were natural swimmers with an extra set of lungs and gills. They left their ship, carrying only their food and supplies needed to live. They, unfortunately, couldn’t bring their communication devices and were unable to contact their home world. This was their new home until they could somehow contact their home world. As soon as they were leaving the water, a little creature was starring at them, not too far away. The Lich had never seen anything like this before. The creature ran away screaming “sea monster”. The Lich turned around quickly because on their home planet sea monsters were huge creatures that lived on the water that ate anything, especially the Lich! They turned around and saw nothing but waves. One of the waves hit the captain in the face and he tasted salt water for the first time. They turned back around to find something had grabbed the captain’s ankle. He turned around quickly and a creature was emerging from the water. The captain was shocked to see that it was his wife! She had hidden in the emergency ship that they used to escape, in spite of the fact that the captain had insisted she remain on their home planet. He did this because she was about to give birth to twins. In fact, he was quite happy to see her, all things considered. They went deeper into the water until it was dark. Then they tasted dirty water. They found land and set up camp for the night. They saw a strange creature, which they killed and ate for dinner. The creature had sharp teeth, green scales, 4 legs and was low to the ground. It had a fast tail, but not fast enough for the captain. His wife ate most of it and she gathered fruit for everyone from trees. The fruit was round and orange, and had a sweet taste. It was nothing like they’ve ever tasted before. They thought they might come to like life on this new planet, but they had to contact their home world. They fell into a deep sleep but were awoken by rustling in the forest. They saw a weapon facing them which immediately went off. One of the crew was shot, and he seemed to fall into a deep sleep. Another crew member jumped up and sliced the weapon in fourths. The crew member took the person yielding the weapon. The Lich had never seen a creature like that before. The creature kept yelling out in words that Lich understood like “let go of me you creature” and “what the heck are you?” More weapons appeared and began shooting at the Lichs. One by one they fell to the ground. They seemed to go to sleep. They had been tranquilized.
The captain awoke in a strange place. He realized he was behind bars in some kind of cage. He wondered where his crew was and worried about his wife. Just then the cage opened and the wall pushed the captain out. He saw the rest of his crew being pushed out also. Everyone was there except his wife! Some official looking people with black masks entered the room carrying weapons. A man then entered and the captain rushed up to him. He appeared to be the most important person in the room. The captain asked in an angry voice (while picking him up by his shirt), “where is my wife”? The guards pointed their weapons at him and the head man lowered his hand signaling to his guards to lower their weapons. The man said, “You speak English? Interesting! I am General Youse of the United States Army.” The Lich captain replied, “I am a captain of the Lich people of the Planet Scade. My name is 10of30.” General Youse asked, “10of30, that’s a bit interesting, but no name, just a number? By the way, where is your planet?” 10of30 answered, “far away. We were sent here in search of a dangerous empire which everyone fears. We tried making peace with them and they tried to destroy our ship. They killed many of my crew.” General Youse said, “I am sorry for that, but the one of your race that is not here at the moment is in the room next door, the nursing room. She looked like she was in pain. She is our guest and was bit hurt.” 10of30 replied, “She is pregnant and about to give birth to twins.” General Youse brought 10of30 and his crew to the room next door and at that very moment she gave birth to Siamese twins, one girl and one boy. They were identical and connected. The babies started crying and 10of30 bent down to look at his babies and they stopped crying immediately. They seemed very happy to meet their mother and father, but their father was worried about how they would grow up on this strange planet. General Youse came by and tried touching one of the babies. The baby tried biting off his finger. The General pulled his finger back just in time! He said, “Nice babies! What are you going to name them?” 10of30 named the boy 5of10 and his wife, 7of30, named the girl 1of2. The General notices 10of30 was a bit unhappy and asked, “Is something wrong?” 10of30 replied, “I shall answer that but before I do, what is your race called?” The General answered, “We are called humans”. 10of30 said, “My opinion for this planet is not something you would like. It is not very advanced.” The General was a bit angered at this remark. He asked 10of30 how and why. 10of30 answered, “Well, I’ve seen other races that are not as advanced as you are, but most I meet are far more advanced. All the cities work together to make their planet stronger and colonize on other planets as well. The others I’ve seen work together for a common goal. That does not seem to be on this planet. In my opinion, you should work together better and faster. The Grox know you are here and they have destroyed countless lives and have shown no mercy. They have you in their radar. This is most likely to be their next target!” General Youse said, “Then take me to your planet. I’ll get the best scientists to work with you to build a spaceship. We can work with your people to defeat the Grox and we can become a more advanced race.” General Youse and 10of30 worked together to get the spaceship out of the water. They used all the available technology to build a new spaceship. It had a communication pod, shields, missiles, lasers, and an installer drive.
When the ship was finally ready, General Youse gathered his family, friends, and anyone who wanted to start anew. They loaded everyone into the ship and took off! They left the solar system. At that moment, they saw some strange ships entering the solar system. 10of30 said, “Good thing we left when we did. Those are Grox warships. We better alert those on earth.” They contacted people on earth and told them Grox warships entering the atmosphere. The transmission was broken from the Grox jamming technologies. The last thing they heard was a big boom. The planet earth was no longer able to sustain human life. The ship travelled for a few months, then contacted 10of30’s home world. They were one day away from a year since they contacted their home planet.

They contacted mission control. They were told, “We thought the Grox destroyed you. The signal of your ship went cold.” 10of30 said, “We were attacked by the Grox and most of my crew was lost. We made some new friends though.” Mission control asked, “New friends?” 10of30 said, “Yes, new friends. Don’t worry; I’ll explain it all to you when we’re back home, soon enough”. The Lich travelled thru some friendly territory that they had alliances with and avoided those they had wars with. They finally made it to their home world. They entered their solar system and approached the planet Scade. They entered the planet’s atmosphere and landed softly. 7of30, 5of10, 1of2, and the rest of the remaining crew, came off the ship to be met by mission control. They were given a hero’s welcome.
A young earth boy, named Glenn, wanted to see what was going on. He walked down the gangplank and the people of Scade pointed at him wondering what he was. They had never seen anything like that. 10of30 assured them it was harmless and his race saved them from the Grox. Mission control discussed everything and decided to give the humans a planet to control. The planet was known as Vrakulal. There were animals, trees, and the ability to support life on that planet. They took the planet and became great allies with the Lich. They developed a great civilization and met other empires. They all swore to take revenge on the Grox.

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