How Stars Were Formed

April 24, 2009
By Jborg BRONZE, Weston, Florida
Jborg BRONZE, Weston, Florida
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A long time ago there was a god named Kronus, who was the lord of all the gods. Kronus was a very feared and strong god. He killed twenty percent of all humans on earth when he was bored. He took the dead bodies and placed them in a big black box in his palace. It was so black that no light could escape. It had no reflection, but a very dark shadow.
One day Kronus was bored and started to kill his usual twenty percent, but then after a few deaths, he noticed a beautiful girl. Her hair was as black as the night. Her eyes twinkled like lit candles. Her skin was as pretty and as smooth as a baby’s bottom and looked incredible. She was very generous and always helped people. Her name was Thalia. Kronus could not kill her! He just could not do it so he tried to kill someone else instead. He managed to kill his usual twenty percent that day, but still could not get Thalia out of his mind. He wanted to show himself to her, but he knew that anyone who lived on earth could not see a god or they would die! So, one night he made a fake body that felt like human skin and was his size. He went into the suit and anyone on earth could then see him without dying. Unfortunately for Kronus, everyone on earth could still tell it was him (but he did not know that). They all ran in fear. They did not know he was there to present himself to Thalia. Thalia was so nice to everyone that most of the people ran to tell her to hide, that Kronus was coming in her direction. She ran with everyone else into a shelter, but Kronus saw her closing the door! She only caught a glimpse of him and Kronus was not aware that everyone knew who he was and was running from him. It grew dark and Kronus thought that they were just going to sleep. Kronus left earth feeling glum.
The next morning Kronus was going to present himself to Thalia again but something happened when he woke up. He noticed his human suit was ripped to shreds and he had forgotten to close the door to heaven from earth. He went to his box from which he had forged the last human suit. When he opened the box he was shocked to see………. it was empty! There were no bodies! There was not a single body in there. He wondered what had happened. He went to his brother, Nico, the Lord of the Dead People, and told him what had happened and asked if he knew what had occurred. Nico, also the Lord of Darkness, knew what happened. The humans snuck up from earth to heaven thru the open door and emptied the box. They took all the bodies and ripped his last suit to shreds. Kronus was furious at the humans for stealing and ripping the suit, yet happy he discovered what had happened. He developed a plan to get revenge, but first he would give the humans a warning. Each human had to give him a gift of value like precious gems, delicious food, or weapons. If they did not give him a gift, he would kill them! There also had to be a human sacrifice, decided by the humans.
The humans had a meeting to decide who they would sacrifice. Thalia, with her kind heart, offered immediately. Kronus yelled down to earth in a mean raging voice, “it has to be a male”! He did not want to lose Thalia. Not even dead people could not look at the gods. He would lose Thalia forever. No one wanted to be the sacrifice so the humans made up a game. Only men could play and only one looser. They created a very simple game full of contests; swimming, throwing, catching, running. All the males were scared they would lose so they cheated; all but one. The men who cheated were all friends and no one wanted to die. They discovered they were all cheating so they decided to sabotage David, the one male who wasn’t cheating. He was the strongest and kindest. Thalia thought he was the most handsome, but she didn’t know him because he came from another village. He started to lose and all his friends became worried. When David lost he went to where Kronus instructed him to go. Then he saw a big light in the sky that was streaking toward earth. He expected it to be lightning on its way to strike him and he closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he saw he was in heaven. A spirit came out and told him, “Kronus has decided to spare your life because you gave him three very valuable gifts. You gave him one incredible diamond, some delicious food, and a beautiful bow and arrow.” Then he heard Kronus’s voice saying, “For your gifts, I will not kill you, I will make you a god”. He felt a bit strange and saw he had a new body. His new body glowed brightly and he was much taller. He became the God of the Hunt! He then took a bow and arrow and found it never ran out of arrows. He met Lois, the Goddess of Seasons, and fell in love with her. Kronus took David’s old body and used it as a human suit. Kronus went to earth. Everyone was shocked and happy to see who they thought was David, except the men who cheated. They were scared that Kronus found out they cheated and then would come after one of them! Thalia was especially happy because she thought David was so handsome and nice. Kronus, in David’s body, created beautiful flowers that had no thorns, kept bees and wasps away, and smelled of beautiful perfume. He went to Thalia’s house and found her making a dress for a poor girl. She saw him, completed the dress and then came out to talk to him. He gave her enough flowers to fill her house! The house smelled great. People from near and far came to get a better smell of the flowers. Thalia immediately fell in love with David (Kronus). They went for a walk and she told him what a great time she was having, but before she could finish her sentence, David told her, “I’m not David”. She jumped back as she saw the look in his eyes and realized he was really Kronus. She said, “Wwwwwwwhy are you here?” Kronus said, “The same reason I was here last time when you ran away from me”. She assumed he was there to kill her and she asked him, “Are you going to kill me”? He responded, “Of course not”. She asked, “Why then,” with a puzzled look. They had a long talk about how hard he had tried to find her and make sure she would not be scared of him. She started to trust him and realized he could be a good husband. They decided to get married. Kronus became so happy the day of their marriage, he decided to make the celebration the biggest in the universe! He strung lights throughout the sky. They twinkled just like Thalia’s eyes!! He called them stars. They still celebrate to this day and when you see a shooting star, you know they’re celebrating something special.

The author's comments:
I decided to write a Greek Myth...hope you enjoy

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