Trip to Madagascar

April 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Trip To Madagascar.
Where I stand, I see an old bungalow near a waterfall that flows down to a river, fishes of all kinds and friends to many. I am a panda that loves too much, cares a lot and think of others before myself. Unless it is something competitively challenged. My name is Shnookie Biggs. I am currently 24 years of age, eyes that glow of hazel. I am pretty small for a panda like me. I love being small
The day was calm, the sun was shining and every living beat was up with joy. I went to the mailbox and I had received a letter from a friend to go to Madagascar for about three days. I was so excited! My friend Tiny was going also. So the coming weekend, we left to Madagascar. Everywhere we went, I saw green. It seemed too strange. We didn’t know what was going on. Others of different kinds were there also.
I was watching everyone. Being nervous made me excited. Someone announced we were there for a competition. My mind jolted, my strength got hyped and I was just wondering how it was going to be. They mentioned that the competition was going to begin in three hours. We took classes to learn the basics of the challenge. I took several myself. Hours had passed by and it was about to begin. I was ready!!!
Tiny looks at me, and she looks ready, “Are you ready to eat my fur? Because you’re gong to get bumped!” I looked at her with disgust, “Don’t you say anything like that, I’m ready for my tail to push you aside! HAHA!” I said to her. She began to mumble something under her breath. We had some announcements from the coordinator, he said, “Now listen very carefully. I'm only going to say this once. The rules are simple: 1.) Never help one another, we consider that cheating. 2.) Always watch out for traps and last, remember who you are. You can get lost out here.”
When he shot the gun, we started. I was so anxious to start. I looked around with fear and excitement in my eyes. Running towards my goal was tough. Tiny looked at me, I looked at Goku, and Goku looked at both of us yelling, “I hope both of you get disqualified! I know how you girls are! Close Friends!”
I began climbing, I tried my best. Difficult as it was, I made it. “Gosh, this is so hard! I want to win! I'm going to win! I can do this!” Tiny had caught up to me, I tried running away form her. “Shnook, you loser! Get back home! You do not belong here! Panda small like you shouldn’t be here. Your small. And small things don’t compete!!” I looked at her. I told her she was small for a creature like herself. I also told him to be quiet. I ran for it. Night time came. I camped in a little hut that was cramped. Green ad shined. The place was round, about 6 feet high and the smell made me feel a depressed.
The next day came. I had a feeling this next journey was going to be hard. The heat f the day made breathing difficult. I saw strangers walking, and the stars were still out. I almost made it, I remembered was the coordinater said. “once you feel the heat, your almost there. One you feel like you cant breath, your almost there.” I thought over some things. Foot steps were printed on the ground. Tiny was up ahead! I started freaking out. In my mind, “Can I beat her to the finish line? Is she going to win everything? I don’t think so.”
When I got there, they awarded her. I got so angry. Goku was already there. Everything came to me like I was going to explode. Everything I thought came back to me. I started running after her and began yelling at her and she just looked at me like I was crazy. At that moment, I walked away.
When we got back home, I haven’t talked to Tiny since the day she got awarded. I had planned to thrash her home. I went to her house and she was nowhere to be found. Everything was on the ground. I felt so relieved. When she arrived home, I was there and we began fighting.
Hours passed and I go home with bruises on my face. Why did I react like this? Tiny came over, “Shnookie, can we talk? I feel very bad. I know how much you wanted this and I had to ruin it.” I replied with sympathy in my voice, “I know, but its ok. I was just angry. I thought I wasn’t going to lose. I’m just used to winning. I’m sorry”
From that day on, we never had tensions between us.

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